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He got paid a ton and didnt have to take the shot. Rodgers didnt.

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A good nurse

Some are, many arent

My mom was a nurse for ~20 yrs, heard some stories about her co-workers.

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Cant believe this is an AP News headline.

News tells you how to feel instead of telling you just the facts and letting you decide.

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Another pesky coincidence. Certainty not because a certain radical minority keeps working in concert.

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they would kick the retards out

this is a big problem now and it starts in middle school and high school. kids act up, act out, etc, and no real punishment happens. then they become "adults"

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They really think they learned everything there is to know in the decade since they quit wearing diapers.

To be fair a lot of 20 yrs olds are like that, even people born in the 1980s. But we didnt burn down Churches over it, riot, turn college on its head, get people fired for not saying Men are Women.

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I knew someone who lived in El Paso. They said it was easier to leave your car doors unlocked at night because illegals were definitely going to break into your car but if the door was locked they were going to break the window too.

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I’m not racist, I judge people by their actions. But I’m also not blind.

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