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it's super easy to move money all around the world and hide it in private hardware wallets.

Uhhh... a hardware wallet just stores your private key for you. It can be saved on a piece of paper, or in your brain.

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Child under 14? God damn this isn’t even some horny teen wanting to bang his teacher. This is straight up pedophilia rape

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Wind is stupid I agree, but running some trucks for a day is barely a dent in the energy use. The real energy cost is manufacturing all that steel and replacement parts then dumping it when the mill dies.

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The fact that they have rigged the votes is not the concern. The concern is that they’ve rigged your mind. Lake is controlled opposition.

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“Watch the water”

A documentary definitely worth checking out. Remdesivir is literally snake venom. So is the vaccine. Guess what protects against snake venom? hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. Guess what was allowed as the only covid treatment? Remdesivir. Guess what was not allowed to even be sold? Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

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500,000 scoops to make ONE EV battery

You think it takes 500,000 loads of 52 cubic yards per load to make one single battery? That’s 91 billion pounds of ore for ONE battery.

At first I was convinced you were a shill because no one could be this fucking stupid. Then I was convinced you are the stupidest fucker on earth. Then I figured you must just be an asshole.

At this point, I have no fucking words to accurately portray what you are. Jump off a fucking bridge motherfucker because your gene pool needs to be eradicated off the face of the earth.

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She is a tranny loving dyke that literally worked for mainstream media.

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The average person is an idiot.

I’m actually arguing with some retard right now that says gold mines don’t have any gold in them. He has no fucking clue what ore is and think we just mine random dirt to get metal 🤦‍♂️

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A gold mine IS full of gold, jackass. That’s why it’s called a fucking gold MINE. You seem incapable of comprehending the fact that ore needs to be PROCESSED. Which is exactly why loaders transfer the ORE to be refined. Goddamn fucking imbecile.

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Lol you really are this fucking stupid aren’t you?

LOADERS DONT LOAD RANDOM FUCKING DIRT YOU STUPID SON OF A BITCH. They load ORE which is earth that contains a high percentage of the target METAL. You imbecile!! Why the fuck do you think it’s called a MINE. It’s not a fucking garden full of dirt, motherfucker!

A single load of a 994H yields enough lithium to make 82 fucking tesla batteries. I proved this mathematically and linked the fucking mining document and even used the LOW end.

Just fucking kill yourself and end your bloodline because you don’t deserve to exist with how fucking retarded you are.

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Yes, ORE, motherfucker. Do you not know what ORE is you fucking retarded piece of shit? Every scoop IS ore you goddamned uneducated braindead arrogant son of a bitch Dunning Kruger faggot.

Jesus fucking Christ I thought zoomers were the stupidest generation of all but you fucking boomers take the cake.

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“Every scoop has lithium ore in it”

Lmfao do you know what a MINE is, dipshit? IF ITS NOT ORE YOU DONT PROCESS IT. Fucking dumb son of a bitch.

And every load of lithium ORE does have lithium in it. That’s why it’s called fucking ORE you insufferable jackass.

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Pretty sure a Chinese woman would make an infinitely better elf

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I posted actual mining documents showing that 1 to 2 percent of lithium ore is lithium by weight. And I did the math for you too. You clearly are either a shill or an absolutely brain damaged retard. Either way you can go fuck yourself. Worse than a liberal for all I care.

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I’ve met some actual African women that are quite feminine, soft spoken with nice facial features. Nothing like the she-beasts that reside in the US.

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I thought she was playing the Orc Chief

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Oh wait that’s the orc chief!

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