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Tim Pool has ruined that word.

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"We don't want to censor jounralists. We want journalists to know what happens if they don't censor themselves."

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When the Morality Police got armed by the ruling councils in Iran, the local police knew they couldn't intervene.

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"The gay Asian should remember to hide and live in the shadows, especially during pride Month!"

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Tim Pool has called every election wrong.*

Literally 100% failure rate.

Seriously; think of a local, state, or federal election these past 10 years. He's called EVERY one wrong.

But hey, let's watch his latest video about how the Democrats will never win another election because they're fracturing, and in panic mode.

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The GOP had 8 years to stop this.

They didn't.

They didn't want to break up the club; they wanted IN.

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Live in Sausi Arabia or India will get you accustomed to this.

You are NOT ALLOWED to speak ill of the upper caste.

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What purpose does the Supreme Court serve if they literally refuse to rule on the constitutionality of a PRESIDENTIAL FUCKING ELECTION?

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"So? It did the job; we won." - Washington Post

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"Not pardoning Snowden really saved me from the Deep State coming for me.... wait, what?

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"Yeah, but old people overwhelmingly vote Conservative, and we had to beat Trump BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY, so... /shrug."

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"Hundreds of thousands fraudulent Democrat votes get thrown out each election, so we're changing the rules in 40 states so they must be accepted."


Signature doesn't match? ACCEPTED.

Wrongly filled in? ACCEPTED.

Citizen confirmed deceased/living elsewhere? ACCEPTED.

"We didn't break the law; we simply changed it a year ago lol."

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"Are you going to do anything about it?"

"Well.... I wouldn't go THAT far."

What did he say he was going to DO WITH ALL THIS EVIDENCE?

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Talk is cheap.

DO SOMETHING, or stop acting like the GOP enjoying being the minority where they get to promise everything and deliver nothing.

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Being the minority party is great (for them).

You can be outraged at everything, promise everything, and deliver literally nothing. Your only job is literally saying "we disapprove of what the Dems are doing."

The last thing they want to be is in charge. Then you have to DELIVER.

The GOP had the presidency, house AND Senate... and did nothing.

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