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Signature Squiggy response.. Never change Squig!

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Good idea. Double down. I agree with your overall point. That was of course not what I was calling you out over. I was, of course, calling you out on, upon being corrected that Schumer neither has a district nor is his state California, you confidentally showed zero self awareness and proceeded to act like neither mattered of your mistakes mattered in the slightest. Most healthy minded people would be slightly embarrassed. Not Squiggy! Never! Now raising the discourse by upping his / her game by hurling epithets at total strangers who are sick of unaccountable narcissists who, upon being corrected for basic mistakes, become angry and lash out... This whole dialogue is hilarious..

Nice work Einstein. LOL.

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This search turns up a good amount of old stuff:





The above patriots.win search shows a result with the words "Kemp" and "suicide" in the title, but without info about the investigator. But when I put in "Kemp" and "suicide" into the search bar, it doesn't show that article in results. So not sure how patriots.win filters out my two words above but gets hit on "harrison deal". Maybe has to be exact phrase unfortunately. This site's search tool is god awful.

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My God! This is the dumbest and most comical thread I've seen in a long time. Get a clue SquiggyMcPepe - when you get corrected, stop moving the goalposts and acknowledge that you didn't know what you were talking about rather than acting like your "point still stands". Have some self respect and respect for people around you. It's good to be corrected, thank others for correcting you. Not something to hide / obfuscate. Lordy.

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This might answer your questions


The Ukraine Conflict — A Primer, by Gonzalo Lira

If not no worries. I have other similar if want more

Oh, just saw you say russian military is being destroyed and depleted. IME that's total propoganda. Sounds like we have different facts / sources.

Another key source that I follow is Alexander Mercouris:


He does an hour of analysis daily and is also on the show, "The Duran"

I find him very measured.

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Bannon / Beattie comments:


President Donald J. Trump — Free Speech Policy Initiative "If we don’t have FREE SPEECH, then we just don’t have a FREE COUNTRY. It’s as simple as that. If this most fundamental right is allowed to perish, then the rest of our rights and liberties will topple…"

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"Replying to @Gfilche @realGeorgeHotz @WholeMarsBlog World-class software aces are joining Twitter"


Try contacting Gfilche and WholeMarsBlog too, who Musk mentions,

Also Hotz says these guys had good submissions, could try asking if they know:

@gd3kr @_junhoyeo @badphilosopher @danielkwok21

@TJEvarts is guy who wrote favorite version..

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Says in above thread "Thread is gold mine for hiring @elonmusk or anyone else."

Which I take to mean that he's letting musk know or others at twitter know to look at the thread of people who provided solutions to the question that Hotz proposed as potential candidates etc..

Makes me suspect that they are reaching out to developers that they already know and open to other good ones but maybe don't want to get flooded by a milion applications via HR process, etc - instead doing maybe by reference for most part (guessing)

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Try contacting George Hotz of Twitter.

Here's a thread where he asked people to submit javascript to filter tweets by various tokens. This shows the one he called his favorite.

He explains that he's not in charge of hiring but made sound like this kind of skill would help get hired.

His earlier tweets explain he's a new intern, and Musk says 'welcome to twitter!' to him in a tweet. But in reality looks like he's well know "world class" developer to which Musk refers. (Musk also said in last few days that "world class developers are joining twitter).

So seems like getting on twitter and asking Hotz or asking the guy who implmented the solution that Hotz found to be his favorite - try ocntacting both of them - if Hotz doesn't reply, maybe the developer of the solution can tel you if Hotz told him about how to apply, etc.



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Where are you getting 83200% (aka 832 times) from?

Video says Vit D has 33% mortality rate reduction compared to no Vit D.

Which is freaking awesome but no clue what you're talking about.

Clot shot does reduce mortality from COVID FWIW but increases mortality from other causes..

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Pretty much 99% but one would need to check with each of the 27 county clerks. Colorado allows ballots to be cured. EG if your signature is a mismatch you can find out and contact the county clerk to fix / prove your identity.

Dems have been tracking down people who needed their ballot cured.

I've still seen no info anywhere, including from Boebert on whether her team is doing the same - seems like a forced error potentially.

Though, as of right now, She's ahead by 800+ and is 25 votes higher than the cutoff for automatic recount. But her lead has been declining since the counts that were static for 4 days before today.

All curing is legally required to have been completed yesterday, 11/16.

Military / absentee voting can still come in through 11/18 but has to be postmarked on or before election day. All counting must be halted on end-of-the-day on 11/18 (I think all that's allowed from now until then is military/absentee postmarked on or before election day)

Here's an article explaining:


[UPDATE: now lead dropped to 668 within a few minutes of writing the above, which will trigger recount - wouldn't be surprised to see Frisch miraculously win by 850.]

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Thanks for the response. I did a web search and it actually looks like it's only based on the winner's vote:


"Does state law require automatic recounts? Yes, when a margin of victory in an election is less than or equal to 0.5% of the winner's vote."

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I'm not positive, but right now, I think she's ahead of the auto-recount 0.5%. I think it's calculated via:

162040 * 0.005 = 810 votes

I trust that that lead will diminish though given the Dem ballot signature curing - I've heard nothing about Republicans getting their voter's ballots cured for signatures, so I imagine that it's not happening at same scale as Dems - an ostensible forced-error by Republicans. (hope I'm wrong)

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LOL. OK but apparently Frisch has volunteers and they've reportedly already cured 250 ballots. No mention anywhere about what Boebert is doing. Nobody talking about it at all. If she put out a tweet about it, it would alert a lot of Republicans in her district to check to see if they need to cure their signatures, etc. If she loses due to dems curing dem-only signatures it would be a forced error.

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OMG, why am I not seeing any messaging from Boebert telling her constituents to cure their ballots? Is there no initiative to cure Republican ballots like the dems are doing? That seems like it would be a complete fail on her part if she is as as flat-footed on this as it appears, unless I'm missing something.

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Charlie Kirk at 9:10pm Arizona time on 11/11:

Hearing tonight's Maricopa drop included nothing from Gilbert, Paradise Valley, Chandler etc. AKA the most conservative parts of Maricopa. This was from the voting centers nearest downtown tabulation center, 5-10 min out and Dem heavy. First in first out. Hold the line!

in theory, this should exhaust the bluest precincts in Maricopa County. Theories abound as to why Maricopa is releasing Dem heavy first, but all vote tallies in congressional races confirm conservative precincts not included in tonight's dro

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Kind of kludgey but tool is by Jeff O'Donnell, the well known election analyst.

Select: Arizona, All, Governor and wait about 20 seconds for it to load.

It shows the reported votes over time and the current percentage.

here's cnn's decent live report - doesn't show change over time but breaks out by county:


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It was heartening to see the last 5200 vote drop from Pueblo (mail-ins) turn out to split for Boebert vs earlier mail-ins split for Frisch - adding 560 to Boebert's lead.

Sounds like Republican voters not only vote more in-person but mail-in their ballots later - which is good to take into consideration when estimating % of late mail-ins going to which party.

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Those 5000 late mail-ins in Pueblo split 55% for Boebert! (vs earlier mail-ins splitting for Frisch). Awesome.

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Wow! 5221 additional mail-in ballot drop in Pueblo on night of Thu, 11/10 - went 55% for BOEBERT! Giving her an EXTRA 563 votes and putting her past the auto recount margin! Awesome!

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She's at risk - Pueblo still has 5000 mail-in ballots to count and and no more in-person to count. If that splits 60/40 for Frisch, it will erase Boebert's lead.

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