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Real talk. Don't hold in farts dude. Let it rip. Not good for the ole asshoe to keep em in.

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They'd be stupid to try as big as they did last time with everyone watching. Republicans will win big in 22. Whether they address the fraud by 24 is a legitimate concern.

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Protecting Fauxi. He's going to prison when Republicans win the house in 22.

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Get a Publix chicken from the deli and a key lime pie from the bakery. Burn your Red Sox gear and buy a Rays hat. Welcome to the best state in the Union.

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Great meme. The picture of North Korea is actually an execution in China. There's plenty of horrific images from North Korea that would put this meme into the next level.

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Warren Wilhelm III I do believe. All the commies change their names. Barry Sotero, William J. Blythe just to name a few recent asshoes.

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His real name is Henry Rodgers. Had to change his name to get in on the racist grift.

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Their immigration is strict af. You're not getting in for more than 90 days unless you get a job there.

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This is the best comment on all of this. Bravo.

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Don't give a fuck about the ADL. Still has nothing to do with Torba posting bullshit every day. Then he bitches "why won't Trump join gab?". "why does the Texas GOP call us anti-Semitic?"

I'm sure the ADL is mind controlling both Trump and Texas GOP right? Or maybe Torbas beliefs are fringe after all?

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Because all Andrew Torba does is post about "dA jOoS"?

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With a password of B!gLy

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Torba reposts stormfag stuff every single day. He's full of shit. He's going to teach his kids that all their problems are because of dA jOoS!

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I did exactly that. Account is not getting banned. Mods told me "Block them". That's it. They removed posts of mine for much less than that, but violent threats are on the user to deal with. Unbelievable.

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People paid to push an agenda or sway opinions.

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I did tell them to try it. Obviously it's a keyboard commando, but blatantly illegal threats? WTF?

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How about threatening to shoot me and drink my brains? He did that in a dm.

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