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Extremely fake, considering today in the Q&A I heard Musk refer to Hunter Biden as “a fun guy” who “knows how to party.”

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I didn’t downvote, but I disagree.

Maybe it’s textbook democracy in some way, but I don’t really even know what democracy is. Voting? Well, our republicans has voting, always did at some level even before “the popular vote” became … popular and was implemented in all states (there used to be a time when there was no “popular vote”).

But it’s definitely textbook fascism.

The definition of fascism is “government and private business working in tandem to restrict civil rights, where government alone would not be legally able to.”

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They don’t call the AR-15 an automatic rifle for nothin.

Get it? AR as in

  • Automatic
  • Rifle


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They’re “front line managers of Human Resources” on behalf of the global regime.

They’re the people from the regime who actually have to make contact with the humans they try to farm.

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front line

“Front line” workers are those who engage with the human Safari on behalf of the planets rulers.

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I also noticed that for someone with over 30,000,000 followers, she gets pitiful numbers somehow.

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We’re taking back the White House from that pedo pos!

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Worse —>


This is textbook fascism.

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Yeah, let’s say Musk shows emails of “them” discussing how he has CP on the laptop, and they don’t want that out because they like CP and just don’t wanna report about it.

Let ‘s say it’s something even worse than that.

What is anyone going to do about it?

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Appease the viscous left.


You said that appease line as if it was “demolish,” “annihilate,” “drown,” “eliminate,” “disappear,” or “destroy.”

Why is appeasing the left so good?

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I wonder what GEOTUS got out of it, if anything.

It was so obvious a fraud to everyone, the whole time. Why was everyone made to swallow that trash over Kathy Barnett?

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Nice, that’s a start!

without the internet connection, you don't get to use google maps, internet radio, etc etc..

you also loose mobile app control of your car, so stuff like turning the AC on remotely or starting/stopping charging etc all go away.

This is exactly what I want, with a hard switch, like they had on some laptops back in the day.

I flip the switch, and the physical connection to radios is severed, so that it is physically impossible to remotely connect to the car by anyone.

I want an air-gapped Tesla!

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Does it still function the same fully if you remove parts they want to keep in? I doubt it.

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They are in my neighborhood, my American neighborhood.

Yours too. Which was my point.

Americans are how you got this America, with diarrhea brain fartface as your POTUS.

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I was just thinking again about your post of blaming “those other Americans with shitty hands” for America’s problems and how that’s so American,

And I had this thought:

  • the main and maybe only difference between Americans and the Chinese, is American have a lot of guns and lie to themselves incessantly.

Mind-gripped 🇺🇸 slaves with useless guns.

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So Americans are slaves of Mitch McConnell and whoever installed him?

And whose fault is that? Let me guess, conveniently not Americans’ fault.

All the guns in the world, and the best this country could muster is excuses.

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Aha, I wish it did, but no, it doesn’t.

  1. Mitch McConnell has been leader of your faggy scum and traitor slime party for years.
  2. Joe diarrhea brain Biden is your president.
  3. Pennsylvania just elected a broken rich bum.
  4. Nancy Pelosi has been elected for decades.
  5. This country keeps electing filth like that penguin and Adam shit.
  6. Ilhan omar and Rashida tlaib are also elected by Americans, and the people American-elected traitors shipped in.
  7. America pedicure and elected Obama and bush multiple times. Christ.

Jesus, dude, I could go on. You know I can.

All those wonderful republicans that would make up for all this filth? Jesus, like 90%++ of them are total weakling traitor f faggots.

Cmon, 🇺🇸

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US could use a good nuke right to the heart for the bioweapon genocides.

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? Aha.

Are you a native born American?

So AMERICANS in KENTUCKY electing an American senator is not … America?

Wait, before you go, let me guess, Portland also not america?

Ooh, how about California, the 7th (?) largest economy in the world?

How about Seattle, are those f retards Americans?

Hey how about New York? Are those faggots Americans?

Hey, how many states do you have to disavow and disown as un-American? How many states are left as “American”?

Sorry, I think your country is rotting live, before our eyes, and maybe you’ve just become too accustomed to the smell of rot.

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Butr Drude! McConnell and federal judges scotus man!

Yeah, tell me more retarded nonsense about how McConnell was so amazing for the judiciary, and Americans couldn’t install normal judges without that obscene looking smut.

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