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Racist argument but pretty much why abortion was made legal.

It wasn't a far left Supreme Court that made abortion legal but a perfectly 19th century liberal thinking Supreme Court - basically abortion let's the degenerate population to cull itself, without the state having to impose its will on the people.

No more out of wedlock babies, no more multiple mouths to feed and a burden on the state and as for blacks, with the breakdown of the family unit already noticeable in the 60s, abortion was a means to ensure their population would be culled by themselves.

This is why Planned Parenthood worked with Negro pastors to ensure their clinics would be opened in black neighborhoods.

It has worked, in the sense, that the black population has remained stagnant and hasn't actually increased.

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I agree but what I'm saying is that the public face of this movement is still Trump, whether we like it or not.

And have you forgotten the likes of Milo, who was one of the earliest supporters of Trump and with whom the concept of the "based faggot" became a thing?

Whether you like it or not, very prominent gay men have been an early voice of support and continuous support for Trump - this is a very wide tent and whilst I fully agree on your viewpoint that gay marriage is degeneracy, we also live in a world where based faggots stand up for us and fight on our side.

Trump's big base of support came from every day working men and women - these people don't particularly care much about your sexual orientation. They just want jobs, they want to be able to travel, chill and be left the fuck alone.

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Maybe. I say wait a bit before we make this declaration.

It could be from the shot.

But it could just be suicide.

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I'm giving context, you dumb fuck.

Too many stories here imply anyone here "dying suddenly" means it's the vaxx.

Then you read the actual source, wait a few days and read more and you find out it's suicide brought on probably from the depression of continous lockdowns and other personal shit going on in their lives.

Plus, the way the Anglosphere reports their stories when it comes to suicide is very different to the American press.

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I agree but this is a page dedicated to Trump - you know, the man who literally has been a big supporter of gay marriage long before it even became legal?

Glenn Greenwald isn't celebrated on this page for being a fag.

He is celebrated for being a good journalist, despite being a fag.

Just like Andy Ngo is celebrated for being a good independent journalist, despite also being a fag.

Faggotry isn't being celebrated.

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This likely was a suicide - stories where it's mentioned "tragic and sudden" or "non-suspicous" are used a lot of times in British newspapers to basically say "person committed suicide"

The article mentions her dealing with bullying as a youngster for looking manly and participating in a sport like Rugby.

Or maybe it was the vaccine... but it seems more likely to be a suicide.

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Something to note for American readers - British and other Anglosphere nations have a tendency to report suicides as a "sudden and tragic death"

If you read the article, its mentioned the death is non-suspicious, which is a lot of time code for "this is a suicide"

The Daily Mail also mentions her talking about being bullied a lot over her "masculine" looks in her youth and playing a sport like rugby.

There are definitely players dropping dead from the vaxx but I don't think she is one of them.

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Be careful. Target the media that is making you believe this is about race.

Most people don't care and aren't keen for any of this.

You aim your guns at the race baiting media and watch most of this b.s. dissapear.

The loudest, most annoying anti-white idiots on social media and out on the streets are only able to do so because the media allows them to do that - notice that whites who respond back get cancelled and deleted.

This is all about the media playing them and you - aim and direct your anger or you fall for exactly what they want.

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Trump brings jobs back to the middle class.

Trump reduces the price of drugs, so Americans aren't overcharged for products that are sold for cheap abroad.

Trump turbo charges the economy.

Le Reddit dumbfucks - Why won't Republicans help the working class??

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.Win isn't news.

It's powered by memes, some funny, some profound and some retarded and gay.

This one is the latter.

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I get the feeling. I feel the same way too some days.

But I realise that if I feel someone should decide who lives and who dies and we need to cull the population, that same someone might decide me and my family are the ones who should die and cull me.

Nobody should be given such power, neither that someone or me.

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The fact that it's claimed nobody knows who put it up should concern people more than it suddenly appearing one day.

This is why you so badly need to get involved in local government

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Indians proudly declare that their country was the only one the Jews were never kicked out or removed from.

But no one seems to ask why that is the case and why they seem to be removed from other countries.

It's because, unlike in Christian and Muslim countries, Jews weren't taking the job of a community of money lenders.

Hindus didn't have a problem with the idea, so the Jews never were forced into a profession where they needed to control the purse strings of everyone in Hindu society.

This meant the Jews were simply just another trading group, no different to all the rest of the trading groups settled in India.

Same with China and most of the East.

But notice that the East Asians are now getting suspicious of these people as well.

Don't be surprised if in a 100 or so years, you start seeing something similar happen there too

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You know why nobody dares mock Muslims and Islam?

Because they know they will either be dead or living in fear for the rest of their lives.

You know why too many mock Christians and White people?

Exactly. You want this to change folks? Learn fast or become extinct.

I'll tell you this story - it took 400 years of continuous Islamic Jihad and the world just shitting itself in fear not knowing what to do from Europe to China and India until a bunch of Western Catholics reframed the way they understood their Faith and went on the offensive against Muslims by creating the idea of a Crusade.

The Crusades ultimately were a failure in the short term but the idea of going on the offensive and fighting back against all odds was now firmly in the minds of the Christian West.

This is why these fuckers do everything to distort and mock your history.

Fight back

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And they're making these vaccines an annual event, every 6 months.

But sure, let's focus on those crazy conspiracy theorists.

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The country is pretty much 80% fully vaxxed at this point.

It makes little to no sense to be removing the freedoms of the 20% who refuse or genuinely cannot get vaccinated.

If this were a traditional vaccine, the unvaxxed would be protected from the 80% who are vaccinated.

But of course since it isn't, we need to get the 20% unvaxxed to get the shot too and in 6 months, force everyone to get the booster too.

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I'm not even white and I'm starting to identify with fucking white nationalists every day.

You know how much that pisses me the fuck off?

I just wanted to work, chill with my white and non-white friends, travel the world and enjoy my life.

Now I have to deal with race baiting cunts and I'm caught in between woke retards and idiots getting a hard on for the Nazis.

Every day I'm pissed off that this is the world I'm now living in.

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I've pretty much stopped giving to all charities since around 2018 onwards.

Most Christian charities grift for the cause but don't help the people on the ground.

I've become more precise with the kind of charities I support - I give to a charity that I know helps give people free eye surgeries around the world and I see how much of my donation actually goes towards the surgery or if I am giving money to ensure the CEO of said charity is getting most of the donation.

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I noticed the random anti-Christian stuff in Squid Games as well.

In fact, I'm starting to notice the subtle jabs at Christianity or Christians in quite a few Korean dramas and movies.

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India, a literal 3rd world nation, had more than 900 million eligible voters, of which atleast 800 million participated.

And they were able to run a successful voting campaign, with hardly any issues.

So the idea that the US can't is straight up b.s.

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Boebert can still hold on to a draw - take back the apology and double down on it.

Dumb cunt should have never apologized in the first place.

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