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Plenty of feces and used needles to spread. Living in your own filth IS the dream.

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Self loading box cars are in the works.

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That is for you to decide. No one is going to organize it for you. People just have to start showing up and then more people show up and more and so on. The enemy has all lines of communication covered so that is the only way its going to work.

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Using folks from Saudi Arabia?

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We were so innocent back then compared to now. We were hopeful about the future. Now, there is nothing but darkness. Be the light.

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Want cars? Too bad, you fucked! Want video games or LCD screens or electronics in general? Too bad, you fucked!

When will it get better? Maybe never since the manufacturers of chips are not really interested in producing them in the states and have no intention of increasing capacity over seas to deal with what they believe is a "short term" problem.

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My sentiment exactly. Don't go looking for trouble and trouble won't go looking for YOU.

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Why is my health your business?

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My feelings aside, I would advice you keep your opinion in the forums. Treat people like that in person is going to end badly for you shallow fag.

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I didn't claim to be healthy. I simply said I've never been to the ER for being fat. Really though. Who gives a fuck? Smoke, drink, do drugs, sky dive, eat. Regardless of WHAT you choose to do, the curve all converges to the same conclusion: DEATH. Live how you want and FUCK anyone who tells you how to live.

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Hearing that from some faggot acting exactly LIKE a democrat is priceless.

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You complain that people aren't cool with your choice not to vax but then you want to force your own body image onto others? What bull crap, lol.

The sad part is so many faggots follow suit along with you. The self righteous, elitist fucks can't even recognize they aren't any different than democrat scum.

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Weird. I've never been in the ER for being fat or having high blood pressure. Maybe you didn't exercise enough. You can actually be fat and still not completely ignore cardio. I've done the yoyo many times, bouncing between 170 lb and 250 lb. Having to lose it over and over was just a bother so I stopped caring. Still never been in the ER for being fat.

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I fully admit it. I chose to be fat but that doesn't make me a faggot. It does make you bad person for picking on people who are physically different from you though. Ugly on the inside is much more unsightly than ugly on the outside in my book.

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Hypocrisy on full display. It could have been red hair, slanted eyes or a missing limb but in this case, a higher fat to muscle ratio. lol

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I'm 5'10" 250 and I wouldn't be wearing a mask. I'm sure you would consider me sickeningly fat as well. The feeling is mutual I assure you. Skinny people make my gag reflex kick in.

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Women forcing their way into guy's night out isn't just annoying, it is unfair.

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Your bank and every other company are in the news periodically for being hacked.

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The problem with livestock medication as I understand it, is it is formulated for a body much larger than your own body meaning if you are not exceedingly careful, you can ingest amounts that are toxic to a smaller human body. I'm not saying medication for livestock can't be used for humans but you shouldn't just guess how much to take.

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