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The derogatory term was commonly used during the 1920s to describe any large, dark rock.

So wait, doesn't that mean all large rocks need removed?

I'm convinced black people like that are just trolling at this point. This is 4chan-level trolling: "Hey, let's see if we can make them move a 40 ton rock by calling it racist!"

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Any being forced to live in such a delusional household is already being abused.

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Science Change is the new Climate Change

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Honestly I'll hold a deep disdain for the LGBT community until they change their flag.

I like rainbows, who doesn't? They're magical and colorful when you're a kid, they're sporadic/somewhat rare to see in the wild, so they're special. Before the fag flag, if you drew a rainbow, you weren't being gay or making a political statement about anything. Just showing a pretty natural phenomenon.

Now if you do it, you're showing "pride" in faggotry. I honestly don't care that much about faggotry (alarming child abuse and STD stats aside) at a personal level, but I definitely don't want to endorse it. And now I can't celebrate my June birthday or display rainbows without inducing faggotry.

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Thank you. I was looking for that part too... why does it seem like everywhere on the internet is its own echo chamber where only the assholes have megaphones?

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“Oh it was Trump’s vaccine, Trump’s operation warp speed...”

And that's certainly correct. But neither Trump nor conservatives in general were pushing to have any sort of mandate or even social pressure to get it. Meanwhile leftists have been shilling for the vaccine passports (look at Chicago) and other measures to force (coerce at minimum) people to get the shot.

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This fuckin dude obviously doesnt know his french history.

Surprise surprise the guy who said "there's no such thing as French culture doesn't know about the French Revolution.

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Hey, that's the practical example I was going to use!

Also false flag shootings used to punish law-abiding gun owners.

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Really though, if they rule it unconstitutional, who's going to hold them accountable? DOJ is corrupt, FBI is corrupt, admin is corrupt... NSA will continue spying and, if caught, will say "we didn't do that, no need for an investigation" and the DOJ will say "See guys? They said they didn't do it." and that will be good enough because words are reality these days right?

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That kid is definitely going to be sexually abused.

Strike that; that kid is already being sexually abused.

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How do they eat all that crow with their feet constantly in their mouths?

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Cycle of abuse just in a different form. Few homos are born homo. Many (as many as 46% in men) are sexually abused by adult homos and so goes the story. They pass it on. It's how they breed.

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I still can't believe this shit. Anyone walking around with a dick hat would be rightly mocked; how is it not the same with pussy hats?

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Who wants to bet natural immunity holds up just fine however.

It stands to reason (and I've said it many times before) that natural immunity would hold up better because, as mentioned in that article, there are several domains on the virus that aren't the spike protein that you can confer immunity too, and natural exposure almost-guarantees immunity against several domains, whereas mRNA drugs/vaccination guarantees immunity against only the spike protein (if immunity is conferred at all).

So, as I cautioned long ago on reddit, FB, (probably here, but I can't be bothered to check my history), etc... if there's a mutation in the spike protein, all of the current mRNA drugs and vaccines would be defeated, while natural immunity wouldn't.

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Idk they spent how many billions procuring enough to poke us all twice over and still have enough to give to other countries? Kind of like any government program, if they don't use up all their resources, they can't justify asking for more next go-round. Could be something as simple as that.

Personally I suspect something more nefarious (government, after all), but I keep myself open for the possibility that I'm wrong.

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Ah shit. I kept saying "must heared" (rhymes with "eared")

Yes, must-"heard" makes more sense. And jokes are always funnier when you have to explain them, especially puns. Christ 2024 can't come soon enough.

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I think prices skyrocketed last year around this time because of meat plant and supply-line shutdowns causing an artificial supply shortage. So prices were up like 200% or so do to covid shutdowns. Now covid is over, plants have been running full speed for months, and Biden team's bragging about a minuscule reduction in the price of an entire bbq.

I'd heard about this tweet, but actually reading it makes me physically, convulsively cringe.

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Lauren Boebert is bangin....

...on all cylinders!

Also she's attractive.

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She looked like she was 19, sittin there with her legs crossed.

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