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The only way you can participate in a corrupt organization such as the United States government is too in fact corrupt yourself.

Don't be fooled by this man's actions he's just trying to get in on the good side before everything falls apart so that he can be protected he has no interest in you or me or anybody else around him he just doing it for his own benefit don't be fucking fooled.

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No matter what happens to you you're going to die then you will get a chance to meet God and be judged on your lifes works.

Don't care about any of this bs here today.

These dictators will be here today and gone tomorrow and another generation will come on.

Just focus on your family and soul.

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No, I'm not saying anything God is saying it. That's Gods word.

Go ahead an mock me all you want.

GOD is real.

Good luck.

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Toture scenes?


This is the truth.

You will watch horror movies all day but complain about this.

You will celebrate halloween but cry over this.

Everytime I post this picture of the blood of Jesus.

Its amazing how Demons like you just cannot stand it.

If I post a picture of just Jesus on a cloak no one ever complains.

But this... This is more offensive than the internet porn you're addicted to.

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Yeah. I ain't gonna meme Jesus dying on the cross.

I'm not an actual retard.

And it's my Job as a Christian to call out this bull shit.

  1. Matthew 15:8 These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.

  2. Isaiah 29:13 And so the Lord says, “These people say they are mine. They honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. And their worship of me is nothing but man-made rules learned by rote.

Go ahead an play with God. Clearly He's super thrilled with our behavior as of late.

Just poke that fire a little bit.

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No. The Bible is explicit in having graven images and idols.

Stop walking all over my religion, and telling me to shut up when I use MY FIRST AMENDMENT.

Go fuck up someone elses country you commie fuck.

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Yeah but you're busy this weekend and next week doesn't look good. Check back in 2024

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Because were lazy fucks.

I'm sick of it.

Everyone enjoys their freedom no one wants to earn it.

Fuck everyone. I'm only protecting my own.

These "patriots" here will bend their knee and bow.

There aintriots.

Fuck them all.

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He had Addison's disease, so did my brother. Both died young... One was Addison's the other wasn't.

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Also, u should pop an eBay and see the value of some of these.

I have 1$ cars worth 50. I have sets worth 300-400 that I paid 30$ for.

Anything jdm always will resell. Same with muscle.

I'm living the capitalist dream.. I work 9-5 and run a eBay diecast store. I only make 150-200 of eBay, a month, but it pays for my collection.

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I have a real car. I got a 2004 skyline with a 327 Chevy small block in it.

I call it frankenskyline.

She doesn't start or run. But I'm getting there... She's probably 3 months away..

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cuz my momma didn't raise a gay commie lol.

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Were required to drop off any paperwork and our truck keys if we call in sick.

Don't ask me why. It's just policy.

The keys I get, they don't want you drovong around in their truck all day if ur not sick

The paperwork I think is cuz he's greedy and wants his money daily.

It's a stupid policy but one that's enforced

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