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The soldiers did, but they were poorly led. France was as culpable for WW1 as anyone else. The most violent war in history over nothing. The # of Frenchmen sent to the slaughterhouse by their own in just the first 3 months of that war is staggering.

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God looks an awful lot like a hairless bipedal ape. Another trick of the devil after he finished burying the dinosaur bones I presume.

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5 years wages? Then tell her to quit the job. The moral dilemma is for those in healthcare who have no money, and likely debt, and are forced to get it. That's a tough call if you're in a pinch. 5 years is plenty of time for career change, or to let things subside. Or to find another position somewhere that doesn't require that. You're blessed from your hard work, this is what it was for. Your stored money won't matter all that much if you lose your wife or yall lose the ability to have future children.

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Being a 2nd tier oligarch, or just a courtier at worse, is a lot better than being abandoned at an old folks home.

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"Those fucking immigrants should stay in their own countries and make them better, pathetic!!!"

"Yeah you should abandon your life in your currently liberal-leaning state and go start fresh in one of the ones that's kinda 'conservative.'"

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I'd be curious if Branco has come around in the last 7 years.

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I bet that election was secure.

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Who decides what a country is? What if they are wrong? Authoritarians gonna authoritarian, but trust us this time, comrade!!!

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Ah yes, let's just look at what they did on the war fronts against communist states and ignore everything else. In the end they also got their asses beat by commies - oops. For a forum that is anti-globalist, there's a lot of misunderstood history about who funded Nazi Germany. + Mussolini and Fascist Italy was one of the biggest jokes in human history, and even Adolf knew that.

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I could be mistaken, but the log file was shown to be deleted, not the database itself. Still sketch, could be super sketch, but not exactly the same thing.

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They won't "fall" for it, they'll acquiesce because the only other option would be rebel. As of this moment, that is an entirely risky endeavor, regardless of if it's the correct play or not.

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Who are his colleagues that will help? Mitch McConnell? Graham and Cruz? Maybe some of yall are new to this or maybe it's short memories I dunno. Paul and those like him in the GOP are treated by the GOP like dog shit. Tea Party anyone? That was a minority within the GOP. There are maybe 15-20 people in Congress trying to do the right thing and be what they're supposed to be. There are 535 members of Congress - the minority has 0 power. "Maybe he should convince McConnell to investigate!" Yeah maybe he should ask Schumer afterwards, too.

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Involve yourself with local politics. It should be one of our hobbies. A part-time job for the rest of our lives. This is the duty of all citizens in a republic! "I just want to be left alone" is what an anarchist says, or maybe a very faithful monarchist. If we all could involve ourselves locally, then group together at the state level, and do this across 20+ states, DC would actually have a problem. This is what the last 3 generations failed miserably at and it's why we're where we are. It's the only play to get the train back on the rails. Everything else is just waiting to see what the damage will be, and it could very well be catastrophic and fatal. Assuming the entirety of US government was replaced with great people tomorrow working together for our future, WE STILL HAVE TO GET INVOLVED... Or it will rot away again to where we're at now.

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But at least the value of gold is remarkably stable and has been for thousands of years.

Do you know of any books or talks about this and why? It's weird to think so many different cultures over thousands of years decided shiny metal was valuable and kept thinking that.

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