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Fucking gross, you fucking degenerate

Keep your faggot/tranny/pedo fetishes to yourself.

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I feel like it’s relevant to point out that it’s a SEX TOY STORE that’s offering this.

meaning, the whole thing is bullshit, it’s clearly a kink among mentally deranged men.

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That’s what hilarious to me. Liberals claim to hate corporations, but they love themselves some Planned Murderhood, a huge corporation. And that corporation is what is driving all this “reproductive rights” talk and stupid “her body her choice” arguments.

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It’s definitely a win for conservatives. Some states can now ban baby-killing and planned parenthood this is going to lose billions over that.

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No one is saying Disney is down ONLY because the market in general is down. I’m sure their pedo shit being exposed is a piece of the puzzle, but that’s not the entire puzzle.

Back when Gillette did their anti-men ad, their stock dipped some well, and then recovered several months after that. But since the economy was fairly healthy back then, that dip was insignificant.

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Liberal shill identified. It’s left wing nutjobs who think the overturning of roe means all abortion is banned.

And it’s only left wing states that will continue their baby-murder policies. Red states will now to get to ban baby-murder where they couldn’t before. Planned Parenthood is about to lose billions 😆 😃 😊

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He hasn’t exposed anything. We all already knew this. Including liberals, they knew it too and voted for dementia patient anyway.

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And it’s unconstitutional as fuck. Corporations are effectively making laws for daddy govt when they do this.

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Lol do you really want to talk about downvotes? I’ve seen your pro-pedo posts get as many as 40 downvotes. Why are you so obsessed with them?

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So, wait, NOW he does this? Her child murder stance is nothing new.

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Why would I care if a tranny-loving, pro-pedo loser downvotes me? 🤣

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