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When satire becomes more real than reality......

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Indeed. We departed from being a country that practiced the concept of the rule of law some time ago.....

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You will get more accurate information from a Magic 8 Ball, than from the CDC....

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So it doesn't protect you from getting it, it doesn't protect you from transmitting it, it doesn't protect you from the hospital, and apparently, doesn't protect you from dying.

Man, the definition of vaccine has changed......

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A saboteur can no longer be considered a "team member", as a rule....

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Scientists discover what non-scientists already know: Life isn't fair.

The big difference is, I didn't have to spend millions in research grants and useless studies to figure that out.

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She just needs to run to turn the money flow back on in the Clinton Foundation, which has cratered to nearly nothing.

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I'm sure they will put this at the top of their to do list, right behind jihad.....

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More complete bullshit and sophistry on the part of the Marxist left.....

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When you are as stupid as Colbert about your country's Constitution, governmental structure and history, and the sordid history of pure democracies, you really should just keep your mouth shut, as you have no point to offer.

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He is an idiot, and likely doesn't even know what is actually IN the bill.

Most Democrats don't know what's actually in it, but,they just baaaaaa like the good useful sheep idiots they are.

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Indeed, and is very subjective, particularly in commercial real estate with a licensed brand attached as an added intangible asset....

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