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I never demanded perfection from any candidate. Supporting a vaccine that is currently being used to create concentration camps in Australia and half heartedly saying, "but you have your freedoms" is not a left wing purity test.

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I'll give you a clue. Big Pharma won and Trump was played like a political tool. If you feel so inclined why don't you join Trump, download your vaccine passport and get jabbed.

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The vaccines are gene therapy and a genocidal tool created by Fauci and his Big Pharma cronies. Trump was conned and now he has too much pride to right his wrong. Even if Trump was president, forced vaccines and mandates are a run away train at this point. He can say all he want's in retrospect but it amounts to nothing because the fortune 100 are going along with the plan no matter who the president is.

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might not survive. That doesn't sound very scientific. Sounds more like a 50/50 shot at death.

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Roasted her ass!

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America isn't a country, it's just a business.

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They are about to release smallpox. Masks won't help you and neither will your vaccines.

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Ah! Even worse. What is she a second hand sweater?

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These are the same speech impediment having commies that came to California 8 years ago and took over.

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This is not a Government of the PEOPLE! This is a propaganda outfit.

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That's what his dumb ass gets for selling his dead Mother. Who the fuck sells their Mother?

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I don't even like the Pedophile Paul's but this was a great knockout. Oh, and FUCK BLM COMMIES.

by OldEd
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Keep posting your crimes online you fucking moron

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How many Pedes want to see this man beat to death and dragged through the streets like Gaddafi?

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