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Tragically, the man’s condition worsened as his kidneys shut down, fluid built up in his lungs and a blood clot developed in his leg.

He was very likely murdered by remdesivir or vancomycin, as these drugs, according to Dr. Bryan Ardis, cause acute kidney failure.

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Wasn't there a scientist in the recent FDA meeting that also made the claim?

Politifact should consider having a conversation with that scientist.

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He is Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, who is a virologist formerly employed at GAVI and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Mass infection prevention and mass vaccination with leaky Covid-19 vaccines in the midst of the pandemic can only breed highly infectious variants.


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The "vaccine" deaths currently reported are likely undercounted, and, like you said, they don't consider the long-term.

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That fancy building in the video is actually the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Ontario.

Also, you can make change happen through united non-compliance, since too many people not complying will overload the system and cause it to fail.

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...this begs the question as to whether these injection roleouts are driving the emergence of the new variants...

I think this might be the first time I heard someone associate the creation of variants by the "vaccines" in a "mainstream" source.

Before that, it was mainly a quote from Luc Montagnier, who was being censored.

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Monopolies develop over time, because large corporations will buy up the competition. Private entities when left unchecked accumulate wealth and power over time (don't play word games with me, and say "not real private entity").

It is for this reason why anti-trust laws were put into place; however, such laws were either ignored or repealed.

The long-term solution is decentralization, and part of the decentralization process is to abandon the lawless mindset that the original person I was responding to had, and actually enforce these anti-trust laws.

There are other issues as well for some companies, such as Twitter, where the government passes laws protecting or favouring these companies. That needs to stop too, but this is separate from the issue I mentioned above.

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I would argue your country is in the mess it is today, because of the inability to hold your oligarchs accountable, which is caused by the very attitude of "private businesses can do whatever they want".

The same people who say that are the same people going around saying "not real free market".

I think you fail to understand that your oligarchs are out of control and buying up everything precisely because you refuse to enforce anti-trust laws, which would have prevented this very mess.

If they own everything you need to survive, then you no longer control them, they control you, so you can go around saying "not real free market", but the reality is the inaction of Americans is the reason for your problems.

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Oh... here we go again.

If America wants to have a future, then they need to toss out the nonsensical and lawless statement that "private businesses can do whatever they want".

There is something called the rule of law and it applies to everyone in the country from private citizens, to governments, and certainly to corporations, since many are more powerful than entire countries.

If we restrict the powers of governments, then we will certainly restrict the powers of these corporations that are more powerful than governments.

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OK, and how many autopsies have been done to verify those deaths?

How many actually died from malpractice in the hospitals or from the injections?

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It is like defining "food" to mean anything you put into your mouth.

The more meaningless the definition, the easier it is for tyrants to get what they want and trick people into thinking that they are getting something proper when in fact they are not.

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That is true for some companies, but not all.

Some companies have grown to such size because anti-trust laws that would have prohibited their size were either ignored or repealed.

In other words, Americans allowed these corporations to become so massive through inaction.

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I have pointed this before, and I will say it again:

If we restrict the powers of governments, then we will restrict the powers of corporations, since many of which are more powerful than governments themselves.

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It is a criminal offence to be in contempt of Court. You are not protesting your way out of contempt of court.

Now if he didn't have these bail conditions on him, then it wouldn't be criminal to not comply.

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Almost every country is either doing something like this or plans on doing something like this...

  • Canada
  • Italy
  • France
  • Switzerland
  • America
  • etc.

This is a global fight, and it will take a long time to fully win, so it isn't over yet.

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Or... COVID "infected" cans of coke...

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I am wondering how many of those "fines" will be prosecuted, because it seems to me that most tickets are dropped and never reach trial...

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So... those kids are actually wearing those hats? There was a different camera angle, and people claimed it was faked or photoshopped.

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I strongly suspect that they are calling "vaccine" injury or death COVID "cases" or "deaths".

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America is 100% screwed if they don't toss out the lawless statement of

private businesses can do whatever they want

We restrict the powers of governments, so we will also restrict the powers of corporations.

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One of the main reasons why "Conservatives" in America lose is because they are afraid to use the state's powers to push their own interests.

Now, not all "Conservatives" are like this. The ones in Poland are not afraid to go after "Big Tech" for example.

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Your enemy is not only the government; it is also these oversized corporations that own everything you eat, drink, see, and hear, and now many of them are coming to own you and I.

Governor Ron DeSantis understands this and his approach is correct.

Corporations most certainly must not be allowed to do whatever they want, especially considering that most of these corporations are more powerful than entire countries and governments.

We restrict the powers of governments, so we will restrict the powers of corporations.

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It is not even a "virus", because it is literally just false positives from the PCR "tests".

No amount of experimental injections is going to stop these false positives other than to simply stop using these "tests".

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