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Unfortunately the example will be - we should do what the people of Melbourne did.

There are more fucking retard NPCs in the world than there are freedom loving patriots.

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Lol! Please!

Even before MeToo became a thing, Christmas office parties were no longer what they were in the 80s and 90s

Companies had already either cancelled them outright or made them quiet affairs with restricted times and restrictions on alcohol.

After MeToo, a man would be fucking retarded to be fooling around with his female colleagues, unless he gives zero fucks about his career.

Banning abortion can't ruin corporate Christmas parties after the SJW cunts already ruined them for everyone.

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Atleast in America, there are some Republicans in power who are like DeSantis.

They don't have that luxury in Australia - all their "conservatives in power" are basically the equivalent of centrist Democrats.

People like DeSantis wouldn't win.

Heck, many weren't even aware that the current government that lost was supposedly a centrist right-wing govt - that's how useless the right is there.

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Unfortunately this is true.

Remember those horrifying stories from Melbourne?

You'd be more horrified to learn that a majority of the people in Melbourne thought the state of Victoria didn't go far enough.

They are actually are this fucking retarded.

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Hold up, why is double masking going to be a minimum requirement for a virus that spreads through skin on skin contact, usually between the penis of one faggot entering the asshole of another faggot??

What would double masking achieve?

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Jeez, you think all that grifting for BLM didn't make your communities any safer?

by -c-i-a-
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It's simple with Indians.

Stop paying your bills and watch them go out of their way to help you out.

It's not even about them.

Remember, a lot of the Indians you see in the West, have large dependent parasites at home, where they send their money to.

They don't care about you because they aren't getting paid to give a fuck about you.

They're getting paid to keep big huge American corporations purses fattened, while they screw the American taxpayer.

The Indians are merely the cogs in the machinery.

It's about the power of the current American dollar to their Rupee.

If tomorrow the American dollar worth plummets, 90% of these people will leave like rats fleeing a sinking ship.

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Worse, these fucking cockroaches called his Alissa.

His name is Al Issa - they went with Alissa cos that sounds like a White Valley girl name.

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Then take us to Hell, so we can fight these demons in their own home, without having to worry if we gonna get stabbed in the back.

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Kicking and screaming? Please.

If we're that hyper masculine, these cunts will be begging us to drag them by their hair.

The only screams will be moans of pleasure.

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I don't get the hostility against this tweet.

I don't think the woman is implying she wants to go back to the days of a medieval farmer or thinks we should all aim to have the life of a medieval farmer.

Rather it seems to be a jab at the modern world - we're so technologically advanced, yet we are absolutely exhausted mentally.

We have the world at our fingertips and yet most of us are lonely, depressed, have no community to gel with and are left conversing in dark spaces of the interweb.

Our smartphones and social media have destroyed our ability to pair bond with our own fellow peers.

Heck, you want to know why the whole world absolutely loved the idea of "Two weeks to flatten the curve" after governments told adults and children that they needed to stay home?

Because most of the adult population was fucking exhausted from commuting to work and most children are fucking exhausted from school and all the extra curricular activities parents are demanding of their children.

2 weeks away from the office, sit at home and work from my laptop in my pajamas? Fuck yeah!

2 weeks away from school, not having to listen to a teacher drone on about some boring subject? Fuck yeah!

This is how our civil liberties got taken away from us.

We're so exhausted, tired, mentally drained and mentally broken from social media that most of the world gave up their own civil rights to their governments, so they could take a break for 2 weeks.

A medieval farmer would have taken their pitchforks by now and stormed their lord's castle by this stage.

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The Holy Day became our holidays.

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I watched The Pacific first and then Band of Brothers.

The Pacific was definitely the better choice.

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There is no such thing as "settled law"

If there was, slavery would still be legal.

It also means slavery could one day still be made legal again.

Society changes.

This is why those who are Christians have been told to eternally stay vigilant for demons come like thieves in the night.

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Trumpers were literally the only group who hated the vaccines when he was shilling for them and kept hating them when he lost the Presidency to fraud.

It was the NPCs who hated the vaccines when Trump was shilling for them but the minute Shit in his Pants became President, they were all for the very same fucking vaccines they didn't want earlier.

And they have the nerve to claim Trumpers are in a cult.

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Devonte Hart hugging the cop - that's the pic that went viral.

Poor kid was literally begging his neighbours for food for himself and the other children in the house.

His body has never been found - DNA from the car shows he must have definitely been in the car when it was intentionally driven off the coast highway. His body probably fell into the sea.

One of the adopted girl's skeletal remains were found at the beach a while later and it was finally identified as the missing girl 2 years later.

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Lol suspected white supremacists?!!

They were liberal, lesbian hippies with a white saviour complex, who got high off virtue signalling their adopted pets to their equally idiotic, liberal virtue signalling community they lived in.

These fuckers are now trying to change the narrative into them being "white supremacists" so it can be connected to the right wing, despite them being liberal, virtue signalling dykes

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Or just straight up laziness and being con artists.

I remember a story of a Catholic organization building homes for the homeless and giving it to them for free to live in.

A year later, when the same organization went to check on the homeless, these fuckers were back on the street begging for cash.

So what happened to the homes? They rented them out for cheap and were cashing in, whilst still begging for money on the street.

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Their last election had around 600 million voters and was extremely well run.

That's double the entirety of America's population that just voted.

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