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Then you not watched any of his previous broadcast. He's an idiot. I think if you we're from Russia you should know this.

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Which is comical because Destiny wouldn't want anyone banned for that

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Are you from Russia? They call Solovyov the equivalent of doomer in America. He complain nonstop so i'm surprised they only took this clip when all he does is cry now

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I have epilepsy and I just drop to the floor with no warning. I don't look to the right and then try to hit invisible things

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I remember this video, shit was fucked up

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I was in Homestead during Hurricane Andrew as a baby only a few months old. My family lost their house and my Grandpa protected the property with a handgun and a rifle to shoot looters with. Not sure if he shot any but he probably did knowing him.

This storm looks brutal as hell. Does anyone know if it will hit Vero Beach?

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You do realize fentanyl is synthesized for pennies on the dollar right? It's an incredibly cheap drug to make. And yes they do cut drugs with it. This is nothing new.

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Yep I just got out of the hospital for severe abdominal pain from my pancreas and kidneys.

That was the only thing that gave me some pain relief, and they gave Toradol and Ativan as well to take the edge off. I was scared for them to inject me with it but it helped a lot. Don't know how people enjoy taking it for fun though I was loopy as hell but maybe that was the cocktail of meds I was on`

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It's amazing how utterly fucking retarded our president and vice president are. How in the fuck could you pick a worse duo. 81 million votes by the way.

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"Leave that guy alone"

So I'm supposed to believe the democrats would leave a Jan 6ther alone who committed more crimes on tape than almost all of them. Okay.

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So in other words some HIV non profit owner is going to make 6 million dollars and spend 50,000 of it on HIV research

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They talk trash about us all day and constantly use the most repulsive nicknames for us and then talk about uniting the country in the same sentence. I hate these people.

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Not even possible from a user data standpoint to get a 99% user rating for this movie. They are removing all negative reviews/

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