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I would support this even though I work IT for the fed.

I would immediately apply for a state-level position because someone needs to manage the infrastructure once it gets taken over by the state.

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I got news for you, commies are left.

Always been, always will be.

These people are just authoritarian left.

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This is absurd in the sense that if abortion is illegal in the state where the base is hosted, providers on base could be prosecuted by state laws.

The feds have very little say on this. It will start a states-rights issue and will cause more conflict and division than anything they could manage.

But leave it to the Democrats to be short sighted on this issue.

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I'm seeing more and more people outraged at the Dems than happy with them.

Biden has done wonders for getting idiots to wake up.

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Also, I dont drink a lot. Last time I had a beer was on Saturday. Before that.... I have no clue.

I bought some beer last week and I still haven't touched it. Its one of those, "I'll drink when I know I can relax" type of things.

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I enjoy a good wheat beer from time to time which sucks. But I do drink mead, wine and cider. Good stuff.

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Built a DIY greenhouse.

Shouldn't cost you much to build. Just need some wood, PVC pipes, screws, brackets, plastic tarp, and hinges for the door.

Then get some pesticides and treat the ground around the greenhouse. This will keep the bugs from getting in there and eating the produce. You could also build a raised garden, or even place small tables in there and build a bed on top of it.

We use plastic swimming pools and fill it with soil. We have various herbs growing with some green onions.

Haven't had issues with bugs and we don't spray our food with chemicals. Just water and sunshine.

There are lots of video tutorials on how to build them:


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Next will be gay marriage.

I can't wait for that to come back up and be overturned.

Remember, California voted AGAINST gay marriage in their state. People forget that.

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I mentioned this in another post.

Democrats don't care about women's health. What they care about is money. Specifically money that can funneled in via tax payers.

The Roe v Wade overuling has led to states outright banning or severely limiting abortions. One of the biggest abortion clinics out there is Planned Parenthood. This organization has been funded by tax payers as a result of Roe V Wade in attempt to provide "healthcare" services to women, when in reality, 90% of all they do is abortions.

Planned Parenthood is also an organization that donates a massive amount of money to the Democrat Party. They take tax payer dollars, launder it, and give it right back to the Democrats who "fight" to keep abortion legal.

Now that this source of income has been essentially shut down, you'll start seeing Democrat politicians in states where abortion is still legal advocating for "women's rights". Not because they care about women in red states having access to abortions, but rather getting tax dollars to fund their party.

Same shit is going on with Ukraine. Any politician that supports sending money to Ukraine most like likes a vested interest in it because of money laundering.

Anyway, back to the point, this is why Beetlejuice is rallying the crowd, so they can get support to push legislation to make abortions legal across the nation.

Legal abortions = Planned Parenthood = money for the Democrats.

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Its super rare, but on the occasion where an abortion is necessary for the health of the mother, they at least try to save the child if possible.

But women have been using "depression" as a health issue and reasoning for an abortion and that is wrong.

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If you have an 11 year old who gets pregnant, thats more on the fault of you as a parent than the child going out and getting knocked up.

Maybe you should be more involved in your child's life where they aren't having sex with at such a young age.

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Ginger Snap from LWC was at the SCOTUS interviewing protestors. One of them spouted that "Muh Rape and Incest" excuse. Crowder told Ginger to ask, "If we allow abortions for rape and incense, but banned abortions for anything else, would that be ok?"

Her response?

NO! Women should be allowed to choose!

So it was never about rape and incest. Its the only argument they have, and they cant even defend it.

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I have never spent a dime at Dick's sporting goods because of their stance on guns.

They got rid of all their gun / ammo sales after a mass shooting occurred.

All my ammo purchases went to Academy instead even though Dick's is literally down the street from me.

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Its like something happened recently that forced them to downsize because people are becoming more aware of the agendas being pushed.


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Yea this is a stupid hill to die on for the feds.

But then again, Lincoln sent troops to take military bases back from southern states who annexed them.

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I've never heard of anyone getting an abortion on base.

So this will be news to me and will show you that the commies run deep in our government.

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Here's a novel idea Mr. Former Vice President, why don't you invest in America because, well, to be honest, you're kinda suppose to represent AMERICANS, not other nations.

Just a thought, you piece of shit in a suit.

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Funny thing about that is it's part of my telephone number.

Someone on Reddit tried accusing me of being a Nazi because of the "88" and basically went into each thread saying not to listen to me because I loved Hitler.

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They were rioting in LA and threw fireworks at the police while trying to light them in fire with home-made flame throwers.

For what?

Because they can't have an abortion in Missouri?

In what fucking world does that make sense? It doesn't. They are opportunists. They find any excuse to be out to cause damage to scare people.

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Just wait until they start tolerating pedophiles.

Oh wait.

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