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Before the Trump Tax Cuts were enacted, the tax code used the CPI-U measure to adjust the brackets, afterwards the new code uses the C-CPI-U measure, which will result in the brackets being raised by a smaller amount - so you will enter a higher bracket sooner and therefore pay more tax.


George Gammon has made a couple of videos on it


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They will issue it through Central Bank Digital Currency to an App on you phone.

aka Social Credit.

You can then spend it with approved partners, and it may well be "spend it in 30 days or lose it", and no person-to-person transfer. Oh, and the govt. will have a record of what you spent it on.

Once that system works, the cashless society will soon follow. But with rules.

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NHS salaries are part of the "Public Sector Pay Agreement", that would also raise the wages of every government worker - police, fire service, civil servants, teachers etc. etc.

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Yes, that is very convincing, or rather, not convincing.

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"Imagine if Republicans were using this guillotine"

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If we are going to use official figures

79% of people have rec'd a second dose, so they are under represented in deaths

So, what this Tweet is sayig is that the the vax is slightly effective in preventing death

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You may also like The Technological Society, Jacques Ellul (1968)

This is undoubtedly one of the most important books of the twentieth century, and if you accept its thesis you won't be able to look at the political milieu in the same way ever again. (If you agree with it and it doesn't change the way you look at things, you haven't grasped its importance.) Most political theorists take ideology to be a central point from which "real world" consequences emanate. In other words, a Communist or libertarian ideology in practical use will produce a particular type society and individual divorced from the actual technical workings of the society. Liberals and conservatives both speak of things in such a manner as if ideology is the prima facie cause of existence - but as Ellul shows in painstaking detail, this is wrong. What almost everyone fails to grasp is the pernicious effect of technique (and its offspring, technology) on modern man.

This text formed the basis of Theodore "Ted" Kaczynski's 1995 Manifesto; Industrial Society and Its Future. Although Ted added mail-bombs to the mix, which I'm sure Jacques might have frowned upon.

And I may as well throw in

Unfinished Victory, Arthur Bryant, (1940)

Prominent British historian writes a fairly objective prehistory of WWII. The following year, as the war escalates, he attempts to buy up all copies of his book and destroy them. Called "anti-Semitic" because it talks about the extent of Jewish power and wealth in Weimar Germany.

And when you've accepted all those, come join us in https://consumeproduct.win/

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This book nails it (or, rather, nailed it). It is a very interesting read.

The Culture of Narcissism: American Life in an Age of Diminishing Expectations is a 1979 book by the cultural historian Christopher Lasch, in which the author explores the roots and ramifications of the normalizing of pathological narcissism in 20th-century American culture using psychological, cultural, artistic and historical synthesis. For the mass-market edition published in September of the same year, Lasch won the 1980 US National Book Award in the category Current Interest (paperback).


Lasch died in 1994, I'm sure he would be appalled to be proved so exceptionally prescient.

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Target CEO is Brian Cornell

He is also non-executive chairman of Yum! Brands. (KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and more)

All fully riding the Woke Train

"Target Commits $10 Million and Ongoing Resources for Rebuilding Efforts and Advancing Social Justice"


Yum Brands "Black Lives matter"


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I'm sorry I share an island with these tards

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Flu deaths are not real either. That's why they disappeared.

The Flu Deaths figures you have been told about for all of your life are just estimates

Here's various papers discussion the models used

in the US



and Canada


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I'm a fascist and I don't believe that.

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The irony is they tell you in the letter to not bring legal representation with you.

Not that I would need any anyway "No Comment" is simple enough to remember.

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I do absolutely nothing and a black man dies.

And a Jew gets all upset about it.

That's why they call me a Supremacist.

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