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I’m not sure all of this is false.

Understandable? Not as dire as it’s made out to be? Sure.

But it doesn’t appear false.

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Not without a case in front of them. Which we don’t have for any of these indictments.

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Well, we can say one thing for certain, you clearly don’t know how this works at least.

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He needs to put a case or appeal in front of them that’s already wound it’s way through lower courts.

We have no such cases on any of the indictments.

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Yeah, because this isn’t how the surpreme court works. They don’t just intercede in to any matters.

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I know. I left the bit that went to a completely other topic than the headline and story for no discernible reason and with no connection to the two circumstances even drawn by the writing.

But I suppose they needed it to draw your attention away from the glaring statement and admission right before that we all do our best to avoid at any and all costs.

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Making use of lawsuits and recounts, Trump and his legal team worked to uncover malfeasance as regards election procedures and balloting. While those efforts failed, Trump continued to say that the election was stolen.

Surprisingly candid take.

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Truer words probably haven’t been spoken on this site today than what you just said.

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I’m not saying the service should be free.

I’m saying that running a news organization should be like running a non-profit.

Chasing ratings, clicks, and ad revenue is what has driven us here, not subscription fees.

It incentives playing to what will get people to tune in reliably.

The news is boring.

People don’t tune in reliably for it like they do the next episode of Tucker Carlson.

But it’s a vital service and venturing farther and farther away from basic truth, substance, and objectivity has all but doomed us now to constant conflict, division, and ultimately war.

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But that never confirms your pre-conceived notions.

And make no mistake, THAT is what people want and why infotainment has been so successful that it is now the only “news”.

This place is as bad about as anybody if not worse.

Like how you’re downvoted for suggesting people actually read source material and think for themselves. We don’t want that.

We want to be told what we want to hear.

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Preaching to the choir.

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That’s why News shouldn’t be a for profit business.

It disincentives truth and objectivity in favor of sensationalism and the ensuing profit it generates.

At the expense of the country and our populace.

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Its right-wing commentary. We can agree with parts and disagree with others.

And that’d be great if it presented itself as such, instead of parading around like they’re legitimate news.

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There isn’t one. That’s the problem.

Infotainment has taken over everything because it’s all for profit. They’re businesses, not information sources.

Serving up rage bait and telling people what they want to hear draws far more clicks and views than boring straight news that requires people to have some knowledge and critical thinking ability of their own instead of being spoon fed their own pre-conceived notions.

It’s honestly sickening and probably about 85% of the total cause for why we’re where we are as a country.

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I don’t know how you guys deal with “news” sources like this that is as far away from just straight unbiased news as you can get. It’s literally nothing but politically motivated opinion.

I don’t need someone to tell me what to think.

I just want the unfiltered straight NEWS. “This is what has happened, here are the sources and source material, think for yourself.”

Infotainment is a cancer on our society. Both sides.

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Except no court said "we hereby declare this election and all the votes therein as legitimate and therefore the count must be certified". They just presided over narrow issues related to the fraud

That’s… That’s how court works, you realize that, right? Courts don’t perform investigations. Those presenting cases before the court do. If what you present before the court for judgement is narrow, because you don’t have the evidence to prove the case you want to prove, that’s what they have to make a judgement on.

You somehow making the argument that both courts AND state legislatures ruling against us wins your point requires a bit of further study into how debate works, bromeo.

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Telling people a bunch of shit has happened that you have no evidence of, that every person(including those on our side)charged with executing the election tells you isn’t true, and ripping the nation apart just because we lost is retarded.

We need Trump back in office regardless.

But we clearly made this bed ourselves.

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And then lost because she didn’t have what she said she had.

At least Lin Wood had the foresight to not go full retard.

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Tucker doesn’t talk to Trump. Hannity was always in touch and involved. And it wouldn’t be the first time his name surprisingly came out in court related to President Trump.

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