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To be fair, I've seen some really stupid Hispanic people in my day (I'm half Mexican) so chances are, not much will happen.

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I've watched all the episodes so far just so I can be in the loop when the FNT crew rips it to shreds.

Its god awful what they did to The Lord of the Rings. Femrond doesnt even scratch the surface of the upmost bullshit they've done.

Galadriel. My god man. Words cant describe my hatred for that (amazon) character.

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Most women cant handle that. You're correct.

Only the older ones who have been around are actively trying to settle because their better years are behind them. They need someone who is stable and will take care of them.

They should have been looking for that person in their 20's and started a family instead, but globohomo convinced them they needed to be out in the world letting their freak flags fly.

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I wonder how long it will take to rise again here in South Texas.

Gas in some areas are $3 a gallon.

Highest I've seen it go was almost 6, but that was months ago.

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If you made Will straight in Will and Grace, the show would probably last 1 season.

I remember it being a BIG deal when Will and Grace finally hooked up and how the show ended because of it.

I never watched the show, but as a kid I remember it being talked about everywhere.

If you did that shit today, faggots would have a riot.

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There is even faggots (literal faggots) in the MAGA movement and people turn the other cheek as if its not an issue.

"At least they are doing something, blah blah blah"

And? They are still faggots who in time will abandon this movement in favor of another that specifically tailors towards their ideology and sexual fetishes. The only reason literal faggots are on our side is because they cant go back to the left. We accept them because we want to believe that everyone is inherently good, but they are a cancer that must be cut out.

I never liked Milo btw. I'm happy that he repented and is now trying to live a straight life. But when he portrayed himself as a raging MAGA faggot, I started losing faith in this movement.

You cant Make America Great Again by allowing one of the main vices that helped destroy the old remnants of America into the movement. It doesn't make sense.

If you are a faggot and truly want to MAGA, then go back into the closet.

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They have too. They want to re-write history. they want to influence the new group of children that are going to be watching this shit. Too much money in the gay lobby.

Even if you, the parent, arent showing this garbage to your kids, it will find its way to your children via schools, tv, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, etc.

Be vigilant.

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Just look at how they are fucking with Lord of the Rings.

They are calling for Amazon to make Elrond a faggot. The show-runners already stated they will have LGBTQ+ representation in the series. Because you know, Tolkien, A DEVOUT CATHOLIC, just loved writing about gay and lesbian characters in his books.

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I agree for the most part. Our governor is a cuck and needed to be primaried, but no one in Texas gave a shit to go out and vote. So we are stuck with him.

But the Texas Legislature itself gives a shit about Texans and they do a damn good job getting shit passed that gives a big middle finger to the fed.

Only reason we cuck so hard on border shit is because our Governor loves those sweet sweet fed bucks and hasnt fully understood that Texas is a strong independent State that dont need no fed.

Once we get a gov that embraces that, we will be a great state again.

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I just want Texas to secede and focus on Texans from now on. Fuck everyone else.

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