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Well at least their genes won't be passed on. Poor kids. Shit luck to be born to psychopath parents.

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Cut off welfare and all the unproductive bottom feeders will move out voluntarily.

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Build a wall, then wait for them to all starve. Take back the other half of America.

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There is no rebuilding within the current system, and there sure as hell isn't any rebuilding once it all collapses. We have to separate from the insane people NOW as well as the grip of the predator class. Move to tiny rural areas and take over the local government. Become independent of government funds, self sufficient, revise the laws, and work our way out.

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A constant state of confusion and anxiety is the easiest way to create a psychotic break. After a year of this we now see half the country suffering from mass psychosis.

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Because we have integrity. Fuck those degenerates. Stop playing the game.

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Nope. We need to completely pull out of the entire system. Move to rural areas en masse and get control of the local government. Build a parallel society of normalcy and let crazy be crazy. Over THERE.

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It's just an algae bloom. WTF is everyone going on about?

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lol! I live in Memphis. That you gingerly call them "black ppl" means that you've grown up in the white suburbs in private schools in a segregated safe white atmosphere your whole life. No hate - my kids are in a white private school this year to escape the racism. Fuck "black ppl."

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I thought we only had that special breed here in the south.

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