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"The New Pearl Harbor"

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They really want us to care about these militant groups that they themselves have funded. Oh no, the taliban are back! Look, it's ISIS! Nobody gives a shit. They can have the desert. The caveat is that the US intel agencies will commit terrorist attacks against citizens and blame it on these same terror groups.

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I don't care. This is not their country. This is a Christian nation, they have their own and we have ours. Because of fucks like you we will be genocided via mass migration.

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So you want the war to continue? This is media hype to continue the war.

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Probably muslums with American citizenship. They don't belong here. Fuck their citizenship.

by Spoonks
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you don't need to be persuaded not to vote. There's nobody to vote for anyways. We have a party of RINOs.

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I hate how they say "unvetted"... who the fuck cares? We don't need any fucking immigrants. We have too many as it is.

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you dumb israeli fuck. We are done fighting your gay wars in the middle east. Do it yourselves.

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They want endless war in the middle east and they will commit atrocities to continue.

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Of course they are. The military mandate is coming down next month or upon FDA approval, nearly every medical center is mandating the vax, colleges are requiring the shot to continue education... and this is expanding more and more.

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Don't worry we'll import him and his entire family to your neighborhood along with another 100,000 migrants from afghanistan.

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