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This is a psychopath take.

Republicans live in these cities. Innocent people live there. Old people who voted (R) their whole lives. People who dont support radical left. These cities were built with American tax dollars.

We are the party of Law and Order. Not the party of "fuck it burn them all down". That is radical left talk. Get your head on straight. No excuses, no double talk.

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The winds of change.

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Have you not learned?!



Libertarianism is an interesting philosophy, and I like it. But it's just a philosophy and not a way to run a country.

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The Radical left is control freaks and has been for years.

wants to control

  • what you eat
  • what humor is ok
  • what kids learn
  • what cars are ok
  • what types of energy is ok
  • what opinions are ok

the left hasnt found anything they dont want to totally control

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they dont have the stones.

they do it because they know the media will back them.

republicans have the stones because they know 100% that the vast majority of the media will roast the fuck out them with blatant lies and bullshit.

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Black man blatantly not following the law

All of my surprise

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I stopped using the word atheist a few years ago, that word carries a certain arrogance with it that I’m trying to distance myself from. Now the most I’ll say publicly is “I’m not really religious.”

Same. At first I was one of those annoying militant atheist. "Atheist assholes". But ive been an atheist for like 15 yrs now. So it's different.

We all make mistakes buddy. Dont be too hard on yourself. This is part of maturing.

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“Ample evidence thus suggests that a 15-week ban provides sufficient time, absent rare circumstances, for a woman ‘to decide for herself’ whether to terminate her pregnancy,” the chief justice went on before adding that both Alito’s opinion and the dissent by liberal justices Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan “display a relentless freedom from doubt on the legal issue that I cannot share.”

freedom from doubt

perfectly describes how liberals hold certain views as "just true"

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Christianity is making a come back, even with the "not so religious crowd".

People are seeing the value of morals and standards.

Some will be slow to learn, but will come around eventually.

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this is true not only for the trannies.

many others taking advantage of our tolerance and politeness.

they about to get a rude awakening.

Sleeping Giant 2.0

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