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Such things are hardly unprecedented

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Not the murderer I'd choose to meet, then again do you have a choice...

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Well you don't release stuff that you want to have attention on a Friday, ever. Been like a golden rule forever

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Fbi, Cia, whatever the Chinese equivalent is, must be in overdrive

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The only realistic method that doesn't involve democrat tactics like fraud and violence, is from the ground up. Every low lvl elected position, slowly reclaiming up the ladder, changing laws along the way

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Door in the face technique, ask for the impossible to get lesser stuff that you really wanted

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If only he atleast came off as a smarter person. It's sad tbh

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She shouldn't be able to oversee her own election in any capacity what so ever

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I can just see all those sandy hook grifters trying to figure out how they can get Kanye to pay Alex jones' judgements

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It doesn't matter if it's true, you gotta talk about these things obliquely so you don't turn off the normies before you can convince em

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"We don't want to be run over, so let's wear these vests... and sit in traffic"

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This stuff is coming and can only be delayed imo. Eventually it'll be needed to even open doors. Musk simply isn't the one I'd want to be leading the frontier, I can't think of anyone really. Oh well, I'll be dead before the tech gets there anyways

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They really don't care about voters now, they'll get whatever votes they need by other means

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You ultrareligous zealots are just npc's of a different type. There are real problems out there and people not God are going to have to solve them.

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Representation being stripped away from the actual majority through cheating, will split this nation, as it should

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I'm far from a pacifist, I just don't see the point in getting involved with this bullshit, we could've bought ukraine outright at this point

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