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During Memorial Day weekend.

That's gotta sting.

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You big baby. You want mommy and daddy to delete me because you don’t like what I’m saying.

No. I want you to go back to reddit where you belong.

You don't belong here.

You know you can just keep scrolling past my comments, right? You know that you don’t HAVE to read them, right?

And you can leave. You don't have to post two days later to every comment. You can just leave.

Seems to me that the problem is you.

Of course it seems that way to you: you're a fucking retard. You're incapable of seeing what the problem really is.

You don’t have the self-discipline to just stop reading my comments that you don’t like, so you want the mods to ban me.

Nice kafkatrap.

You lack the discipline and intelligence to actually make a point so you just whine incessantly.

You should self-deport.

You don’t see how ridiculous that is? Get a grip.

I am perfectly aware of how ridiculous you are.

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You're not living in reality. You're making obvious, unhelpful, and boring predictions.

When some of those ambiguous predictions come true, you sit on the couch and pat yourself on the back for doing nothing.

You are already in the cattle car. It just happens to be on your couch - and in your head.

You've already given up.


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What win?

Any win. Ever. At all. Even the slightest win.

You faggot doomers set it up so that nothing is a win.

"Impeach the bastard!"


"Why bother impeaching him, it'll never do anything!"


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HAHAHAHA! The "doomers" are batting 1000.

LMFAO you're delusional.

The doomers can never take a win. You run and hide every time Trump speaks because you all know you're not here for him.

Trump isn't a doomer. He hasn't given up. You don't belong here.

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Doomers always pretend like their incessant whining is "just being a realist."

It's not. You're just a bunch of glowfags.

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Lots of faggots around here seem to think Doomers are anything more than controlled opposition to keep the fat, lazy, and retarded appeased.

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In this thread: doomers jerk each other off over old news.

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I hope you get deported.

Glowfag doomers like you don't belong here.

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"What's the ammo for?"


"What's the ammo for Anakin?"

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I'm old enough to remember when Texas sued the rest of the States for allowing mail in voting and disenfranchising the votes of Texas citizens.

That was Ken Paxton. This is the payback.

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> they moved the display to the back of the store

> "we can do so much better than this."

I agree.

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Would you look at that: yet another example of where the exorbitant cost of regulations made a great medical advancement impossible to sustain...

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