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So much seed oil junk food

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Honestly, GEOTUS has been pissing me off with his trash RINO endorsements lately

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Ahh, my mistake, pede. Fucking immoral judges

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Sean Parnell (who dropped out due to a judge citing his candidacy as a reason to deny joint-custody of his kids 🤬)

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DeSantis president. Trump FL Governor.

Make lefties' minds explode

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Florida has what are called "improvement districts". They are chartered by the state and are essentially "home rule". Disney bought up the land in the 70s using a bunch of shell companies. They then moved employees in who then led a vote to incorporate and seek special status. Before the state realized, Disney pulled one over on them and essentially created a company town. Celebration, FL is such a town. Most of the land is owned by Disney or its executives. They plant loyalists in the city to serve on the board and vote for Disney interests.

As such, most of Disney falls under the "Reedy Creek Improvement District". They have their own emergency services and infrastructure.

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Use my comment as downvote

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No, they're taught rote memorization of technology / software development. Some are very good at what they do, sure. But it's cheaper to outsource app development to India and then import a few of those devs to the US to maintain the code. You can get two Indians for the price of one American. These companies use bogus reasons for giving out H-1B visas, while we have plenty of Americans with STEM experience.

Even worse, those Indian firms treat their employees like shit. China has slaves in factories. India has slaves in code farms.

America First

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Outlaw H-1B visas. We have high unemployment and thousands of Americans graduating university for STEM fields. Zero reason to import cheap labor to take jobs from Americans, other than to pad these companies' bottom line.

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Really hard to believe these people are serious! Well, did my part and downvoted. Upvoted you based pedes that left comments.

The OP did decide to go to the wedding after someone reiterated that a 28-year-old with triple jabs, generally good health, and PPE would be very low risk. 🤦‍♂️

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Unfortunately, I've explained this concept even dumbed down further for family and friends and they still don't get it. I could send them this, but they wouldn't even be able to get past the language. I get not everyone is scientifically inclined, but it's amazing how much those around me never retained from high school biology.

The cultists cry we need "scientific literacy", yet tell you not to read the studies, question the results, or look up definitions (unless out of the post-2020 newspeak revisions). They're probably the same folks who barely passed bio or chem classes and tell you "just believe it because it's science". 🤡

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No federal trials allow cameras. That's why you only get those water color sketches from these trials.

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Honestly, I wouldn't have block the sub or user name. Maybe you found this somewhere else. I already wanted to go an downvote. Absolute NPC that has been deluded into living in fear.

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Interesting explanation on the drug interactions, if you're curious about the pharmacology like me:


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That would seems to come later in life.

Sounds like these are just puberty blockers to prevent natural development of breasts and ovaries (the poster said "he", so assuming child is actually female). The body will fight against these near impossibly high hormone levels for which female genetics are not designed to accommodate. Growth of the entire body & mind will be compromised. Risk of cancer, diabetes, and other diseases will significantly increase. This is abuse, plain and simple. Arguably demonic as another poster stated.

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The "Bunny Ear" method never made sense to me. I didn't need a story. I needed a literal explanation of which lace was moving and where it was going

Guess that means I'm an autist like the rest of you frens haha

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Masada / Adaptive Combat Rifle (ACR)

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