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3 years ago a kindergartener would understand this. Now grown adults pretend it is some revelation. This is obvious.

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Why are we assuming people with no integrity have integrity

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Elon can be an idiot savant sometimes. Just look at his track record with women.

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Christmas is a pagan holiday anyways, invented by the predecessors of the Catholic Church to convince more pagans to 'convert' to their satanic form of 'Christianity' where they worship idols as a daily practice.

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It's not a violation of HIPAA or illegal for me or my company to ask someone if they have AIDS / Turret's / Black Plague, etc. Asking a health related question isn't illegal on its own, but can be illegal based on context, for instance, if I predicate a job offer on it (discriminatory).

What would be a violation of HIPAA is after having acquired this information through normal business as a health care company, I then disclosed it to a third party, such as an employer, without first establishing the patient's consent to share such information with the third party. This is what "third party disclosure" is referring to as relating to HIPAA.

Whether against HIPAA or not, it is still discriminatory bullshit, and I agree that an employer does not have any legitimate reason to ask such a question during an interview.

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FULL VIDEO HERE: https://www.insider.com/video-florida-teacher-who-rudely-interrupted-muslim-kids-at-prayer-fired-2022-12

They snuck into that teacher's office and the teacher was like, wtf, why are these kids here. The video caption says she "stepped on their hands" but it looks like she may have pushed their hands aside with her foot, and they may have been blocking the entryway.

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A site which seems to be the real Mount Sinai (where the story of Moses took place) is in a military restricted area in Saudi Arabia. A Christian stock trader and a writer went there in the 90s and filmed it.


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The Books of Moses [Torah: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy] are considered canonical in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

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Most 'religious' people aren't biblical or historical scholars. Including those calling themselves ministers, pastors, priests and popes. Many are simply charlatans.

The 'books' of the Old Testament were written a long time ago (3200-2600 yrs ago) and copied by scribes over centuries onto scrolls. The oldest scrolls we have found date within a decade or two of the time of Christ, called the Dead Sea scrolls, and they include primarily books of the Old Testament and some Apocryphal and Gnostic scrolls. All written in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek.

The New Testament was written in Greek within 70 years of the birth of Christ. There are GNT scrolls dating back to very close to this time.

The main book introducing contradictions is the Quran, written over 600 years after the time of Christ. It intersects very much with the Old Testament and presents alternative stories in many cases. Seems legit right? A more 'accurate' copy coming out over 600 years later?

There is a lot of evidence of the Books of Moses taking place in Saudi Arabia in an area that is now restricted by the Saudi Arabian government... Some modern Christians have investigated by sneaking in to Saudi Arabia. ( "The Real Mount Sinai": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0njUOfgh1kI). This includes a mountain that has an otherwise inexplicably scorched peak, which can even be seen from Google maps satellite photos, and many other elements of the story of Moses that can be corroborated in this area in terms of land formations and settlement remnants. The story of Moses exists in both the Jewish Tanakh (Old Testament) and the Quran.

They didn't have books back then, they called them 'records' and they were copied onto scrolls by scribes. The greek word "Βίβλος" (Biblos) which is the first word of the Greek New Testament means "record".

The oldest complete text of the Old Testament in Hebrew is contained in the Westminster Leningrad Codex, which is a bound book dating back to about 600 years ago. Most Hebrew versions and published English translations are based in some way on this text.

The most compelling story of the Old Testament for me so far has been the story of Genesis 1, and how the original Hebrew meshed perfectly with the story of the formation of earth that we get from modern science. The things that are strange and seem almost too coincidental to be true, are all described in detail in Genesis 1 -- the perfect conditions for the cycle of water evaporation and rainfall and subsequent lightning which is theorized to have created early bacterial life on earth, the fact that the sun and the moon are visually the same size in the sky.... isn't THAT weird (that they would by chance be almost exactly the same size.. and all the other conditions for life on earth just so happen to come together)? ...And yet it's all described in detail in Genesis, a book written thousands of years before we had any of the science to show us how the earth may have formed.

One example of thing being lost in translation to English: people get caught up with the word "yom" (יום) meaning day, or a unit of time, etc... "The heavens and the earth were created in 6 days" ... And it is said elsewhere that 1 day for God is 1000 days for men.. also, probably not literal... Some words in the Bible are not exactly literal in the same way that we would use them today. Hebrew and Greek are much more primitive languages than modern English and the translations are not 1-1. It helps to look at the original text and the relevant definitions where possible. I am working on an app that makes this easier, Called "Original Bible". Trying to get it on the App Store before the Christmas Holiday. App will be free. There is a decent resource online already at https://parabible.com/Genesis/1 although the dictionary is more of a glossary.

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Can I quote you on saying the creator of everything you've ever known is a 'retard'? How did everything spring into existence? Was there no creative force, it just 'happened'?

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He's actually trying to redirect to Elon's files, by saying 'current and future'...

Guess what twitter bro, Elon didn't censor the President of the United States.

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it's really a shame... a beautifully architected city, filled with filth

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Great, so they should be thrown in prison for not letting him in now, right?

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