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yes of course. even better when you hire family and pay them too. if you cant make a half million dollars running for president youre doing it wrong.

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it doesnt matter if you win. its about getting rich. hiring your family for your campaign and getting some of that sweet gop cash donated money.

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antifa: its like saying communist but with a dick in your mouth.

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hahaha! hans are cunts. godless, hive mind conformists, dog eating, kowtowed, government worshipping savages. they will do whatever they are told to do.

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ghandi defeated the british empire with protests. they can be a catalyst for change. protests can be big enough they cant be ignored.

thank god our founding fathers werent obsessed with being peaceful. they steal every election that matters. they tried to kill us all with vaccines. deployed covid. locked us in our homes. kept men from being able to work and provide for their familes. forbid us from going to church. wipe thier ass with the constitution. use the govt they stole as a weapon against us. and they are going to rig the next election as well. so it wouldnt be superfluous to water the tree of liberty.

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great time to kick off that war with the americans. nothing turns an economy around like world war.

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i dunno. we could shutdown every federal building in every downtown with protests. it could be everything we need. not one fbi agent or atf agent gets to go to work without being spit on.

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i tried to get people to pledge with me, anonymously no less, to refuse to comply with the pistol brace rule and i was called a glowie and downvoted. fucking pathetic. yeah we really need to organize protests. or other similar action.

by k-doe1
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if you willingly move to canada you arent based. lol!

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we are already at war with them:

letting criminals run amuck, pushing degeneracy everywhere, destroying the concept of families, pouring horrific new drugs into our cities, jamming global weather emergency codswallop down our throats, stoking racial tensions, imploding the economy on purpose, dumbing down kids in school, turning off all energy, turning off food, poisoning the water with flouride, convincing people to not eat meat, charging people who defend themselves from the madness, importing the 3rd world by the 10s of millions, destroying our once great cities, poisoning the food with estrogen/soybean products, state sponsored cyber warfare, and the woke ideology arent the only vectors of 5th generation warfare being deployed by the chicoms/globalists against a cowed enemy population too stupid to realize it, or too afraid to acknowledge it.

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