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lmao nice strawman buddy

but u don't understand how the world works

u still think campaigning is making a few phone calls and tv ads

u travel to work on horseback 😂

ur perpetually stuck 50 years behind the rest of the world and that's why u think "nobody uses facebook" lol


EVERYBODY uses facebook. except u and a handful of other bumblefucks in ur small podunk midwestern 100 person town

everybody else in the world is on facebook. except u

and u STILL can't get it thru ur empty head that facebook has a massive influence on Elections

u boomer fucks keep losing and ur too stupid to understand why lol

"oh we don't need facebook!"

loses by 10 million votes

"hmmm must've been 100 million fake votes. who could possibly choose to vote against the party of dumb boomers that only want tax cuss for the rich and don't understand that u need to campaign on social media? must be rigged and not Because our party are fucking idiots" 😂

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it wrong

the issue is Conservatives just don't understand how the world works outside their tiny town that's stuck in the 1800s

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they do when we suggest regulating facebook

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no it won't

that's a lie right-wing propoganda like fox and newsmax have been telling u since birth to get u to support things that corporations want

it never struck you as odd or suspicious that all of the lies they tell you to convince you of supporting different policies always seem to align 100% with corporate interests and the lobbyist interest?

no it's just a coincidence that every strawman argument they feed u always seems to support policies and agendas that benefit peopl who aren't you

it's sad the working class has been so Indoctrinated from the days when they fought for their OWN rights instead of the "rights" of billionaires who would murder u if they could..

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they don't have to explain anything

that's the beauty of deregulation. they don't have to do what u want

it's too bad u can't out 2 and 2 together to realize ur lifelong campaign of "evil ppl should be totally unrestricted" resulted in evil ppl doing thing u don't like

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can u -in detail- explain how that works in ur head?

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"gee. everyone is attacking and discriminating against our race. maybe we should band together and support each other in defense?"


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I'm just siding with the good guys

since ur telling me that they're right about everythin

and u say that everything good is because of them. I'll side with them

stay mad

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so we go to war

in can't take the american army

neither can china

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and ted cruz josh hawley and Lindsay grandma

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he who would trade liberty for safety and security something something

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"everyone who defeats me in an argument with facts is jew!"

man these jews sound like enlightened educated and overall good people

I think I'll side with them over the nazi white europeans actually

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it's just an excuse by the globalist republicans

they HATE maga because it stopped there plans

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the fact that anybody in the movement ever trusted those fucks was the biggest problem. everybody knew Josh Holly was a piece of shit

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no we wouldn't. if BLM had done with the January 6th protesters did it would be the most peaceful BLM protest to ever happen lol. like what exactly you complaining about? that protesters wandered through the capital? that one window was smashed? shut the fuck up. they have insurance. they can fix the fucking window

it was the most patriotic protest in history and you don't get to call yourself a patriot if you're against the same people that the tea Party revolutionaries were. you'd be the one calling them terrorists for dumping out tea into the river..

meanwhile if BLM had done it they would have murdered six cops injured dozens of secret service. burnt the building to the ground. and uncnn would be calling them heroes. you would be telling us that we shouldn't be focusing on that and we should have been focusing on what they were protesting for instead. you would be defending them because CNN would be defending them and you're one of those fake Republicans who believe whatever CNN says

so don't give me that shit. January 6th was a mostly peaceful protest if there ever was one.. it's the definition of a mostly peaceful protest. 99.99% peaceful with tens of thousands of people protesting and a handful of small group of people got a little rowdy. you would just love for everyone to believe that it was just 20 people trying to murder all of Congress wouldn't you? you don't want us to talk about the 50,000 people outside peacefully protesting

you want us to think that it was about 20 or 30 terrorists in Viking helmets trying to murder Nancy pelosi or something

January 6th was most patriotic thing to ever happen and tyrants like you hate Patriots for standing up to you

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LOL you still think there would have been an audit.. nobody prevented anything. actual terrorists could have smuggled an actual nuke into the building and it shouldn't have changed the damn thing.. if there was a senator who thought that the election was illegitimate and rigged then the actions of a handful of protesters shouldn't have changed anything. it doesn't suddenly become less rigged afterwards.. if they chose not to investigate the vote rigging after that happened it was because they never believed it in the first place. they were only telling you that they believed it so that you would vote for them and give them money. and once they saw that you were willing to protest because of it they walked back their lie

cuz as far as they're concerned "voter fraud" is a lie. they don't believe it happened and they believe that they are lying when they say that it did

if they end up being right that it did happen that was purely by accident and not their intention. they only tell you that voter fraud happened because that's what they want you to believe and that's what they think you want to hear. they don't think it happened. and that's why they canceled the audit when they realized that Republican voters were willing to protest based on the gops lies

once they realize that it was suddenly real they stopped the whole charade because they didn't want to cause violence or protests based on what they considered a lie..

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the GOP hate there own voters

they are more like elitist democrats who think of u as "racists" and "hillbillies" than they are like a blue collar workers

when people like Ted Cruz have never worked a blue collar job in their lives. their entire lives have been in elitist ivy league institutions surrounded by money and wealth. they're not like you and they don't represent you. and they don't even like you. they think of you as dumb uneducated rednecks and to be manipulated for votes and money. and the more you vote for these people and send them money when they send you emails the more you're proving them right

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and he's trying to destroy maga by attacking it directly so the GOP can take back the party for the communists

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the GOP are liberal democrats

they don't care as long as THEY wing their own Election in south carolina texas and kentucky

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I remember when "lyin ted" became "lion ted" just because he said one nice thing about trump after he was literally forced to

these ppl are extremely gullible and absolutely get the politicians they deserve

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