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They’re lazy pieces of shit. I have depression and anxiety, paid for my college and I’m pursuing my master’s degree for pharmaceutical quality assurance that is being paid for by my job. I had a rough childhood but don’t lay down and cry like they do. It’s pathetic.

I do spend too much money on collectibles though, but I have to fill up my new house I bought last year hahah.

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Disney did that about 10 to 15 years ago with the free meal plans and cheap ticket bundles for their cheapest resorts and the parks have suffered due to it. Bathrooms are covered in piss and trash thrown around everywhere. I’ve seen many fights.

Marxist redistribution destroys everything and unfortunately these companies care more about virtue signaling than their shareholders or normal non-woke clientele.

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I keep post it’s in my pocket everywhere I go

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They hate black people? The Chinese are some of the most racist people on earth.

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I’ll add that animal medicine has to follow the same requirements as human medicine, so expect the same quality as that used for humans.

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Not all dead heads are the communist shit heads, most are. But the tapers tend to be more successful non retards.

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I wasted so much time on useless shit getting my BS in chemistry. Could have ended a lot earlier if I could have just studied the STEM stuff instead of forced liberal arts to round me out.

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They should be charged as invaders and executed, maybe people would stop coming.

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It’s not even emergency approved, it has emergency use authorization. And still needs to complete the trials.

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Thought you needed a brain for blood clots in the brain.

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I usually left $5, but didn’t know if that was a good tip. If they have BLM shit on I just leave and get my hair cut elsewhere.

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What’s a normal tip for a haircut? I get one quarterly.

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At least she’s concerned with your safety. Time to send her the real facts on the vaccine

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