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You’re one of those silly people that meaninglessly oscillates between “it’s just a gas station with nukes” to “ lol plunder what exactly?”

Take your pick, doody.

Maybe read a book. Look at a map. Or check out who has over 40 trillion in raw untapped resources unmolested by American demon corps.

Enjoy pretending Russia is nothing, while the people who milk you and your dumb family for “tax revenue” work hard to rob Russia of the “lol what exactly.”

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Mhm, good point. Except it’s not.

You got nothing on nothing, now just devolving to talking more about me.

Anyway, enjoy your national debt, petrodollar, inflation, personal wealth, and deep thoughts about me.

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I feel like only assholes say phrases like “a person familiar with Trump’s thinking.”

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Political active ones are also an enemy. Then?

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Here, enjoy https://patriots.win/p/17rmEq5aaM/the-uae-has-officially-stopped-u/c/

Yet another domino falls.

The USD is Americas primary offering, weapon and advantage (besides maybe lies), and it also incidental and about to be gone.

Goodbye America.

Maybe we should keep sanctioning Russia, who is thriving under weak US sanctions. Blah.

Wait, what’s this — October 2023 https://www.axios.com/2023/10/11/us-treasury-bond-yields-china-federal-reserve

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Again, all boring.

Not only are there new Russian tanks coming out,

But who cares when your US and all of NATO can’t beat whatever shitty tanks you claim Russia is refurbishing.

Again, boring.

Enjoy your super duper advanced billion dollar Abram’ls-shmabrams crap tank and slaughtered Ukraine and another lost war.

You can claim it’s night when it’s actually day all you want, but your US maps will be updated to include new Russian territories.

Your travel agencies will have to propagandize you and your downtrodden and confused population to avoid eastern Ukraine, cuz it’s actually Russia now. Enjoy.

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Umm, false, cuz it’s true. They’re reported in official MoD numbers, there’s video of them training, there’s home video before departing and video of those returning — plenty of evidence this is true.

You’re just saying things are false because I think you’re confused. I know people there, there’s American news reporting it, and there’s Russian news reporting it. And there’s the Russian mod website where a Russian can apply for contract duty.

So, you’re wrong.

You’re just randomly saying “false” to points you disagree with.

no that wasn't the argument made to the russian public

Umm, again, you’re wrong, I watched it, it’s reported in Russian media, it’s reported in US media, and again it’s on video.

Anyway this is boring. You’re just flipping the chess board and calling it a win, though even worse cuz this isn’t a chess game — you’re just saying it’s night when it’s day because you want it to be night. Anyway, good luck with your truth and your government trying to sell its bonds.

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Thank you America for giving us $100+++ billion in cash and weaponry so we could ……… kill Russians.

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Ok, DW is my enemy.

So who’s my friend in this equation?

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You sound like a superhero.

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A bunch of silliness, sir.

they’ve been humiliated

This is coming from a subject of JOE BIDEN. Of the people, by the people, for the people bro lol I think that’s enough said here. If you don’t see the irony of your comment, I don’t think I’ll be able to show it to you.

imagine America

Imagine having paradise and being so stupid that you lose it to the likes of Mitch McConnell and chuck schumer? I mean they install people like Fetterman just to humiliate Americans.

America is humiliating holy shit.

They’re cutting off kids genitals in broad daylight — AMERICA 🇺🇸 . Enough. F off with this lol

they told their people

i think what they told you they “told their people” on cnn is not what “they told their people. “

They told their people that your people are demonic freaks bent on helping nazi Ukrainians slaughter Russians for being Russian and that Russians need to be rescued from America-parasited Ukraine. And they’re accomplishing their goals.

Over 400,000 Ukrainian pro-nazi trash killed and going. America exposed and it keeps coming. Moving on.

they put out a call … fled

Again, cnn nonsense. Where are the Russians? Europe and Ukraine are filthy with Ukrainians. I don’t hear anything about hordes of Russian migrants escaping the drafts. So, bs.

On top of that, Russia has had over 300,000 men VOLUNTEER for contract service. Russia isn’t America. So the fact that 300,000 men volunteered is huge. So, I think it’s the opposite of what you said. And for more reasons than I’ve bothered to list here. But you know the US military for instance is gay and silly and can’t even get enough gay and silly people. Turkey is next biggest in NATO and they’re not exactly all pro US considering they’re threatening Israel right now.

Poland is next and they have like 100,000-150,000 soldiers all together. Okay but it’s not enough. Then maybe Germany or France or Britain and they’re all weak af. Stop playing. You’re just saying silly stuff from cnn or something to trigger people but it’s just nonsense and easily confirmed to be so.


I also have … some experience. I do not agree with your assessment that the people there think the country is dying. I don’t know what glib group you spoke to. I think it’s closer to the opposite. The economy is doing better than ever. More goods and services and job opportunities than ever before.

I dunno. Not sure how you just seem to see the complete opposite of what I see.

I see Russia as a country that suffered due to communism and the revolution needed to take down communism. It’s now recovering and thriving and doing better than it has for decades.

The US and ALL OF THE WEST / NATO set out to prepare Ukraine for almost a decade, for about 8 years, to destroy Russia.

They all united, ALL WESTERN COUNTRIES AGAINST RUSSIA, like a pack of weak hyenas, all united against Russia.

And their rounds and rounds of sanctions. Isolating Russia. Or al least trying. Such bullies. And they failed. Talk about humiliating. Now they’re going to destroy themselves. Good luck.

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No, it doesn’t.

Are y’all being paid by DW?

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The only thing worse than a DailyWire production is the 2SLGBTQIA+ stuff.

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Also, it may be that these regular hosts like Colbert and Kimmel are “on board” and they know the propaganda talking points, they’re trained monkeys.

Fill in hosts might come in and let some truth shine thru the cracks of light preparation.

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these are just a few problems which I think position the US to do so well in the next century.

… you’re talking about the demon nation that when it had military superiority, it started multiple wars and slaughtered millions, and who’s pedophile king is currently being called GENOCIDE JOE?

The USA that mass poisoned its own population and has yet to see the historic lawsuits that should topple the government for trillions in damages?

You mean the government where most of the elected officials and hired bureaucrat administrators are guilty of treason and millions of Americans along with the presumptive next president who even despite being the most popular in history can only hope to overcome the rampant fraud so he can go through the hell of trying hundreds if not thousands of traitors for treason (like stealing the 2020 election, for starters)….. ?


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even for platforms such as the T-14 Armata next gen tank, a lot of those components were derived from American and German made stuff. that halted during the sanctions

They’ve been replacing several production lines with success. Continuing to replace more. I think they’ll get there, capable folks.

Western sanctions have proven to be limp, if for no other reason than Russia still kicking NATO’s ass in Ukraine.

ALSO get these components from the west and lack the ability to produce them domestically

How will it compete with 2SLGBTQIA+ BLM innovation.

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I mean this is a two and a half horse race

Yeah, but that’s not the point.

The point is that “Russians brain drain is bad” is not a great point considering Russia still has a better space program than most countries on earth. If this is Russia with severe brain drain, what does it say about the rest?

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