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That 15 year old kid looks like he’s 8 years old. I am curious if he was on any kind of pharmaceutical treatment program.

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If you think Covid is something of Biblical proportions, just wait until you see when America’s savior actually comes.

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This guy is a better Pope than the real Pope.

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Every minute retards spend watching a Seth Rogan shit fest is a minute of their lives they won’t get back, so I thank him for that.

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That’s when I stopped coming here regularly. If the mods/admins are going to fuck with us, it only makes this website suck more. Why would I want to be involved in that? I already have enough going on in my life, I don’t have time to play their game.

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I used to come here nearly every hour. Once I realized mods are in support of certain trolls here, I figured the mods themselves are trolling us and now come here only once every few weeks.

Anaconda is a mod, admin or FBI.

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Read this article over one year ago. Had more power behind it before the election got stolen.

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They’ll have Stonetear do the searching for them.

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High Energy and Yuge Dick Power!

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Dehumanizing people as plague rats.

Look up the stages of Genocide.

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Ah, yes. It was all “Trump” who divided the country.

And now back to the deep state and permanent ruling class in Washington, who control everything and are hunting this dude…

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Even less believable than Brian Williams.

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Back the blue! Thin blue line!

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Might seem trite to pragmatic people like us, but this is exactly what the left would do. OP would have doxxed this doctor and he’d have 1,000 negative reviews on every platform by now, and numerous death threats.

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