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…Point is, they have no problem “doxxing” executors of a warrant, so long as it fits their narrative.

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President has broad declassification powers. He can literally go “this is all declassified”, and then it is. Kash Patel says this is what he did. He can also just start telling people the info, and then it is automatically declassified. …because he’s the President of the fucking United States.

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Ever wonder why Epstein didn’t get convicted in 2007? Bruce E Reinhardt worked at the prosecutor’s office that negotiated Epstein’s 2007 NPA. Within 30 days of the deal being signed by Epstein (Dec 7, 2007 - Jan 2 2008) Brucey boy was on Epstein’s payroll and working out of Epstein’s head lawyer’s office representing his accomplices, all of whom were granted federal immunity.


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Weird. Looks just like the Maxwell client list.

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I remember seeing Doug Mastriano jog past me near the press stand during the speech on J6. Recognized him from the state legislative hearings in the fraud. Was starstruck.

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December 7 2007: Jeffrey Epstein signs Non-Prosecution Agreement with prosecutorial office Reinhardt works at. January 1 2008 Reinhardt quits said prosecutors office, ending his 11 year career in government. January 2 2008 he goes to work in Epstein's head lawyers office defending Epstein's accomplices, all of whom are granted federal immunity.

The LLC Reinhardt incorporated to do the Epstein related work was registered PRIOR to Epstein's NPA being signed, while he still worked at the prosecutor's office that was negotiating the terms of the NPA.

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I have literally never heard of a “White supremacist” doing anything in the last 70 years… these people act like its as common as a black person killing another black person

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They are just saying “they better have something good”… when FBI comes out with their fake fabricated crap, they will eat it up like good little baby birds and sing in unison “He should never be able to run again!”

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This is just a show of force… “Here, look what we can do to you if we feel like it… Oh don’t worry, we’ll reinstate you”… toying with freedom of speech by everyone’s favorite tech co overlords

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