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I keep hearing stories of white farmer getting to watch while their wives get raped then the whole family get murdered. Guess ill pass on the gun bans.

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Been perma banned for a month now. It was sort of fun trolling retards but after a while it was boring.

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glad you time on Fox News has served you so well. I have the same arguments with my parents as you are posing. Keep the boomer spirit alive. Do you still have your portrait of Reagan in you Livingroom?

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We need to rename the Grand Canyon the Alex Jones was right tip jar.

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Mayors are elected and they control the cops and that doesn't help. We need to hold the mayors we have accountable for the cops they employ.

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At least they cant murder kids. If they shoot at adults, at least the grown ups can shoot back.

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If everyone took their kids out of school and home schooled or used pods there would be no more school shooters.

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They were never here to protect you. They are here to make money for the state and shoot your dog.

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Why isn't he kicking his own cops in the dick for being cowards while kids were being murdered. Its easy to talk shit to the town idiot but now do the real work of fixing your fucking town.

If the cops there were not cowards no kid would have died. He would have walked up to the school with a gun and taken a bullet between the eyes. So the next retard would go fuck lets go shoot something else.

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You forgot the step where the cops tazed the parent for trying to go in.

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I hope so. The Irish have a better community. You dont fuck with someone in an Irish community.

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Because the legend of the Texan is a myth. They are cucked on a blue leash. Their blue daddy is going to protect them.

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I expect some accidents happening soon in that town.

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