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50k upvotes. Are you awake, yet, to the real battle?

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If/when he gets released, let's pray for civilian justice.

I'm really hoping this is the case.

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Guys someone has to get to him and tell him they are killing people.

He doesn't know that by now?

This is coping. The guy isn't stupid or some puppet, he has his beliefs and it's not 4d chess or kushner telling him what to think or not reading the news.

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Hope archives are being made rather than screenshots.

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This is what BLM is fighting for. Releasing all the violent criminals from jail to fuel their communist revolution.

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It'd be a shame if someone torched that shit to the ground. Real crying shame.

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Yeah, he might be one of the 5% of black people who vote Republican and not the 95% of black democrats that support BLM.

Thank you for being the voice of reason.

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Kyle saying he supports BLM….Genius!

Muh 4d chess, trust the plan, patriots are in control

I'm anti Q

You're no different than them

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Lots of people here are already defending that comment.

Funny how many of them call others cucks while they always cuck out for the people who stab them in the back.

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Now taking bets on if his bail will be less than $2mil

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Some people just love it when the people they support spit in their face.

Youngkin, Black Rifle Coffee, Kyle Rittenhouse, and so many more, just spitting in your face after doing so much for them.

Is there a word for that? Cu...Cu... ahh I forget.

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lol it's actually quite a common name for pro-privacy folks like us.

A long time ago on reddit, one guy accused me of being another user (no pun) and using alt accounts. I told him to do a search on https://reddit.com/u/user with any random numbers after the name. Sure enough, he was shocked to find out that there's many accounts with that name format.

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Who voted for the politicians that gave women the right to vote?

Who voted for the politicians that gave non-white, non-landowning people the right to vote?

Difference is ideology.

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