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My friend lived in Moore Oklahoma and her house was destroyed twice in a span of a year due to tornados.

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Central Texas is probably the best place to live tbh.

You may get a tornado once every few years.

I'm 36 years old and I've been through maybe 4 tornados while living here. About 7 of those years were spent in Oklahoma.

Now in Oklahoma? I got 2 tornados, maybe 3, every year I was there. It's the reason why I'll never live in Oklahoma.

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Right, but you have multiple children who can occupy each other attention. For me and my wife, we just have the one. So she is super demanding when it comes to giving her attention.

I don't mind it, and I enjoy doing things with her, but not 24/7/365.


Dad needs a break too.

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I get it. Having kids can be a chore, especially if you have more than one. It's not until they reach 5-6 years old when they actually learn to play by themselves and give you a bit of breathing room.

I want to wait until my daughter is at least 7 before we think about having another one. At least then, she can help me and her mother when the baby comes.

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Back in my youth, if a girl asked me to hang out with her dad, I'd probably nope out because all I cared about back then was getting laid.

This strategy would most likely work and help weed out the boys who aren't serious.

But then again, NO boy is serious in high school / college. I would prefer my daughter to get married to someone who has his shit together.

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"You now have my permission to date her".


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The point is to keep it fresh in the NPC's minds.

Otherwise they forget. And if they forget, then they lose control.

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And having 0 pleasure from sex.

Never being able to achieve an orgasm ever again.

Not to mention that they do this so other men can get pleasure from fucking a hole.

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A friend of mine accepted a role to be in a play at a local college. She said that the director and producer is requiring everyone to be tested and wear a mask during rehearsals.

She said when they were huddled together in a group meeting, the director said they must be vigilant and she is happy that the vaccines work.

They flew an actor in from New York and the dude had COVID. He is fully vaxxed.

My friend on the other hand, she isnt vaxxed and has never gotten the virus.

I just thought it was funny because this is 2023 and people still believe this thing will kill you if you get it.

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If you give a shit about the 2A, then you better understand that even our political enemies should have the right to carry.

Will they carry? Who knows. Who cares.

Chances are, if they are against them, they aren't carrying anyway.

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Because they cant.

This whole thing was DOA and just there to generate buzz on both sides.

If anything, it helps Trump tremendously.

But it wont do shit during the election unless they fix what happened in 2020 and 2022.

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It's part of the reason the Roman empire fell.

They slowly stopped using silver in their currency and their money eventually became so worthless, city soldiers stopped giving a shit and abandoned their posts when Rome was sacked.

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I want to agree with you, but I personally know some democrats who say Biden is still preferred over Trump. One even told me it was a breathe of fresh air to not have a racist president.

There are legit idiots out there, and they surround us.

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I laughed.

Though I can't recall the Saud's doing this when Trump was POTUS.

🤔 Hmmm

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Its insane to me that we live in a banana republic.

I grew up thinking that as long as you work hard, and be honest, you can do anything you want.

Now? Shit. Seems like you have to lie and cheat to be successful in life.

I pray that Kari Lake wins and shit gets fixed, but my gut is telling me there is no chance.

So what can I do? Nothing. I'm not even in AZ.

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Play as dirty to win.

Fix the elections while in power.

Don't have to worry about fuckery again.

It's like when Texas voted to eliminate the ability for anyone in the Texas Congress to introduce legislation calling for a State Income Tax.

Texas republican Congress had the votes, and they made sure that shit will never come up again.

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Oh I'm Trump or bust.

I'm just saying Trump ain't gonna win because they've already rigged this thing.

I'll still vote though, if only to add a number to the machine.

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Arizona is the reason why I truly 100% believe Trump will not win 2024.

The only way we can win it, is if our side does the same fuckery they did. But we won't. A lot of us have too much to lose and we have a weak GOP that would throw us under the bus at a moments notice.

I'm sorry, but Trump was a once in a lifetime deal we had. We only got a taste of having a real President and they will never again let us have it.

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Because all the real supporters know all of this is fake and gay.

It's why you have lefties pretending to be Trump people in front of Trump tower. They are a dead give away considering they were wearing masks.

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Cornyn has a horrible track record, but still gets re-elected because of our older Texans who vote GOP no matter who.

It's a major problem because they aren't being told who Cornyn really is, or what he agrees with. But during his campaign trails, he says all the right things and gets all the voters out there to support him. The last election, he had Trump reach out and help by endorsing him and campaigning with Trump when Trump was here in Texas.

Again, no one pays attention because we are a small minority here on this site. I remember when Cornyn was on Fox and said he spoke for all Texans when he told Trump that we didn't want a wall. That's the day I looked him up because that statement was a major red flag. I never knew anything about that man until I did some research and found out he has a shit freedom score because he aligns himself with Democrats on a lot of issues.

Since then, I've made it a point to make sure Texans knew about that piece of shit, but it was all for nothing the day Trump endorsed him.

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