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I really didn’t see much in the way of reporting into his or calling it out

However I found it beyond perplexing that there was very little swing to the minor parties given how many people were white hot with rage about what they had done.

I had never seen so much support for minor parties in Australia before. Certainly found it odd that the votes didn’t seem to reflect that.

And sure, things like that can happen on Election Day etc but just seemed odd knowing multiple people who voted for minor parties for the first time ever kind of thing

But been hesitant to make or support any claims of fraud without the proof out of, frankly, extra caution to not tarnish Trumps legitimate claims of fraud

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I respect him for his stances and actions so far

And as long as he doesn’t attack, there’s no problem

“You better not attack!”

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What happened to the post text? Seems like it’s gone now I’ve clicked into the thread


Too many people here have Daddy GOP issues and can’t help but to whore themselves to the establishment in the hopes of getting attention from their neglectful Daddy

DeSantis says the right things

But Trump is the only one who truly delivered. He’s earned our unwavering loyalty for that

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The left sees the world as they want it to be

The right sees the world as it is

Well. That was the case before clown world.

Now the left just sees… the racism they want to see

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Never again will you need to sit silent when someone asks the rhetorical “what would you have done in Nazi Germany?” question

For now we know exactly who we would have been based on how people behaved

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Customer 1 Customer 2 Customer 3

Look at me

I’m a hacker!!

That is the “hacking” we’re talking about

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He already said he wouldn’t go back

At best I’m sure his team will setup some auto posting of his Truths

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The minute that lizard backed by the alphabet agencies convinced the general public to use their real names and be monitored across the internet was the nail in the coffin.

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The modern world is designed to fuck with your head to control you. And the longer you allow yourself to be pulled away from a centered world the less like you will ever be able to snap out of it.

This is probably as good of a summary of how the world works as any I’ve ever come across.

It’s psychological warfare. The purpose or end goal doesn’t even matter. What matters is confronting that reality and proceeding accordingly with the correct amount of discernment.

If you succumb to the psychological warfare and adopt the beliefs assigned to you, not the ones decided by you, you will only ever live a life of misery.

It’s no coincidence that some of the most miserable people around are consooomer leftists. Allowing your brain to be contorted and manipulated on the whim of anyone and everyone is going to destroy your mental health.

Only by having the strength to reject the manipulation do you get to control your own emotions/attitude/life!

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So is this the blueprint for the optimal human?

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Whoa I better consult a doctor. This is getting close to lasting longer than 3hours

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Pls share

I missed it and would love to hear it

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What you’re saying is a compliment, not an insult but I don’t think your downvoter understands.

But it is pretty BS when someone’s who has unlimited dollars to come up with BS things and can suffer no actual penalty for their eventual loss.

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It’s easy to forget how far we’ve come.

I used to think they were trying their best but it was just hard

The truth was they weren’t even trying.

It’s still hard, sure. But a big difference when they’re not even trying.

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Saw a 4chin post claiming pretty much exactly this

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One way; look them up on social media. Most leftists, especially annoying ones that will not be able to put politics aside and be professional, probably have socials filled with various virtue signalling NPC “I support current thing” posts

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Bitcoin is such a threat that central banks and governments control that they are building competitors now they’ve realised it can’t be stopped

When they’re forced to compete, they’ve already lost.

Unlike in the past where they could just imprison or kill their competitors, there’s no central entity to take out. So they have to compete and despite their big bold scary talk, I don’t think they’ll be able to successfully outcompete a decentralised opponent

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They exist and they existed

Unfortunately for them, a bunch of losers wanted recognition for doing nothing and now their value and reputation has been overshadowed by diversity hires who expect special treatment and recognition just for existing

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Mid terms imo

They’ll be doing all sorts of things to keep up appearances until after the midterms

After that I’m betting we’ll see the actual realities

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