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lol the article says she's the "Kanala Harris of press secretaries"

Unqualified, unintelligible, hired for them diversity/inclusion points

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Really disappointed in Trump lately. We should be controlling the Maga movement and ignore Trump's endorsementa... Don't forget he gave us Sessions, Barr, and two weak ass SC justices.

He's not remotely good at picking people,.at least not in politics.

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He has been trashing MAGA Barnett over Turkish Muslim RINO Dr Oz.

So fuck this guy. Fucking lost all respect.

And hey didn't even just endorse Oz, he's convinced Oz will be great. Unbelievable.

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I lost 20lbs in a month doing exactly what I described.

You won't gain muscle obviously but you'll lose fat definitely.

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Not easy enough to waste my time on a site that demands that information from me in the first place.

Fuck Truth Social

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If she thinks he's fat do you believe she buys ice cream?

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What a shame of a potentially beautiful person. Stop eating so much, eat better, and walk at least 30 minutes 3-4 times a week or join a gym. And she'd be pretty good looking.

Instead she would rather be lazy and overeat and/or eat too much junk. Pathetic.

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If only more people could use the damn thing. Not on Android, can't use the website unless you already have an account with the Apple app.

I don't understand why it's taking this long. As a software developer myself who has released software on far more than 3 platforms simultaneously, if my company can do it I don't get how his can't.

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How many times do we have to point out SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED

Those four words mean absolutely nothing to these fucking politicians and lobbyists.

"Constitution is toilet paper" is probably more of an acceptable statement for them

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It's practically impossible to get a carry permit in NY. There's tons of paperwork, mandatory classes, and that's after you prove to the state that you have a valid reason to carry a firearm. And from what I hear the majority are turned down. Which I don't recall any of that bullshit in the constitution.

I recall one story where a woman had a fuckton of proof her life was in danger from her ex-husband, but was denied after multiple attempts as she presented even more proof. You don't have to guess what happened to her, you probably don't know the story but the outcome is obvious.

Thanks NY, you have so much blood on your hands they're forever stained. Nothing short of a miracle can save that shithole.

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The only place I don't have a gun on me is where it's not only illegal- but enforced via metal detectors or x-ray machines. And that's rare, like the courthouse or airports. Sometimes banks, though my local credit union doesn't have a machine- just a guard who hasn't had to lift his finger the entire time I've lived here.

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They look cheaply made (because they are) and pretty much all look the same. Even if I were a fan of the franchise they make those things out of I wouldn't buy them because they're taking up space, too expensive for what you get, and ugly as fuck.

My wife has a friend whose boyfriend collects them and their living room looks like a child's toy room. I would be absolutely embarrassed entertaining guests with a wall of Funko Pops, video game controllers and games scattered near the TV, and Lego sets in the corner. Which I would have likely ignored, except for the fact they have no children.

To my surprise (not) I later found out the husband is literally a cuck. He brings in the money and pays all the bills while she smokes weed and plays video games all day, and fucks another pathetic 30 something loser who still lives with his parents. They call it an open marriage but my wife said she's the only one getting laid. But he has his video games and Funko Pops so I'm sure he is seething while at the same time grateful he at least he has someone to give him a sympathetic handjob every other week.


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Who do you know who still watches this shit? Very few for me. Not even the leftists I unfortunately know. Just a handful of boomers clinging on to their TV subscription.

The people I know who even still have a TV just use it for Netflix and video games.

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He said man. Not deformed blob from another dimension.

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They use that word so often it has no meaning. I didn't even notice it the first time I read it. Applied to MAGA it has no basis in reality.

Not denying there are racists among us, but that's not what MAGA is about at all.

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I would not accept a sample size of only 1000 accounts if I was putting up 40+ billion bid for the site.

Given the sheer size, a minimum of 10,000 would be acceptable. Maybe. Even better if they did multiple samples of different groups compromised of 10k accounts. And it would have to be done by a third party neutral investigation.

Though he's trying to get a better price now that they took the bait, I hope he doesn't pull too hard and lose the fish.

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Unfortunately money can't buy the concessions needed from the establishment.

She likely needs to absolutely dominate the primaries so the RNC leadership has no choice but to back her. And I honestly don't see that happening.

I'd fucking love to be proven wrong, but I fully expect Oz to win a rigged primary and likely the general. Which is a goddamn tragedy and I'm pretty salty with Trump on this.

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It does matter when each of those braindead idiots get their information from Twitter bubbles and then spread it around to those not on Twitter and then those people vote accordingly. You can't sit there with a straight face and tell me that's not a problem.

It's also a big problem with reddit and Facebook. These braindead cunts aren't all friendless and have no family. If Twitter was so innocent and irrelevant then Elon Musk would have zero interest. They wouldn't ban Trump and nearly every other conservative out there.

Like it or not, don't underestimate the combined power of the social media giants.

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We didn't see any real justice under Trump's administration, due to the nature of the festering swamp, so I certainly don't expect any justice to come out of Biden's admin, any other Dem admin, or RINO administration either.

We need a MAGA president, MAGA AG,, MAGA speaker, MAGA senate majority leader (and major MAGA senators) and then we might see some real change.

Trump was trying to drain the swamp with a bucket that had a thousand holes in it while being neck deep in the middle.

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Even if it were 25% bots Twitter still has a huge user base of real people. How many are actually American though is only known to those within Twitter.

And even then, only few get their voices seen. The rest get ignored, censored, shadow-banned, or outright banned from the platform.

But I still think, even with all that aside, it's a very public and very influential platform. And him not using it makes it clear he has no further political ambitions beyond being behind the scenes.

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