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Close. New York.

Only state where I could get the manufacturer rebate and under sticker.

Other than the salesman, everyone else was based in that town and complained about Biden, the left, and how NYC was dragging the entire state down.

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I could probably CarMax it for 1-2k more than I paid. I got it under sticker. It's pretty unreal.

I had a truck that was 3 years old. Sold it for more than I paid last month.

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I don't know why I like this but I just di

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Lol. Nice.

All the real life shit kills the lefties.

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Her troll face is level 100000.

Dudes face looks like he's high AF and thinks he's walking Dorothy down the yellow brick road.

Based (and high AF with zero fucks to give) pedes for sure.

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Good first attempt GP. Not quite BEE material, but you'll get there.

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I have a based son who might get along with your based granddaughter. He is respectful, fiercely loyal, loves the Lord and enjoys hunting/firearms.

Arranged marriages no longer seem insane.

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The study should include a proper ping pong and foosball table though.

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Great job pede. I'm unashamedly honest with the leftists as well. Gotta knock them down.

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Love you pede. Been seeing a lot of Walmart workers reject the mask lately. Keep up the good fight broski.

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Lol. We'll they missed my ass in Atlanta, Orlando, New York and Arizona all in the last month.

They'll have to go after TSA as well, since half of those goons aren't wearing one either.

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Damn. Bold statement. Respect.

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They were talking monkeypox a year ago.bit has now come to fruition. Lol

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Good math, exactly why I bought a prius prime a while back.

It's a gay car for sure, but probably the most fuel efficient thing on the road.

Yes it's ugly as fuck and slow, but it gets me where I need to go.

You pedes can call me a faggots, but I take that as a compliment on this forum.

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Prius Prime driver here. Yes, the car is ugly as fuck. Yes it's slow. Yes, people hate it. Yes, I get made fun of.

But. It's cheap as fuck to drive. I don't give a shit about how it looks or getting made fun of.

My wife loves driving it as well, since my gas "needle" never moves.

Used to have a truck, no longer give fucks about image.

Love my ugly ass Prius.

Will buy another when this shit box dies.

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Submit religious exemption. I don't think they can legally deny it. If they do, sue.

If the majority of people stand up, the CEOs will fold like they do every other company.

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If this doesn't make you realize the pandemic was fake, nothing will.

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