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They will probably kick him out now if he becomes a millionaire.

Conflict of interest or some shit I was told a while back.

An airman inherited millions from a dead relative and they kicked him out. Honorable discharge.

Lucky bastard.

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I've been thinking of writing something based on my post history of TD and TD.win.

Its a damn shame all my TD stuff from reddit was deleted by literal communist fucks.

Anyway, I've had interesting things well thought out over the past 5 years and I would have been interested in jotting them all down in a comprehensive chronological timeline. See exactly how I evolved into the pede I am today.

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My brothers ex wife found this out the hard way.

She cheated on my brother with her new current ex husband.

After my brother divorced her, she ended up marrying this guy and had a son. Turns out the dude was banging other girls on the side the whole time they were married and she flipped out when she found out. Ended up divorcing him and she now lives with her mom.

I only know this because of my niece who is caught up in the middle of all that drama.

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Once one is caught, there is no going back. That trust is forever broken.

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I knew good looking guys who always got the women, but they could never offer anything else.

One ended up marrying some rich girl. Sounds great right? Problem is, he let himself go a bit and now they are divorced and he didn't get custody of the kid.

Dude has no skills. I feel bad for him. (not really).

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Women are attracted to men who seem to have their life together. Usually a ring meant you are stable and have resources to blow.

Now, I think it's just plain degenerate behavior on the women's part.

If you didn't want me when I was single, then I don't want anything to do with you now that I'm married. The psychology of that is enough to make a woman insane, because they no longer have that power over you.

Women sleep with married men because it makes them feel powerful. That's literally all it is.

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This is a fake tweet.

I couldn't find it while scrolling through his twitter feed.

Saw this meme on 4chan and even they claim its fake and gay.

If you have a legit source to the tweet, I'll be glad to see it.

SPEZ: its real. =/

Its on his Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/donaldjtrumpjr/

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I'll take, "Something America has never had" for $500, Alex.

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Sure no one is "forcing" them to take the money, but most have grown up knowing that its the only real way they could get something without having to do much for it. Which is why you see a generational abuse of welfare.

As for Africa, thats a whole other beast. Their average IQ isnt that high, and most are caught up in constant waring tribes.

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Creates a dependency on the state. The dependency leads to lazyness. Lazyness leads to more consumption of propaganda media that destroys the image of a strong family unit. That leads to divorce because women see other women on T.V. living a better life than them.

For most poverty areas, its an endless loop. Either you are on welfare like your parents because thats how you grew up, or you try to make something of yourself via crime, which you see from your favorite rap star.

Throwing "free money" into the mix never fixes the problem. If people were forced to work in order to make money and put food on the table, they would be much more conservative and would be very much against the modern culture because they would see it as a threat to their families. But since you have government handouts, women no longer need men in the house and men see it as a way to continue to do what ever they want and make more babies because big daddy state will step in to take care of them.

The only win is for Democrat politicians, because they know they will have these people voting for them no matter what. All these people are scared that a Republican will come in and take away their gibs.

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Oh no, I agree with you 100%.

I avoid black neighborhoods like the plague.

But it doesn't mean there aren't great black people I know. Its just rare because if they grew up in that environment, its hard for them to get out.

Not just blacks, but Latinos/Latinas as well. I grew up in a very ghetto Latino/Latina community. Hell, most of the people I grew up with have not changed AT ALL, and are continuing the tradition of being ghetto people. I, and maybe a handful of others, managed to crawl our way out and actually become something. While the rest stayed behind and still live in the old neighborhood, in a crappy house, with a crappy job, living the same life they grew up in.

Old high school friend added me on Facebook a while back, and despite my better judgement, I accepted. I sent him a message asking how he was doing and what has he been up too. His response, "Aye bro. Not shit. Just chillin n smokin."

I unfriended him immediately after.

That shit is not my life. I don't know how I managed to get through growing up there without being a pot head, or have tattoos all over my body. Its not like my mom was a great influence either because she was working all the time and I never really saw her. My dad lived in another city and I only got to see him every other weekend when he managed not to be drunk enough to come pick me up.

I remember growing up in poverty. Like real poverty. I was skinny because we never had food and there were moments where I couldn't take a shower because we didn't have soap. Hell sometimes we didn't even have running water and I had to fill up a boiling pot with bottled water, heat it up on the stove, and use that to take a shower.

My brother was always in and out of jail, and my sister lived in another city. She got out as soon as she could. I practically raised myself.

Fast forward 16 years; now I live in a nice house, in a nice part of town. I make 6 figures a year. I married a wonderful woman who owns her own business. We have a daughter who I'm happy that I can give the world too. We always have a fridge and pantry full of food, and if there isn't anything to eat, I order food. My daughter has never had to experience any of what I went through. She is in a private school surrounded by kids who's parents are doctors, lawyers, politicians, etc.

I will work my ass off to NEVER go back to where I came from. So fuck anyone who tries to bring me down. This is why I hate Democrats with a passion. They don't offer help, they are like drug dealers keeping the junkies around by giving them scraps.

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Well they attack any successful black person who isn't a Democrat.

To them, they are the worst enemy because they are the ones who escaped the plantation and are actively trying to set up a plan for others to escape.

Can't have that.

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Government programs by liberals have destroyed the family unit already with blacks, and it's only a matter of time before they start working on Latinos and Asians.

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I think everyone has a little racist bias embedded in them. I'll admit, there are certain types of people I will never associate with, and they happen to be a certain demographic, but it doesn't mean they all are that way. Some end up being great people when they actually get out of the cesspool and work to being a good person.

But the majority of their people fuck up thier image and unfortunately bring the rest of them down with them. So you get these stupid SJW policies like getting rid of an SAT score for college entry that hurts more minorities than it helps.

As a mixed race dude myself, it makes one question now-a-days if I got here by merit, or because my mom was from Mexico.

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We were on the same boat. I too lost all my guns.

Why did we decide to bring everything that day?


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Why do you need farms when you have a grocery store


Why worry about gas when you have electricity

The mind of liberals is a seriously stupid place to wander in.

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I really don't want to fuck that senile old prick.

I'll just abstain and not do any of that shit.

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Then by all means, put your fucking mask on and go get it.

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Again, not my franchise. It was a Wendy's near my buddy's house.

The Wendy's next to me has given me 0 issues.

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I have a feeling he did this when he told me the story. Said they would have to throw it out because no one would have ordered the same shit.

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Not all the time.

I use to work fast food in my teens. They don't keep in under a lamp. They would usually have to throw it out especially if they were special orders.

I'm not sure if this was the case with my buddy, but i know for a fact they throw that shit out if someone drives off. Happened all the time.

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