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but I was told he was the savior of mankind!

the second coming!!

altho there was some other side somewhere saying something about a conman who didn't care about his own Supporters..

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like julian assange was pardoned?

or paul manafort?

or steve bannon?

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reminder that twitter stated trump was banned for these tweets:

The 75,000,000 great American Patriots who voted for me, AMERICA FIRST, and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, will have a GIANT VOICE long into the future. They will not be disrespected or treated unfairly in any way, shape or form!!


To all of those who have asked, I will not be going to the Inauguration on January 20th.

showe where either of those violated tos

trump was banned because liberals weapomized twitter they weapomized the fbi and doj

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well u can see the economy stopped shooting up the moment he took office

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can anyone give me the exact numbers of trump's stock market when he left?

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noone owns them

they're just both made up of corrupt liberal elitists who look down on the "dirty commoners" and work together to enrich themselves and fuck over everyone else

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I only half agree. sure some of them get played in there desperate and sadly pathetic attempts to get liberals to praise them (cough cough mccain)

But for a lot of them like McConnell or Lindsey Graham or Mitt Romney they're not really being played. I agree with the left on almost every issue. They just lie to you about it because they need to pretend to agree with you so they can vote for them. But they think you're dumb aren't educated Hillbillies. They don't agree with you. They agree with the other rich big city liberals

And yes even though Democrats hate him Mitch McConnell is never threatened by the Democrat Party. The Democrats would never be successful in unseating him from his position. Kentucky would never go Blue. Mitch McConnell knows that no matter how much Democrat Baskin publicly he'll still keep his job. And since money is all he cares about he doesn't give a fuck

Same with Lindsey Graham Romney and other corrupt Republicans.. Plus they know that as long as they play the game just enough they don't really have to worry anyway because Democrat my publicly bash them in there might be protests against them from stupid liberals but these are high-society types of plebs

Mister, goes back to his Mansion doesn't care what the people are saying. And he knows that deep down Nancy Pelosi likes him. They go out to dinner together. They just play their part for the cameras

It was different with Donald Trump. They actually did hate him because he actually stood for the people that fought for the little guy. He actually represented true conservative values instead of just pretending to in order to get votes and donations.. And that's why they went harder against Trump than they did against McConnell..

Trump wasn't content to sit idly by and let Democrats pass their agenda without a fight. Unlike McConnell

Those guys just kind of sit there collect their paychecks and let Democrats do their thing. Don't poke The Hornet's Nest..

That's the real difference. I don't think they're stupid or being played. If they were being played they would either not make money or they would lose their seats. But Mitch McConnell would never lose his seat. Hollywood Mitt Romney Lindsey Graham Dan Crenshaw Liz Cheney or any of the other people that do absolutely nothing for you. They don't care what happens to the country so long as they're still in office. They don't even care if the Republican party is a majority as long as they get to keep their seats. And that's the bottom line and that's why they're in on it

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those holy wars and witch burnings didn't happen out of nowhere

People back then weren't stupid.. and they didn't just wake up one day and decide they wanted to burn people for no reason.. they did it because it was necessary. They saw what was going on. They saw the proliference of evil in their societies and the rejection of all that was good

and they realized what conservatives will take several more steps before they realize: that unlimited free speech is not necessarily a good thing because you're also giving free speech to the bad guys who want to do you harm

Conservatives are still all the way back on fighting for free speech because of being censored. It will take them several more steps before they get to the point where they realize that simple truth..

But the people of old understood these things. They had public hangings and burnings and stuff because they knew bad people will do bad things and they need to be stopped. Society became too tolerant. And its effort to go against old school racism Society went too far in the other direction and got way too tolerant a people that you should not be tolerant of

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they're called kostume kult and they're a pretty well funded affiliate of burning man

their parties attract thousands of ppl who probably don't know much about them

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the GOP are rich city liberals who agree with the democrats on most major issues

from gun control to $15 an hour.

they pretend to oppose it so you'll send them money

but there's a reason they've never ACTUALLY stood in it's way

In 2016 Trump supporters realized that the GOP was just as much the enemy as the Democrat Party.. Somehow you guys forgot that

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The same Democrat Tech Giants that pushed the phony Russia collusion narrative and Hillary's BIG LIE that the 2016 election was "rigged"

and which caused many deaths and violent riots and injuries as a result

are now censoring proven election fraud simply because it doesn't benefit their political party

I'm sorry but Elon Musk isn't enough. Simply buying Twitter isn't enough. We need fall on government regulations enforcing free speech on these Tech platforms. They do not get to operate as private businesses if they're going to be manipulating our country this way and causin public crisis

We can't wait around for some benevolent billionaire to buy up every single company you don't like period we need laws on the books stopping the censorsh

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we need more kyle Rittenhouses

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doctor is one of the most corrupt proffesional among lawyers and politicians

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Our monitoring of your internet activity found you to be spreading Russian disinformation/misinformation. This is a dangerous threat to our democracy. This is your first and only warning. Information officers have been dispatched to your door to serve you an official notice. Russian disinformation/misinformation is prosecutable by the Department of Homeland Security. 25 social credit points have been deducted from your account. You are 75 points away from losing your internet privileges. Your next offense will be punishable by 40 hours of mandatory reeducation classes. Glory to Joe Biden!

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we have to enforce the rules that they won't

stop being weak and arm urselves and come down on them like the police should have

it's a travesty that a 17 yo kid from Wisconsin is braver and more patriotic than any of you

he's taken out more Terrorists than u ever will

try to be as brave and useful as the 17 yo

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because trans is a kink not an identity

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