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Even when the Democrats fuck up - in plain sight - they never resign. Its doctrine. Resigning means admitting you did something wrong... and their masters will never allow that. Both Wray and Garland should resign over this scandal.. but they aren't men and they lack the character to do so.

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Good thing the local cops were there to chase him off and cover the fedo asses.. lol They should be thankful those cops weren't cowards like down in Uvalde. Probably had a based police commissioner.

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Masculine women are intolerable.. the worst by a far stretch. I don't know why any man would date them or put up with them. They not only start fights between women, but a majority of fights between decent men were caused by these women.

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The election of Barack Obama was a lowpoint for this country - back in 2008. Think about it - we had a choice between that man and John McCain for president.

Things have gotten much better for us since then. We are now electing leaders that actually represent us. We still have a ways to go, but the progress is so promising to see. The left has responded by getting more and more desperate, brazen, and unlawful. It sucks to see our system tainted like this, but every time they abuse their power more people are red pilled. There is such a backlog of crimes now that when we do obtain access to law enforcement, it will be a generous harvest

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Fedos for short.

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Wray was just a figurehead.. worthless puppet who is only there for the dinner parties and prestige. Probably compromised or a passive weasel. His direct reports are the ones with dirty hands.

This is textbook how the Cabal operates. They put Robert Mueller in charge of the Russiagate probe because he was a "Republican". Meanwhile the corrupt sack of shit Andrew Weissman actually ran things. Mueller had a hard enough time putting his socks on.

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The thing is too.. you can't tell where the actor was looking because of the costume. Its a retarded lawsuit.. how can you demand 25 million dollars because a person wearing a costume didn't hug your child? How stupid are people?

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I'll give you all my perspective on the left and my explanation for why certain things are happening.

Think of the progressive left like its this big, powerful, persuasive machine with one critical flaw. Despite its raw strength it is unable to adapt and adjust once it has committed to an action. The reason for this flaw is that all the actors - leading up to the brains - are separated from each other to maintain plausible deniability. The agents at the media organizations, FBI, activist orgs, lawyers, corporate marketing leaders, only know what they are suppose to know. There are multiple layers of people leading up to the top decision makers - the brains. The brains decide upon a list of directives - probably at their little retreat in Switzerland, passes it on to various political activists, and eventually all parts of this machine are put into motion with virtually no ability to adjust their course. Communication only tends to flow in one direction - and if the fingers of the machine notice a problem or something isn't working, they aren't able to communicate that problem to the brain quickly enough so it can change direction. And even if the brains do see a problem - there is great risk to feeding down new directives and trying to stop the machine mid-operation.

Why? Because every communication risks exposure. They simply can't gather again either as that would risk exposure.

You are seeing this play out in real time with their attacks on Trump. They clearly set an agenda out to stop Trump from running in 2024. They sent this directive out to all agencies - government, media, international, and corporate. Their plan was to use Jan 6 as a basis for growing public support throughout the summer, and then unleash their lackies at the justice department to depose him in the fall.

What happened was not what they anticipated. The Jan 6 hearings flopped spectacularly. A big reason is that the economic collapse experienced by the country made their obsession with Jan 6 look ridiculous-An environmental variable that was clearly not accounted for. Whichever analyst did the calculations here failed bigly. They continue to undersell Trump's popular appeal too, probably basing a lot of their information on what they see via Twitter or their New York / California circle jerks.

But like i said above, once the machine starts to move it cannot stop.

So the agents in the FBI and DOJ went ahead with the raids.. and now what they envisioned as being a triumphant climax, looks more like pathetic desperation. This powerful machine is steering itself off a cliff. This may serve as a wakeup call for them to change course, but i doubt it. I've seen this situation play out several times over the last few years - the Antifa riots, COVID-19, Russiagate.. etc. They literally can't stop it.

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Why not both? Having DeSantis in the bullpen makes it much harder for them to take out Trump. They know they will be screwed either wawy.

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Pretty much.. we use these events as opportunity to reach more people and expand our movement. The Democrats are failing to govern this country - everyone knows that. They are now openly targeting their political opposition. This is prime time to start our momentum.

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Its a bold move.. but a stupid one.

They've basically locked themselves into a position where they need to charge him with a crime - which will be obvious bullshit, or confess that they are illegally prosecuting him.

So when they do charge him and arrest him - it will stop him from running in 2024. But it will galvanize this country in a way they cannot possibly imagine. Think 9/11.. or JFK assassination if you are old enough. The Democrats will lose every single election from this point forward, until they are run out of power. Those Republicans elected won't be of the Liz Cheney stock either. This will be a reckoning that will be historic for our country.

Look at how far we've come since 2016. Think about the things that have been exposed since then:

  1. The media has completely outed itself as a Left wing propaganda network. I don't even need to argue this point with normies any more. Its accepted fact. The way the media reacted to Donald Trump exposed them.

  2. The FBI and DOJ have no credibility. Even back in 2016 we expected them to do things which were impartial. Now - we know who they are and we can predict what they will do. They are completely exposed and we can safely campaign for their dismantling.

  3. Big Pharma has been exposed for the genocidal scumbags that they are. Their time will come as well.

  4. The RINO republicans have all been exposed and their purge can now commence - with no reservations. We will be left with an actual party that listens to the American public. I haven't seen that in my lifetime, at least.

Donald Trump has done exactly what was necessary. He drew all these bastards out of the shadows to attack him. He's sacrificing himself to show us our true enemy.

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If they succeed in stopping Trump from running in 2024.. do they realize how much more powerful this movement will become? You make him a martyr.. and your party will reap the consequences of that.

DeSantis would win in a titanic landslide.. and there would be no opposition to him cleaning these fuckers out from every toilet and bathhouse in DC. There would be no opposition to him filling out a new wing at Guantanamo Bay with all these pricks - former prosecutors, agents, and judges alike. No one would be safe. People so corrupt and loathsome that i imagine the Cuban government would winch at them being housed next door.

That is the end game they are playing towards. They are so afraid of Trump they are going to martyr him.. and then see their entire pedo-party exposed and destroyed.

And guess what happens in that end game? Trump gets what he wanted anyways. He ends up pardoned, he ends up on Mount Rushmore, and you end up bending over to face Mecca.. except you aint praying.

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He could have easily made an assassination attempt given an opportunity. That might have been what he was up to.. otherwise the stunt makes absolutely no sense.

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Seriously? If that is what it takes to keep your kids from being exposed to that horseshit.. i'll slap together a thousand bologna sandwiches every morning.

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None of these people ever name names. Its very disappointing. One thing i found interesting is that she was offered 300k after her show ended to sign a NDA to not discuss what went on backstage. I imagine alot of the crew and actors around this shit probably took that deal.. and that is why we never see anyone come forward.

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Yep.. just grilling out here in a white dress. lmao

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Remember when the son of a Democrat politician hacked into Sarah Palin's emails? And the left jumped into them laughing hysterically at what they might find.. only to turn up with nothing? Yep... that is exactly what will happen here. There are no mysteries with Alex Jones. He is exactly what he appears to be. Maybe they'll find something embarrassing regarding his recent divorce.. but other than that i suspect this is hyped up garbage - typical of the people in the MSM.

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Inflation is a real bitch to those trying to enter the market... wages aren't going to increase to compensate for this for a long long time, and only if we get a real government in place. Meanwhile Inflation is always permanent.

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No one expects the FBI to give it an honest effort. Probably less effort than they gave the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

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I sort of agree with this. I was extremely depressed about the outcome of 2020.. but in reflection it was the best scenario to ensure this movement grows. The country needed to see what the Democrat party is all about - and Biden is delivering that message plainly for all. Sometimes you need to make a strategic retreat.

I can't picture a Trump presidency in 2020 being ideal either. The economy would be better, and there would be no wars, but the media would have changed the narrative around the vaccines to crucify him and divide his supporters. The Supreme Court ruling on abortion would have galvanized the left in time for the mid terms too.. moreso then its done now. Trump would not have gotten much time to do anything in his second term... as the RINO senate would have likely stonewalled him.

Now we have the Democrat party circus on full display... while our movement grows stronger and larger. Trump can return to office in 2024 with a much more unified Congress behind him.

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If she doesn't... then i guarantee you there are a few RINO cucks lining up to the trough to get theres. Pat Toomey is one of them for sure.

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Their strategy was a bit different this time. They dumped their load early.. hoping to push their woman to the top and have all the media call the race. Then they could quietly "lose" the lingering ballots.

The problem is their estimates of fake ballots required were off. Just like in 2016.. they underestimated the MAGA surge. They didn't get their person far enough ahead.. and Kari caught her by the end of the night.

As bad as Maricopa County is.. they aren't Philadelphia. They can't lock the doors and print off 200k fake ballots. There are too many people watching them. If they try it... whew thats going to end badly for them.

What i find telling here is that they are counting dropbox votes that came in around election day. But these votes are still coming in mostly Kari - more so than the margin for the county. Are you telling me the earliest mail-in ballots were all for Kari's opponent but the mail-in ballots mailed last week were mostly split with a slight edge to Kari? Another impossible statistical anomaly.

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They won't stop trying to cheat.. its in their blood now.. and they're political survival depends on it.

We just have to keep making it harder and harder.. make it less effective.. and increase visibility. Over time this will eliminate the threat... then we can pass actual voter protection laws that lock this entire thing down indefinitely.

At that point the current Democrat party will cease to exist. They will have to fall back in line with the American public

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Yep ^^ The texts were deleted under the order of Biden's people. More than likely they were damaging to the entire circus.

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