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CNN: Only an infinitesimal percentage of all the human beings who have ever lived have developed vaccine-induced myocarditis.

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From the author of the Forbes article's bio:

My work has been supported by a wide variety of sponsors such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the NIH, AHRQ, CDC, UNICEF, USAID and the Global Fund.


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If only there was some sort of decentralized technology they could use to receive anonymous donations from their readers!

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Makes sense. How are unvaccinated Germans going to catch Omicron when they've been under house arrest for months?

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Alternative possibility: this gives the white hats more leverage over the bad guys as they're now uncertain whether they've been named by Maxwell or incriminated by evidence in the case

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The German MSM would be dancing with joy if they were both unvaxxed, so we can safely assume they were both fully vaxxed when they caught Covid 2 and 4 weeks ago and the vax did nothing to prevent two young, healthy men, aged 23 and 24 respectively, from coming down with cardiovascular complications. Pretty much destroys the safe and effective narrative

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There's plenty of guns in Austria – an estimated 30 per 100 people, and I suspect there's also a high correlation between the Austrians who have guns and the Austrians who are resisting the clot shot.

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A club in a state of emergency. Berlin's regional division BAK lost 2-0 on Friday in front of 890 spectators in Jena.

But the bankruptcy interested almost no one on the Ernst Abbe sports field. With Kwabenaboye Schulz (23) and Ugur Tezel (24) two BAK players suffered cardiovascular breakdowns after the end of the game.

The BAK is still in shock on Saturday. Trainer André Meyer (37): “The incident was brutally formative. I don't want to experience something like that again. It didn't leave the team unaffected either. "

What exactly happened?

Immediately after the final whistle, BAK defender Schulz slumped on the field. Trainer Meyer: “He was briefly passed out. The emergency doctor immediately asked if he had Corona. "

Ugur Tezel (here in the test against Cottbus) was substituted in the 75th minute. He collapsed in the cabin.

He had. About two weeks ago, with symptoms. Meyer: “He was sick at home. Like Ugur Tezel. "

It collapsed in the cabin about 20 minutes later. Meyer: "At that moment we had to withdraw the doctors from Schulz so that they can take care of Tezel." Tezel's corona illness is said to have been around four weeks ago.

The suspicion: The breakdowns are the result of the Covid diseases. Schulz and Tezel were stabilized by the doctors and drove the team back to Berlin.

Meyer: “Both are doing well under the circumstances. A big thank you to the doctors on site and the colleagues from Carl Zeiss! ”The Berliners were on the road without a team doc.

The BAK has a corona history. Meyer: "About two weeks ago the disease broke out explosively with 13 people affected."

The players were then considered recovered - including Schulz and Tezel. But both should only play again after Friday, when it has been fully clarified whether they are really healthy.

And Meyer asks himself: "What do I do now with the eight other players who were sick?"

Everyone to the doctor - but appointments with a cardiologist cannot be organized as quickly for amateur athletes as with a Bundesliga club, for example.

The next game against Auerbach is in a week. At the beginning of the week there will be a discussion about what consequences the BAK will draw from the fact that two players have collapsed.

The coach wants to protect his players. But Meyer knows: “We are driven. We were last told that when there are 14 players available, you have to compete. "

Schulz and Tezel got away with a black eye. But will there be more cases?

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You think? If I was directly related to two of the most well-known and influential men of the modern era, I'm pretty sure I'd be curious enough to familiarize myself with their work. Is it a big stretch to think he might have picked up "Crystallizing Public Opinion" and "Propaganda" from the family bookshelf and read them in his youth?

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Randolph was pioneering the use of computer software to track customers’ buying behavior even back in the mail-order dvd days.

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Great! Now let's see if we can get him fired from the CIA too!

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Nothing to see here. Just another vaccidental death. Pure covidcidence.

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I remember downloading the pdf from the official White House website, opening it up in Adobe Photoshop and seeing with my own two eyes the multiple layers that went into creating the forgery that they'd forgotten to merge before saving. That was the day I lost all trust in the media for their refusal to investigate.

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