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? “When that phase is complete...”

It’s inevitable, you imply.

So I assume you’re already running for the hills, right after generously sharing this useful warning with us?

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That already happened.

Also, how about that pregnant mother who lost her baby day or two after her husband was arrested in front of her?

Err, how about the J6 peeps rotting in a jail cell as if they’re guilty prisoners?

We’re way past the point you’re talking about, and it’ll never look like that, because once people get touched, they quickly lose pettiness and humor.

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Whoa, where’s AOC?

She survived a war. She deserves a mention.

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Amen, someone said it.

They’re despots.


That’s why people can’t grasp whether they’re communists or fascists. They’re neither, they’re both.

They don’t care about ideology. They only care about power. They will use any mechanism, from any ideology, if and when they think it suits them in the moment.


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One of the most shocking things is how people who know masks are bullshit just casually switch back and forth between “masks are bullshit” to “[some premise involving the presumption that masks work].”

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It’s like the Nigerian Prince scam

  • it doesn’t work if you don’t do it
  • it only works on the most susceptible
  • they’re not targeting you and other thinkers, they’re targeting fools that will fall for the Nigerian Prince scam
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Yes, perfect and totally appropriate opportunity for drooling and Jilling.

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They said they regretted “it” (not working as they hoped)...

They didn’t say they’re sorry.

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Straight up possessed by demons.

No motive whatsoever.

Neighbor. Often play together.

Adult mother and two little girls torture a little girl neighbor for no reason.

Straight up possessed by demons.

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She’s gonna add to her CNN documentary that she thought this dangerous Project Veritas white supremacist was going to rape and kill her.

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It’s missing another panel, with Biden, and “What?”

And then maybe also some gibberish, but let’s see how that addition looks when we get there.

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Dude is a rich retard, nothing new.

He thinks they’ll be hit with a wave if shit cuz some shit mentioned their name, but they’ll get hit with shit cuz they’re shit.

I wonder if he actually does what he suggests, cuz the thought of listening to Larry wilmore is nauseating.

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17 intel agencies ...

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