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Baldwin is at least honest about his hatred of conservatives. Bitchell pretends to be conservative while pushing gun grabber laws and hate speech laws.

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There is absolutely NO WAY that republicans would be so disappointed in Trump that they ever would have voted for the dementia patient, of all people.

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I couldnt agree more. She has double agent written all over her.

Don’t let your weiners do the walking, boys.

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How was it NOT murder? This has psyop written all over it. How in the hell does an actual billet make its way onto a set where only fake rounds should be allowed? Someone intentionally did this, and I’m betting it was a gun grabber.

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There’s no justice in this country anymore. The conviction and sentencing of Chauvin vs the conviction and sentencing of Noor is absolute bullshit.

All because of a 20 second clip of a White man seemingly on a black man’s neck (with the whole encounter censored by corrupt govt faggots until maximum public outrage was reached).

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Don’t worry, it won’t matter. House committees are where ethics complaints go to die.

Seriously…think of all the “grillings “ we’ve seen in recent years, and tell me where someone actually got punished?

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Who HASNT called Bitchell a fag at this point???

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What characters are these two men cosplaying as??

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Are you saying that Abbott’s targeting males is because of male support for Trump?

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It’s blatantly obvious that politicians do not want to solve the border problem. The solution is simple…build a damn wall. The “oh but the cost!” argument (typically from liberals) is bullshit. Govt clearly has no problem spending money, so that argument goes out the window. Station the military along the border. They can do drills and basic training there while simultaneously providing protection from ILLEGAL alien criminals. No more DACA or other by-default amnesty programs.

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I would argue the females are more dangerous. they are the ones who pop out more criminals.

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Came here to say this.

Also, what’s with the sexist arrest policy?

“The state will not arrest adult women, family groups, or unaccompanied minors”


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I would be totally ok with deporting black folks who contribute nothing to society.

Jesse Lee Peterson gets to stay though!

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I dunno, there was nation-wide impacts from the great chimp out of 2020

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Agreed. Tolerance is for fags. I’m done being tolerant.

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Oh, fuck these faggot RINOs. “It’s an example of big govt”. “We can’t tell private businesses what to do”. Yeah, ok, but the FEDERAL govt just did that!!!

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