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this one did:


note how clearly the entire case were groomed and cultivated by officials and by local msm, til they got him off the hook w only the wrist slap he ended up with.

even his partner that night, the man whose chest he fired across in order to murder her from inside the car, changed his story at least 2x, showing he succumbed to officials determined to keep her murderer from ever facing more than the farce they used to bury her murder case.

local msm virtually ignored her murder, once their initial, very brief, one-line, reports were made.

no local msm so much as mentioned when her murderer got his wrist slap sentence, either...

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animal scum; he went directly from jail to posting vids of himself wallowing in piles of hundred dollar bills, bragging how he 'do what he want' and no law nor gang can keep him from making milions running drugs.

he and his ilk will continue to grow in power and numbers, until We, The People are once again ready, willing, and able, to shoot dead on sight every such mad dog.

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w u 100%, fren.

truly grassroots engagement of every citizen is required to keep a free republic.

alas; challenging, those limpdick soiiiboiii mommyboiiis to sticky it has doomed your op to shadow banning by those faggot queerbait soros cum garglers masquearding as pdw 'mods'.

sry, but thems the facks, fren.

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now do the op, asswipe.

not that anyone but u r i will ever see it; or havent u noticed your love of your own 'voice' has cleared the thread, lol?

only reason ive dallied this long w your buffoonish tripe is im #AfternoonDelightBuzzed enuf to enjoy seeing you rise to my every bait just as i program you to do, #PavlovsPooch.

Snrrrrrrk! ur so fulla shyte i can smell it from here.

go find a sunday school class to fingerwag, karen; out.


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'Shill Bitchell' really triggers him; me, any ad hom is a 'meh'.

advising that you learn to spell, learn to punctuate, is a favor; in presuming you are capable of more than your thrice-manifested ignorance, fren.

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not near as 'incoherent' as 'Hale' for 'hail', shitforbrains; esp when claiming 'fify', lol.

capitalizing it, as if he has the least notion of 'proper' usage, is just the cherry on the lulllz.

btw, even correctly spelt/punctuated, his s-t-u-oooopidfuck 'fify' headline 'coherence' = zeeeerooo; guess you missed that, too, lol.

my every keystroke shows the letter/sign i meant it to; contractions are universally accepted usage, but for triggered inbreds 'incoherent' splutterings, lol.



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no, you did not in any way do aught but make it worse.

learn to spell, stupidfuck.

learn the diff btn a proper name and a noun, stupidfuck.

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u damn sure do gargle for soros, asshole; you flip off the flag every time The Star Spangled Banner is played, dontcha, shitforbrains?

failing to maintain such formerly universal public shaming perp walks as this is how we got where we are now, inbred imbecile.

that the response to your soros cum op was overwhelmingly as is my own herein, is demonstrated by the fact that you deleted it, asshole.

that you hadda clapback at someone, me, anyone, manifests clearly the same wholly pre-k sandbox braindeadness which from which sprang your midwit childishly peurile op, lol.

Ta! :-DDD

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fuck off, shill.

go beg daddy soros for more gargling cum.

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the only reason you dint name the state in the headline is because you know as well as anyone that no one is ever surprised any more at whatever the state of washington does.

as is, this at most is just another 'washington state libtards outlibtard themselves again' yaaaaaawn thatll die fast despite your attempted clickbaiting-for-clicks title.

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not remotely, lol:


however, i dont play w willfully factually-self-blinding midwits.

thus, i concede your 'win'; blue ribbons, gold star sticker, and pdw cred points.

be sure to link all your friends here to see your trophy, lol.



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yah; my respect for Davi as actor, as MAGA supporter, and as a man, is quite high.

dont think davi is on a grift, but...

this is nothing more than an old anon sitting around the patio on a warm afternoon w a stogie n maybe a margarita, telling stories he believes are true, but which actually are mere anecdotal hearsay, thus 'legally' inadmissable in any court.

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'excited utterance' covers this rambling bloviation not remotely.

btw, you may wanna go ahead and learn to spell more than monosyllables:


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this is the reason 'hearsay' is accepted not even as 'evidence' by any court in any honest judicial system.

this is not remotely near 'proof'; this is 'gossip'.


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hah; i knew it!

'Congressional Library in Washington, D.C.' set off many 'grift alarms' by itself, it reeeeeeks of fake as ffff phrasing so common to cons of all sorts, lol.

many sincere thx for that datum, fren!

not that alas such facts will stop all too many here from falling for this clickbiat.

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'First, we kill all the lawyers...' Wm. Shakespeare, recall fails whether 'merchant of venice', or 'othello'

standup joke begun around Great Depression, revived in '08 meltdown:

'what are every alternate lawyer now living, at the bottom of the marianas trench?'

'...a good start?'

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entirely un'regulated' under 'banking' laws, is the diff.

the case against fbi tyranny is actually stronger if that diff is recognized, than if that diff is erased.

bank laws are all kinds of riddled w 'exceptions' to our Constitutional Rights under God; 'exceptions' which 'allow' FedLE to 'lawfully' impose many tyrannies, which no LE, Fed or otherwise, may impose on non-'bank', private entities, wout long and tortuous individual court actions 'allowing' such 'exceptions' to any single demand from LE.

iow, the fbi literal crimes against these folks, along w every other customer of that firm, are more egregious violations of their rights than had the fbi taken that money from an actual 'bank' deposit box, since none of the myriad 'bank' 'exceptions' granted FedLE under statute are available as judicial cover for such fbi tyrannies.

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sourceless claims = garbage.

ea of the claimed texts is sourced to fictional entities, '...the Congressional Library in Washington, D.C.', (a wholly imaginary place evidently labeled so as to appear related to The Library of Congress of The United States of America); or they are sourced to archives not open to gen pop.

the article itself devolves, after just two examples of claimed descriptions are presented, from those contemporary descriptions, to rambling generalities neither claiming themselves to be actually descriptive, nor which actually are descriptive.

there is in the entire article not one link to any of the supposed 'sources' 'cited' in the article.

but plenty of links scattered around, offering to take readers to donation sites.

the entire article is crafted precisely as are every single online grift ever; much hinting, teasing; not one word linked to any identifiable source, let alone to any reputable or reilable source.

while i myself wholeheartedly agree w the 'fair and blond Jesus' assessment, this adds not so much as an atom of credibility to the argument therefore.

iow, yet another example of how far fallen has pdw in the last couple-three years.

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