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No I didn't, retard. I made a logical inference from your statement. You claim my inference is wrong, but you won't tell us the correct one. What are you so afraid of?

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Wrong. The price of gold was not fixed. The definition of a dollar was 1/20 oz of gold. Extremely important distinction.

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And how do you think those books were selected to be canonized? God directed the Council of Nicaea. This is basic Christian history.

It was a bunch of MEN, dummy.

There is plenty. Grand Canyon for starters.

You've clearly never been there if you think it is evidence of a global flood. You have zero fucking idea what you are talking about.

If the Earth isn't millions of years old but only thousands (see my article of slowing of the speed of light if calculations are correct, the universe is less than 50,000 yrs old) it would be exactly what you would expect to find.

No, it isn't. Moron. Learn how the processes of Earth actually work and how we know about them.

Again - tells me you are not reading anything and just slurping what mainstream academia want you to think. Radio carbon dating is the only remotely accurate time estimate - going back only 50-60k years, and THAT is subject to doubt if carbon atoms are not uniform throughout history. But keep not thinking for yourself... How is that Covid vax working for you?

Retard, all radioactive dating works the same. So if carbon dating works, so does uranium dating.

I have actually read articles by Christians with alphabet soup credentials behind their names that draw serious doubt upon much of "assumed" ancient history, origin of life theories and evolution. As much as you want to think this is all "settleed science", it is FAR from it.

No you haven't. You've read articles by scam artists who have been running this scam from the 60s.

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Sounds to me like you're seeking proof, or evidence that something didn't happen according to the narrative.

I'm asking you to back up your own claims, dumdum.

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Now consider that originally, $1 = 1/20 oz of gold.

Do you think a Big Mac meal is worth 3/20 oz of gold?

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While you are correct the phrase "the Cannon is closed" is not in the Bible, there are multiple verses in scripture that indicates it:

The fuck? Do you not understand that the current cannon wasn't adopted until like 350 AD?

There is ample evidence of a global flood

There's literally none.

and many geologists who have written about it.

Zero have.

Even the age of the universe is now in question

It literally is not.

However, I can see I am speaking with someone who is not interested in actually learning and researching and debating

Buddy the garbage you are spewing has been around since the 1960s. It was lies then and it's lies now. You're the one who isn't interested in learning. You've never done an actual scientific experiment or studied the experiments done in order to determine the age of the earth or of anything else. All you do is pick one set of men to trust over another. YOU'VE never done shit to learn.

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Many 401k plans include a totally self-directed option

Many? I've never seen one. Best I've seen is "pick which one of these ESG funds you want to buy." They want your money funneled into their chosen funds.

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We were not the SUPER POWER back then - that we are today... we were not even a that big of an economic powerhouse until the war machine hit on all cylinders.

Completely untrue. The USA took over the world economically in the 1870s and everyone knew it. And when Wilson was elected, it was clear that it was going for it politically as well.

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Ok well embargo’s are indeed a thing

Where's the Constitutional authority?

and again no one is saying the US government owns the oil so please stop with the strawmen.

YOU are, dummy. You keep acting like the government gets to decide where oil goes. It doesn't. Only THE OWNER of oil gets to decide that.

Japan attacked America in a sneak attack

A "sneak attack" that all the top leaders knew about. Sure buddy.

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You mean Hitler wanted to do what the US government was already doing?

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Calm down with the tard rage stuff and you might learn something

I'm not the one who needs to learn here. Your understanding is EXACTLY what government schools teach to 5th graders. You clearly left it there and never moved beyond it. You just eat up whatever propaganda the government shoves into your brain. Absolutely pathetic.

I never said anything about the US government owning oil, but they sure as shit can direct companies not to do business with certain countries, especially ones that are acting like belligerent animals and are threatening America as well.

Where does the Constitution authorize that, asswipe? It doesn't. There is ZERO authority to the government to tell a free man that he cannot sell HIS oil to somebody in Japan.

They wanted to expand their empire into territories, including American soil.

A few nutbags might have wanted to take over America, but the vast majority of the Japanese government knew that this was impossible. They did NOT want to fuck with us because they knew they would LOSE.

America realized this so stopped supplying their oil

Again, "America" has no oil you stupid fuck. Stop talking like it has any authority over where oil goes. And why the fuck would it be smart to anger another nation that you think wants to attack us but hasn't done so? Do you go around picking fights in biker bars?

Japan started it with us

But they didn't, retard.

Now years later, assholes like you piss on the Americans who died in that war while you try to paint this sympathetic portrait about Japan.

You're the one pissing on them, dumbfuck. You refuse to admit that their deaths were nothing but an "acceptable sacrifice" for the assholes who run the government. Thus, nothing will ever change.

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So, you are telling me you don't know basic Christian theology without actually coming out and saying it - which is fine. The Cannon is closed.

Where does God say that? He doesn't. Men said it. Oops, you put your faith in man again.

Another indication you haven't studied this...

No, you haven't. Your link is nothing but more words from more men. Meaningless garbage. Those "prophecies" were either written back into the text after the fact in order to fool retards like you, or they are so vague they might as well be astrology charts.

I have never spoken to you. There are certainly parables - which are quite clearly parables. I take the Bible literally - as it is literally true.

Ok well then physical evidence has clearly proven it false, as there was no global flood and the Earth is 4.5 billion years old. Case closed. You lose.

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Japan wasn’t “manipulated” into doing something since they were always going to invade those territories and attacking the US Navy.

Why the fuck would Japan poke a bear unless it felt that it was necessary? You are a real fucking idiot running defense for warmonger FDR. Nothing you say makes any sense.

America had no obligation to trade oil with a clearly hostile foreign power with their eyes on our territory. Arguing otherwise if fucking retarded and you know it.

Hey you fucking moron. For the third fucking time, nobody said anything about "obligations." The US government DOESN'T OWN ANY OIL. The US government HAS NO AUTHORITY TO TELL PRIVATE COMPANIES WHO THEY CAN SELL OIL TO.

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