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Because he is convinced that if he keeps paying for cosmetic procedures then Trump supporters will finally start to like him. He is wrong.

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He has been desperately trying to ride the MAGA coat tails since the early days, but he doesn't have a high enough IQ to actually succeed at it. It really isn't that hard to get some gullible boomers to support you, but he can't even do that. He has been at it for years now and hasn't gotten any traction lmao.

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Extremely boring and extremely informative is his style lol.

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The guy is just really, really dumb. He can’t even grift properly.

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My state doesn’t use the DARE program but the program that they created is just as bad. We basically need a complete overhaul of public education if we ever want things to get fixed in the long term.

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Yeah people that have it are ashamed of it. People that diagnose themselves wear it like a badge of honor.

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I’m not a big Tim Pool fan, but Tim is a thousand times better than Shill Bitchell.

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I’ve been calling out Shill Bitchell since the Reddit days and am proud of it. He was inorganically pushing his content to the front page on a regular basis back in 2016. There were times where like 10% of all the content on the front page was his tweets.

And all he ever did was copy guys like Rush Limbaugh. He was consistently 3 days behind on everything and never came up with his own content. A few of us got tired of his antics and would call him out at every turn until it became unfashionable to post any of his content.

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Mods should uncensor it and sticky it to make an example of Shill Bitchell and for the keks.

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He does more damage with his lies than any of us. He’s a complete faggot that might as well be working for our enemies.

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Here is the real address: https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/GPO-CDOC-106sdoc21/pdf/GPO-CDOC-106sdoc21.pdf

The author of this tweet is taking some liberties and applying what was said in the address to modern times. For example, there was no “favored nation status” back then lol. That term was not in use. But it is still a great read and should be required for HS students . It shows how brilliant GW was, the

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Don’t worry, they already have nudes of all of us if you have any device with a built in camera.

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Look up the term “pacing and leading” and you will understand why Scott does what he does. He is attempting to mass red pill and is probably one of the better ones at it because he actually knows how people get swayed.

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Tums too. It’s just calcium carbonate pressed into a tablet with some flavoring. There is no way that has ever been tested on fetal tissue. It would be a huge waste of money to do so.

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I’m pretty sure most of the modern day feuds in hip hop are all just for show.

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Please explain your reasoning. Not because you are going to be right, but because it is going to be entertaining to hear your retarded opinion.

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Yeah this is an admission that it was all true. Which is crazy because even Trump said it was probably fake news.

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Yeah we owe whoever runs that account bigly. The amount of work that must go in to archiving that many clips and compiling them together must be insane. I can’t thank them enough. They put out a video today where he foreshadowed that he would never tell anyone if he was dying of cancer.

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It’s pure gold. Probably my favorite clip of him. He showed up in sweats to what was supposed to be YouTubes first fancy red carpet event, and shit all over the millennial hosts who were trying to take the event seriously.


He did this in 2013, at the peak of Obama era hipsters and being permanently offended about everything.

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The fact that this guy went out on his patio and filmed the clouds above his house to make this video is hilarious. Are you the one who made it?

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So it seems like both of these opinions are retarded:

  • the vax is totally safe and anyone who doesn’t get it is harming others

  • the vax is totally unsafe and anyone who is promoting it is harming others.

The truth is that we don’t know. Nobody fucking knows because every institution has been corrupted beyond belief.

So people need to stop ripping on Trump for promoting it. He believes he is helping. He could be. We don’t know.

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