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They're just continuing their wildly successful "Real Men of Genius" series with the latest installment.

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You didn't read any information on this before you posted it.

This statue was up for 6 months, in Collect Pond Park which sits in the middle of all of the various court houses.

It had nothing to do with divorce settlements.

It had nothing to do with family court.

You're spreading misinformation.

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You're one of the biggest doomers on here.

It's no surprise that you would block me, faggot.

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It's not in front of the family court. It's not even there anymore - and when it was it was across from the criminal court house.

It's Medusa holding the head of Perseus.

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I lack the decoder ring necessary to decipher your bullshit.

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You are defending the feelings of a fucking doomer faggot.

The reason you can't come up with a defense for that is because you're so pathetic you only now realized you backed yourself into one hell of a corner.

It's indefensible. You're a moron.

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You clearly didn't read my comment history closely enough.

Or his, for that matter.

You are so desperate that you are defending the feelings of a doomer faggot who is telling people not to vote for Trump. Strange bedfellows coward.

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Go ahead and stand up for the doomer faggots telling people not to vote for Trump.


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I understand your concerns Karen.

Really, I hear you.

However, my manager is not currently in the office. I would ask that you calm down.

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I'm sorry my manager is not currently available, Karen.

Feel free to leave a message.

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I literally fucking quoted you, dumb fucking doomer.

And before that you were doing nothing but dooming, too.

Now you're here, forum sliding because you're a pathetic little bitch.

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How did you discover our secret pact?! Lol get real you paranoid weirdo.

You agreed with him. If you think that's a secret, you must be an actual retard.

Here's what you said:

That other guy was right, your comment history is a fucking train wreck. What a scumbag you are.

Perhaps you don't remember because you're too busy looking for an excuse to avoid the topic at hand. So you jump on the nearest bandwagon. It just happened to be a doomer faggot, and now you stink to high heaven.

I don't think in several pages of scrolling I saw you make a single friendly comment, or attempt at rational conversation, just the same drooling "doomer faggot cuck" insults ad nauseum like some psychotic broken record.

You scrolled for seven pages to see me arguing and calling out doomer faggots.

You want me to be nice to them? These people who suddenly showed up within the last 60 days telling people not to vote for Trump because it's pointless?

You agree with them that Trumps indictment is the end for Trump?

Fuck your feelings. Doomers don't belong here. And if you want to suck their dick you can leave with them, too.

You're a pathetic whiny bitch who is concerntrolling because you can't make a coherent argument. You deserve every bit of disrespect you are getting right now.

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You've accused me of a lot of things, doomer.

I stand by what I have said. You try to change what you've said every other post.

You're a lying doomer faggot. That much is obvious.

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You're so desperate to save face that you're cheerleading for a doomer faggot that says people shouldn't vote for Trump.

That says more about you than it does about me. I don't mind pissing off faggots like you. Over the target.

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