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Too bad a certain country with major influence on our Congress wanted him gone.

Anyone with dual citizenship should NEVER be in office, period.

I honestly don't give a shit about a mass murdering fuckhead. We should be giving a shit about our mass murdering fuckheads running this country.

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It's almost as if our oil companies have a vested interest in extraction of as much oil as possible and not about cutting corners to risk leaks and fires.


But the left will tell you they will strike oil and let it spill everywhere because reasons.

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oh i hope so.

Housing market is fucking crazy right now with the amount of Californian / New York lefties buying up all the property here in Texas.

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The only time the government works is when they are looking to collect.

Good luck getting them to give a shit about paying you what they owe.

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I don't even give a shit about Ukraine, but you have RINOS like bitch McConnell saying it's the number one issue facing Americans today.

Fuck you Mitch.

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Under Trump, everything was super affordable. I had almost 0 issues buying a house or a car.

Under Biden, I can't even get a good deal on a house I want because the market is so fucked right now.

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I still see people claiming it would be WORSE under Trump.

Like bro, WTF is wrong with you?

TDS is such a real thing that it's mind boggling to me. These fucking morons will look at what's going on and think, "Well this is bad, but at least we don't have a moron like Trump in office."

No shit, I still hear this.

I literally saw gas go from 4.19 yesterday, to 4.29 TODAY. And this is just for regular! Some gas stations haven't even updated their signs yet.

And you're telling me that it could be worse under the only man who was able to make the US energy independent to the point where we were exporting oil? You serious?!

I've lost faith in our fellow countrymen.

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If you show any sign of being a conservative or right leaning, you can bet your ass Reddit will down vote the shit out of you just because they are brainwashed to believe our side is bad.

You can literally find a cure for cancer and they will find ways to demonize you for it.

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Why even comment at that point when you're opening statement is, "I won't even address it".

Then STFU bro. No one cares about your 2 cents unless you plan to follow up on it.

Fucking spineless left.

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Hang on,

You mean to tell me these were PAID criminals to do crimes for the Democrats?

I'm literally SHOCKED.


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Makes you wonder why Congress isn't fighting for deregulation to bring chip manufacturers here to the US 🤔🤔

(We know why)

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What? You mean to tell me you've NEVER gotten butt ass naked and dry humped the shit out of your best friend?

I bet now you're gonna tell me that you've never sucked your best friends dick as a joke either, huh?

Or had your friend blow bubbles in your asshole during a friendly circle jerk session.

Listen here bud, we are TRUE conservatives here, so I think it's best you leave with your "Oh I only have sex with women" mentality.


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Maybe we should start.

I don't think I would like a guy who dresses up as a fury and likes to get butt fucked in the ass by an elephant to represent my district.

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ITT, a bunch of closeted homosexuals LMAO.

I agree with you u/TrumpersUnited, never have I once felt the urge to touch my friends dick, let alone dry hump any of them naked.

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I keep hearing that too, but have yet to see it. I've been on 4chan and they've posted the video, but nothing much else.

They did find his social media accounts though.

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And Reddit too.

IIRC, Reddit has been actively manipulating their numbers for years and this is bad news for advertising. It's fraud.

They need to crack down hard on this shit.

If anything, I have a feeling Elon knew this from the start and it's one of the chess moves to bring down Twitter entirely.

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So they claim with no evidence that's it's racially motivated in the title and first paragraph, but reading further down you find out that it's still being investigated whether or not it's racially motivated.

Seriously fuck this media.

They are going to have a field day with this shit and we are gonna see a ton more GoFundMe promotions as a result from every family member looking for a payout.

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I honestly want to wait and just scoop up a forclosed home. Might end up canceling the search tomorrow. Fucking sucks, but its better than paying 400k+ for a home that is worth maybe 200k.

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This country needs more reps just like her and Massie.

Did you know that every other voting cycle and every other bill, Thomas Massie writes in an amendment stating that the department of education will be dissolved on a certain date, and just picks some random date in the current year.

It's hilarious because he does shit like that all the time. It's either the department of education, or some alphabet organization. Dude gets some bad rep here, but I like him and Greene.

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We were in the process of looking for a new home. Might hold off until shit gets back on track.

Also, fuck this housing market. Double the price for almost anything and outsiders coming in and buying all the property.

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First this place is far from an echo chamber.


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Churches used to have charities specifically for this. They would help homeless people by giving them a place to live under the condition that they attend mass and detoxify themselves. Once they became somewhat stable, they would get assistance with finding a job.

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