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I've been expecting the JEB! meme. I just can't be bothered to do it myself.

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Oregon's 5th congressional district represents Oregon's central coast through Salem, north to the southern Portland suburbs (including a sliver of Portland itself).

Weird factoid: Every single representative from this district since its creation after the 1980 census has gotten divorced while in office.


Near the bottom you can see margins of recent elections. District looks more even than libtard. The right conservative could win this district, especially this year, and especially against a radical.

Republican primary winner looks to be libertarian-light Lori Chavez-DeRemer:


Former mayor of Oregon's fastest growing community, Happy Valley.


"restore proper funding and resources to [first responders]"

"End Cancel Culture"

"Oppose Critical Race Theory"

"The Second Amendment is our safeguard against tyranny in the United States."

I don't know anything about her and I don't trust politicians, but as politicians go, I like what this one says. And I know one thing for sure - she'll be better than the democrat.

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"I think I’ll be alright"

From the existing monkeypox, yes.

It's the much more contagious and virulent strain that they've engineered in the Ukraine bioweapon labs that you might want to think about. They haven't released it yet, maybe late this year, early next. That one might be more like smallpox in effect but designed to evade existing vaccines. See page 10:


Move 2: Monkeypox engineered to be vaccine-resistant

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They take the same hormones that cause PMS. Lots of them. Ultra-PMS.

But it's not monthly and it doesn't stop. Ultra-PMS all the time.

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They've had areas (cities, anyway) where they have complete control. And they are shitholes. Blue states are the worst states. Blue cities are hell.

They have had in recent past near total gun control in some cities. It obviously doesn't work, so they demand other states change their gun laws instead of fixing their own problems.

It never has anything to do with whatever they are whining about. Lies. Distraction. Coverup. Everything they do is to destroy western civilization. All of it. Everywhere.

Can't have real communism until everything is communism. Because then you won't have anything to compare it to, and they can't allow their subjects to have someplace to escape to.

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The System (teachers) break down kids' minds with all the racism, sexism, climate change, gender stuff. They make the kids feel guilty for stuff that they had nothing to do with and no longer exists.

I think some of it is just a way of coping. "I can't be a racist oppressor if I'm trans, because all trans are victims of the Patriarchy! See? I'm a victim too! Pleas let me in your club..."

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Little Marco Foamboi.

What was he doing that night he was arrested in Wainwright Park on May 23, 1990? Oh, almost the anniversary!

Wainwright park was known for drugs, prostitution, gang activity and other stuff. So what was it? Doing drugs? Looking for a prostitute? Just looking for a nice quiet romantic place to be alone with his two friends? Was it something that he needs kept secret? Something that someone could control him with? Why doesn't he mention the arrest in his 2012 memoir An American Son?

When he speaks, does he look like he's his own man? Or like he's owned?

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Obviously I could be wrong, but pretty much every single entrepreneur I've ever met has very little bandwidth for anything that isn't the business. Everything I've ever read about Musk points to an even more extreme version. This guy built multiple companies into behemoths and pushed the tech involved into the future to do it. He's a busy guy. Likely all day, every day.

Which connections are you referring to?

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"Any violation of these terms render the election null and void"

This is how you fix elections. Fuck it up and your state doesn't count this time. Even the normies would be outraged.

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If this timeline is the one I hope I'm on, the accuser will be shown to be lying, or the accuser who was so damaged by seeing one person's cock, is going to be videoed having a great time looking at all the penises out at an upcoming Pride parade.

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I think he didn't know. But it doesn't matter. Whether he's digesting the red pill or just selling his vision of the new improved twitter to the public, what matters is that millions of people are starting to understand why censorship is bad, and why free speech is good.

And getting a good look behind the curtain.

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"failed" I dunno.

What might Trump had accomplished if he had not had all that bullshit to drag around?

We find out in 2025, I hope.

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All because a guy who is not in The Club got so many votes that they could not cheat enough to cover it.

Almost every single person in politics is controlled. Trump isn't.

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Wow, that takes me back.

Great job. High marks for style. But I have to take some points off. You forgot to call him a racist, and didn't even mention climate change.

I'll give that an 8.5

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The WHO used to be funded by nations (tax money). Now it is mostly funded by pharmaceutical companies.

Guess who will really be dictating medical policies...

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"electricity is the most common way"

How do Finland and Sweden make electricity? What percentage of electrical power generation is from natural gas in those countries?

In the States, my (extremely limited) understanding is that nuclear and coal are pretty much always on to some set level (base load). And gas plants are the ones they turn on and off, or change power to deal with changes in power needs.

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