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The jewish immigrants who started the entertainment industry in California were extreme patriots, very thankful for the Americans that saved their families. One of them found out that a son in law was a leftist and banished him from the family.

Anyhow, the great filmmakers weren't jewish. DeMille, Chaplin, Disney, Buster Keaton, etc.

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I looked into that. It was a court case of someone two thousand years ago wanting extra marriage dowry because the bride was raped at the age of 3. The court decided that young age didn't count.

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This is very dangerous. First, conservative protestors. Then, Donald Trump. Next, the GOP.

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Actual proof? There’s been a thousand people come forward, and most of them were intimidated, threatened, forced to leave town, or ended up dead.

The warren commission said Jack Ruby had zero connection to organized crime. Meanwhile, he had extreme connections, his club was in serious tax debt, and the unions were attacking him.

The official version was that Oswald had no connection to the I tellgence community, when he was getting paid $200 per month as an informant.

We now know that Oswald was buying popcorn in the movie theater when officer tippit was killed.

Finally, Oswald was watching Kennedy go by in the motorcade:


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lmk when a black kid in school is arrested for beating someone up.

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Who cares about Moscow news? I don't.

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How many paid Russian shills are posting on this site?

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Who cares about Russians? I don’t.

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There's PM 2.5 pollution and also CO2 pollution. Republican California used to be the best at forest management to reduce fires, and now the Democrats have turned the state into the worst forest management in the US.

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If China invaded no doubt that NPR would convince millions of females that it was a measured, acceptable thing.

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