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I actually knew this guy ion the past. He was from my neighborhood. His brother Rob was my friend when we were teens. He tried unseating Marcy Kaptur in the House (which I supported.) RIP.

I was very shocked when I heard Obama was in my old neighborhood.

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😂 These people are complete fucking idiots. (Pardon my Fenech.)

Just total clowns. I think they're really democrats.

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No shill detected.

Cerno sees the writing on the wall and is trying to pivot to Trump so he can Bill Mitchell himself into claiming he made Trump.

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It's part of the ESG scam.

BFA is basically correct. You can ignore things like worker's rights, actual care for the environment, tax avoidance, etc. as long as you get a good ESG score by doing these nothings things like promoting ESG = trans and shit like that.

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He's not crying laughing. "It's so funny!" Disingenuous.

I'm sure his new left wing buddies will have his back. Insert cringe emoji here.

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That game has been fixed for like 2 years +. My favorite game of all time.

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Cerno can be very insightful. His takes are often provocative, and he thinks about things beyond just politics.

But principled stands aren't his strong suit.

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That's how they smear their critics.

I've never believed for a minute the campaign against MJ. It's as credible as Epstein killing himself.

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cough cough Mike Cernobitch.

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Expect there to be MASSIVE fuckery in the primary, probably at the convention or something like that, just like FDR did in the 30s.

That's the only reason this dude is running... I'm sure made promises to him.

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Camouflage/trans agenda...

Seems fitting.

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Who posts this shit? Who cares.

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