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We’ve lost our National mind and culture over a decade ago.

We’ve been slowly getting that back, and it’s the foundation of everything.

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Or I’ll just assume you meant “unfortunately it’s 1/10 and not 0/10”

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Samantha Guthrie screw grabs always look like a meme.

It’s usually some sort of [“okay now” awkward smile meme]

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PS now I bet they’ll use this war that’ll keep building into the elections, to mess with our elections.

What are the elections going to look like if they start hitting US ships?

What kind of measures will they enforce against our elections if the CCP starts hitting targets in Taiwan, including something like a US embassy and such?

“Ahh, it’s war, fartface Biden must be immediately auto-re-elected!”

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People: “why would she do this?!”

Me, immediately: “to give cause for CCP to start a war — they’re destroying us, the great reset, hello, back to reality.”

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No, you’re the fucking idiots.

You keep calling them idiots, like f idiots, as they get rich and laugh at you.

No body gives a shit that you can’t afford to drive.

No body gives a shit that you don’t have enough electricity to charge your new EV bro.

Stop driving. Give all you have to them. Then die in place. That’s what they want.

They know you can’t drive your EV cuz there’s no electricity. NO SHIT. Duhhhh

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Conservatives first, only because they complain and it’s best to save the weaponized leftists for last.

If and when they get through conservatives though, they will definitely skin leftists for taxes and whatever.

There’s no honor among thieves.

These people are the worst scum thieves in history. They’re worse than Nazis.

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In that Matt and Trey are wrong to believe that global warming is a real and significant thing, and it’s a blind spot for them, in the same way GEOTUS is wrong about the vaxxines being safe or effective, and it’s a blind spot for him.

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Hmm, yes, maybe, maybe in some limited way.


They’re gonna spend it first, before even daring to collect this commie increase.

And inflation rises.

By the time they come to collect, …. What’s left? Skin? Bones?

In come +80k++ agents.

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I’m out. Peace

? Really? ….. cmon now. Don’t be a crybaby. Chin the f up.

It gets way worse than this.

Way WAY worse.

Come the f on. Get acclimated quick. These people are demonically evil. Boohoo bro, it’s some f faggy ass tax increase.

Dude, these people are worse than Nazis. Remember what Nazis did?

Like cmon people, can we at least be in the same book, even if we can’t manage to be on the same page?

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Yeah, all I wanna hear is more people pledging support for a new Speaker.

McCarthy is out. Enough of this monkey in the middle game.

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Also, it wasn’t millions of people.

The Spanish flu didn’t kill millions of people in the US, not even close it seems.

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