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It’s a decentralised trustless network. To impact the network you’d have to have a world wide outage of every electronic device at the same time, including a few satellites too.

And if an outage like that lasts, we got a lot more pressing issues and civility is out the door. Rules of the jungle rein supreme - the biggest baddest rule.

If it doesn’t last then it just picks the ledger up where it left off.

In terms of “cashing in your bitcoin”… Bitcoin is the most scarce finite asset known to man. Bar none. There is nothing better. It has absolute scarcity. Which is why it’ll continue to outshine gold and gold bugs will continue to reeeee as more people adopt it as a store of wealth.

Everything compared to absolute scarcity trends towards zero.

But for sake of argument, say you did want to downgrade into an inferior currency like gold or fiat (all of which are still getting cheaper against bitcoin)

It’s very simple.

You find some goldbug wanting to reduce their exposure to shiny rocks going to their utility value.

You send the agreed upon amount to their wallet address. They received said about. The end.

The gold merchant can be certain that they have truly received legitimate Bitcoin payment thanks to the decentralized immutable ledger. Despite being invisible and non-tangible, it’s very much provable and definitive.

Unfortunately the person trading their Bitcoin doesn’t enjoy the same comfort. They are trusting that what they actually received is legitimate gold. This leap of faith happens every single time.

Ironically, in a SHTF scenario, Bitcoin adoption would probably grow by virtue of it being much easier to transact with confidently.

Anyway. Look forward to your seething “muh can’t hold it in my hands therefore it cannot be valuable” reply lol

Actually, now I think about it, have you done your own verification that your gold is legit or are you just trusting some central authority? If you haven’t DIY’d that shit your gold is a lot closer to imaginary than the verifiably there Bitcoin

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lol. Yes, well 1m you could probably fit that in your prison wallet just fine, and you’d probably enjoy it.

But like I said. I’m assuming you’ve got a significant amount of money, not an ass nugget sized amount.

When dealing with a significant amount of wealth it very quickly becomes very challenging to defend, hence standing armies and things like Fort Knox.

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“Easy to transport

Easy to defend”

Tell me more about this “real world” you’re living in lol

Here’s how it’ll play out in reality.

You’ll have your shiny rocks. Let’s assume it’s enough to be a serious amount.

There’s some kind of economic collapse. The rate we’re going, most likely a socialist/communist take over type thing rather than a world suddenly ending apocalyptic scenario (food, water, bullets is the only currency then)

This is it. This is your big moment. The one you’ve prepped for.

Path A:

“We’re from the government regime. We’re here to distribute your precious rocks back to The People.”

“Eat lead commmiiiiees!!”

Pew pew pew aaaaannddd you’re dead, so is your dog. But you did the world a favour by taking some commies out with you.

but the state now has your shiny rocks and you get to vote commucrat party for all eternity.

Path B:

Hearing of the door by door wealth confiscation, you bug out. You grab up your heavy precious metal, put it in your truck and start driving.

You live on the run for awhile but there are checkpoints seemingly everywhere.

But you’re smart and you manage to dodge them, for now. As desperation among the masses grows, your truck is beginning to attract more and more attention. It’s not hard to read their thoughts: “a truck like that must have all kind of good things hidden inside!”

Defending your truck and its contents is your one and only focus. You are tethered to your truck because inside your truck is your wealth.

You go bush. Live off the land in a remote secluded location. Let’s say you do well for yourself. Congratulations.

But was that really what you planned?? When you started getting your wealth into precious metals, did you really plan to live off the land out in a secluded remote location? Or were you expected that you’d thrive during such a time? We both know the answer..

So you get sick of that and decide the country is too far gone. You’re going to get out!

Your options are limited. They tightly control and search everyone leaving thoroughly to make sure no one is trying to smuggle out wealth illegally (the systems were already in place so this was easy for them to scale up).

That’s ok though. You have gold you can barter with, you can get a people smuggler to get you across the border!

It’s a journey you can only take on foot. All that precious metal is too heavy to carry. (Remember we’re talking about a serious amount.)

So what do you do?

Well you break out your bartering gold! Pay them to help carry your gold.

Now, these aren’t exactly angels. They’re people smugglers. They have a high willingness to partake in illegal activities and you’re carrying a serious amount of wealth through.

It doesn’t take long to figure out what they’re in possession of. They either pop you in the back of the head and take it all or they bolt with a couple bags or you all get into a shoot out and still lose a couple of bags due to not being able to carry it or maybe juuuuuuust maybe you being trusting works out and you get across safely with all your bags (LOL, unlikely)

Sounds super easy!


Now let’s try Bitcoin. You hop on a plane, train, boat, anything. Leave the country. Get to a safe country and plug in the 12 words you remembered. The end. Your wealth is still there.

Doesn’t matter if it’s 2 or 200 BTC.

The End.

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Sure. The shiny rocks have survived. But retaining ownership of said rocks? Different story.

12 words and you can take your wealth anywhere in the world without any permission completely inconspicuously.

Get some lube and maybe you can make it through with a couple of your shiny rock bars up your prison wallet. Enjoy!

Ps. Owning bitcoin and precious metals is not mutually exclusive. You can keep your rocks too.

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It wasn’t even a good false equivalency either.

Try sneaking your collection of guns across the border.

Now try sneaking your bitcoin.

Bitcoin is 2A money

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How’s the buying power of your fiat looking?

Better than 5 years ago? 10? 30? 50?

Hard money that can’t be inflated into nothing does tend to get peoples motor running… zips

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How long until preppers start putting a LLM device in a faraday bag etc?

Seems like a totally smart investment in a SHTF scenario

“How do I purify water?”

“How do I fish?”

“I have these pumpkin seeds, how can i plant them, grow them and create a farm?”

“My little veggie patch has been infested with bugs. What can I do?”

We all have knowledge gaps somewhere, this is the solution even if we were starting from scratch!

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I’m pretty psyched about the idea of these ever improving open source LLMs being able to be run on consumer hardware

Basically the entire human knowledge condensed and downloadable.

That’s freaking wild.

a library of human knowledge offline and portable!

The “war”, I believe will be between “AI for all available to all” vs “AI controlled by us, regulated for your safety, and our profit”

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Guy gives me the creeps

Don’t know what it is but I get snek vibes

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Absolutely some people float among us who deliberately divide

And also we have a natural tendency to be suspicious given how many sneks we’ve had

Time will tell on this guy. But he has been very consistent in shitting all over shit head leftist shit brains and against central banks

Sooooooo, personally im pumped. Hope he delivers!

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While we’re at it…

Bitcoin too.

People here will frequently complain about inflation, bankers/usury, endless funding for wars, endless government spending, the fed, the destruction of the middle class and buying power etc

But they’ll exactly zero minutes on understanding why a growing chorus of people keep saying bitcoin represents a solution and a viable option for a peaceful revolution. Instead they’ll launch into regurgitating some psyop talking point likely crafted by the very same people who would be terrified of people realising that for the first time we the people can just walk off the plantation.

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Well someone has to rule over the people. And it’s sure as hell not going to be some king or queen. No sir.

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They’ll all try to create their own competitor to bitcoin

And they will all fail

There is no substitute for the real deal

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Phone plebs need help

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I saw someone suggest thorium salt reactors as a better alternative which I found interesting

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