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I've lived in mexican neighborhoods most of my life. Bad ones too.

The difference is, and this is not by any means scientific, but in my experience: Mexican gangsters have some kind of conscience, respect, logic, code, sense. Whatever you want to call it.

Kids in my neighborhood would steal, but not from their neighbors. They'd go to other neighborhoods and steal.

Plenty of people in my neighborhood got shot, but not guys hanging out doing laundry with their kid. Drug dealers that owed money, people that stole from gang members, people that started fights with gang members, etc.

In black neighborhoods your own neighbor will rob your house then look you right in the eye and ask you what happened when you get home from work.

They will shoot you for looking the wrong direction, answering a question the wrong way, or worst of all the high crime of "disrespect"

Mexican neighborhoods can still be very sketchy, but I would never in a million years consider living in a black ghetto. Not even consider it. I would rather just be homeless somewhere else.

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They do. This site has feds of all kinds posting all kinds of stupid shit I'm sure, but no different than twitter, facebook, reddit, 4chan, etc etc etc

They're everywhere

The government spends millions of our dollars trying to incite divide, confusion, and violence. Usually in the interest of the Democrat Party.

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Seems comparable to me

It's root is in unhappiness as a person and hurting yourself in an effort to feel better.

In an effort to not feel pain, you make decisions that hurt yourself, people near you, and contribute to many embarrassing situations

It's a disease, that often leads to death

I think it's a very fair comparison.

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They are trying to set up a fake forum leading up to the election?

Discredit this site as "fedposts?"

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Except the ditch will be in Ukraine

And the pile of brass will have been spent to defend the rights of gay men to twerk on children in a Kiev classroom.

Less romantic when you look at the big picture.

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Nooooo, but men dressed like clownwomen couldn't twerk on your toddler in a school library! It was literally the dark ages!!!

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Sad that the reddest red states also have the highest percentage of people that can't swim.

Looking more at Idaho.

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I don't watch TV any more, and so seeing a commercial like this is very jarring.

United Airlines - a company that sells airline travel - ran a commercial highlighting the mental illness of one of their employees who later killed themselves due to that same mental illness.

I mean, that's just ridiculous to me.

Why not get alcoholic Bob from the repair shop? Bi Polar Mary from HR?

Bob can tell us how he used to be ashamed of being an alcoholic, but he's since come to terms with it and is now out of the closet.

What the fuck is this world any more.

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The point is to provide money to defense contractors and by extension the politicians that approve the contracts.

Without these types of deals simple public servants making $150k/year could never afford the multimillion dollar mansions they all live in.

That's the serious answer.

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He might hate Christians and wish Trump supporters dead. He might be a transvestite Satanist. I don’t care about any of that because that has nothing to do with the injustice here.

Conservatives are such fucking cucks, holy shit.

There is this neverending desire to hold out olive branches to people that want us dead.

It's so weak.

Fuck this guy, I hope he never makes another penny, lives his whole life with the wife beater and pedophile label, which he is, and then eventually dies alone.

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Didn't he do some pedophilic thing about Baron Trump also?

Guy is a pedophile. Probably a redditor too.

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Most of these people don't have a physical presence.

Their entire life is online, on social media.

So it's easy to hide and filter and lie.

And it's easy to start believing the filters, lies, and positive reinforcement they get from other loonies.

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Right, it's also pretending to talk with that same corny lispy accent and acting super "fierce" and sassy, and saying things that the other girls just wouldn't dare.


Let me know when you're ready to really break some social norms and cut your dick off and then go all the way in joining the 41% club.

Now that's edgy.

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Thinks "flamin' hot" is a real seasoning

Thinking spicy mcchicken sandwich is peak fine dining

1 cup sugar to 3 cups water is a "drank"

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And what are we going to do when they steal it again?

"Fight like hell" in the courts, again?

Cry on twitter or whatever platform they let us talk on at that time?

I am going to vote for Trump, everyone should vote. I am not trying to discourage anyone from voting.

But what is the plan?

If he didn't win as the an extremely popular incumbent running against a vegetable who can't form a sentence and didn't campaign at all, how are we going to pull this off?

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What is this, our 800th foreign military base? 900th?

2nd place is like 50 or something.

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When these big global war efforts happen, the blank checkbooks come out and everyone starts licking their lips

So much money gets thrown around and all the usual shitbags get a big piece of every pie being cut.

This is where families like the Bidens and Bushs get rich for generations. Where their great grand kids are having libraries and wings at Harvard dedicated to them still.

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As if "libtard" will get by the OCR and AI fact checkers and moderators in 2030.

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I'm not a particularly tough guy, and think of myself as non confrontational, but I have intervened on the bus for much less than this.

I would have told him to shut the fuck up and that nobody wants to hear it.

I know that would direct his rambling towards me and maybe he would want to fight about it, and thats OK

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Picture it: Leaving your friends, family, home and future, to go die in a muddy pit in Ukraine to help cover up Hunter Bidens crimes.

Did I mention $35,000??

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The MAGA movement is much smaller than the entire established DNC with their intelligence apparatus and media support network.

We are on much more fragile footing.

Trump is basically the first real candidate to succeed in this space, and many others are riding the fence, hedging their bets to see if there is a political future here or if it will fizzle out and blow up.

We need to be focusing on growth and support and not letting very obviously scripted/contrived/planned attacks divide us.

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