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Their hope has always been the Taliban will run terrorist interference with China, once China fully 'invests' into mining/infrastructure in Afghanistan. Wait for China to truly fully submerge themselves in what they feel is a somewhat stable partnership, then attack once they are waist deep in the mud.

We shall see how it works.

The Chinese don't play nice. They don't have to play by the rules. The greatest failure of our own intelligence agencies is the continuous nature of this type of thinking. They know little about the realities of the world, and impute their own sheltered and biased view points onto other cultures and people.

We play to lose. Equitably. They play to win. Completely.

Maybe their strength of diversity, inclusive board games have prepared them this time. And I am off-base.

One can hope.

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Wait... I live in LA County....

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It makes no difference to me. I have no poison. I was simply correcting what I deem to be illogical beliefs at a foundational level.

I do not think you are 'running' anything, no. I would suspect you probably earn somewhere around $28K-$45K, and at best have a high school or junior college education. Are not well read, and not exactly a 'sharp' mind. Easily persuadable, and naive to subjects of macroeconomics, political ideology, religion, ethnicity, etc.

I do not mean any of this as an insult. Some of my favorite people, who have very happy lives would qualify on the above. I just assume you are not that intelligent, do not understand many finer points of history, and have a very limited graps and perspective on the issue.

"Stop enforcing the system that hates you."

I'm not enforcing any such system. I do think that there is a fundamental attack on many traditional aspects of Western civilization. There is a small amount of truth to what you are saying, yes. There are incredibly powerful globalist individuals, who lean towards authoritarian centralized control of government that transcends national sovereignty or individual liberty. This is bad.

An analogy of how I see this conversation? It's analogous to a lefty, 23-year old pothead on his couch, watching a Jon Stewart, and talking in empty platitudes about the "1%" and how we must "tax the rich" for "socialized health care and free college". I have an academic and functional (real-life) understanding of wealth, business, taxation systems, regulations, costs, loopholes, corporations global shells (albiet in Ireland or Luxembourg), etc. I have an academic and functional (real-life) understanding of the government waste involved in deploying inefficient health care (and administration thereof), or the disparity of size of tax base via low, middle, or upper incomes.

So, then I tacitly suggest the 23 yearold pothead on his couch, is not exactly 'correct' about his very common beliefs : 1%,tax the rich,socialized healthcare, free education! And I get called a capitalist nazi blah blah blah.

It's similar to what is occurring here.

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Not really my point.

100 people in the streets? Does nothing.

Millions peacefully protesting? Does something.

A massive protest needs to be spearheaded by a cultural and charismatic leader.

ie: Trump needs to get off his ass, take a couple rounds of golf off, and get something organized.

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I certainly think that in many precincts and States, that is true.

Mail-in voting has eroded was little faith I had left in American suffrage.

I'm less convinced by the Dominion aspect, than by just outright mail-in voter fraud being all encompassing aspect of our lives now.

We lost. In every Democrat stronghold, we are taking L's daily. By what mechanism or legislative force could a California election being 'fixed'? Be 'secure'? It's laughable at this point.

I see no remedy, no solution. Just CCP/DNC mandate, regardless of who or how someone votes.

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There needs to be coordinated and nationwide 'mandate' protests

A centralized figure is desperately needed

Maybe, perhaps, a orange skinned former President?

Someone is needed. Critically. And quickly.

Alas, too much ground has been lost. The medical tyranny and authoritarian State has taken over. We lost.

Freedom and Liberty and Personal Sovereignty are now foreign concepts in the NWO. Such is life.

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It's because China takes mRNA vaccines seriously!!!!

Oh... wait, China didn't approve the mRNA vaccine, and does not offer it?

It's because China's population is not fat!!!

Oh... wait, China has 86,000,000+ obese people?

It's because China locked down quickly!!!

Oh... wait, lockdowns aren't effective against spread?

...it's because the whole thing is a scamdemic?


IF I was President. I would stop EVERYTHING immediately. And I would find out one thing, and one thing alone. When people were flopping around the streets like dead fish, dropping dead with seizures due to 'SARS CoV 2' at Macau casinos? What the fuck was going on there?

That's the origination. That's the original sin. The beginning of the mainstream media narrative. The propaganda began there. That's the whole enchilada.

A forensic intelligence accounting for who was behind those videos, who were the people filming, who were the people flopping like fish? That must be answered TODAY by the CCP/CIA/NIH/CDC/WHO. Not tomorrow. Today.

IF I was President, Fauci would be under criminal investigation as of April 15th, 2020 -- when it was proven (over a year ago) that he gave Wuhan lab the virus, and funding.

None of this will happen. "YOU" are a "CONSPIRACY THEORIST".

You don't trust FAUCI. Which means you don't trust SCIENCE.

Such is life.

Yes, SARS-CoV-2 is a real bioweapon. Yes, it is manmade. Yes, variants do exist. Yes, China is lying about their 'numbers'. But practically every step globally along the way, has been a political step. Every treatment suggested by our medical agencies has created death, not remedy. Atleast 50,000,000 cases, were standard seasonal flu. Atleast 30,000,000 were standard coronavirus/common cold. All of these things are true, and running concurrent.

This is a totalitarian take over. It's genius in construct, and evil in nature. The West, and any ideal of liberty, personal or national -- has been destroyed.

We lost.

Sure, there's a potential '3rd Act' via Trump/Desantis in 2024. But what will remain by then?

We are fucked. We lost. Again: Such is life.

Medical Tyranny is here to stay. This is the Patriot Act on steroids. For our Safety, Freedom and Sovereignty were killed.

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Sorry buddy. Cool LARP. But they need Biden to still be alive til the midterms.

People fucking DESPISE Kamala Harris, even more than Biden.

If I was betting I'd put my money on February 2023 - Biden resigns.

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Polling stations close tomorrow?

Mail in ballots close September 21st? Maybe beyond?

There is nothing else to discuss.

Newsome will win in a landslide. And to cry foul will get you labeled a 'domestic terrorist conspiracy theorist'.


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It simply does not matter.

I will send Democrat friends Scotland, Israel, or Clark County data -- all that show vaccinated are dying at a higher rate quantitatively, and in total number.

They will quote Biden, and mainstream media, and say "99% of death is unvaccinated", and respond back with "I trust Fauci. I trust science. Not your politics." Etc.

Rational, reason, logic, scientific rigor? These are things that I uphold. Which is why I have not got the vaccine.

It simply. does. not. matter. Statistical and reasoned arguments do not appeal to the majority of Democrats. The media and rhetoric are simply insurmountable.

Get yo jab. Get yo boostah.

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In paragraph response:

1st Paragraph) A Nobel "PEACE PRIZE" is widely different than Nobel Prize for scientific or medical discovery.

2nd) Agreed. Disagreed. Somewhat Agreed. Heavily disagreed (I'm no fan of the 'State' of Palestine, Sunni, Shiite, or Islam in general). I understand your position. I do not find it overtly hateful. I'd say our conversation in such regards, is like me discussing the virtues and constructs of advanced mathematics with a 4th Grader. They are not equipped to handle the discussion, they do not 'see' or 'understand' where all advanced mathematics have benefited their daily life -- and although I am not a professional in the 'field', I know that arguing against a 4th grader that states "math is boring, i like recess, i hate my math teacher" is not a conversation worth devoting too much time to changing their position.

As example: 3rd Paragraph) Modern capitalism, banking, investment, etc -- all allows 'growth', global trade, commodity trade, etc. It means more food, on more tables. Worldwide. It means more people living in first world conditions. More refrigerators, and internet in every house. It means better health outcomes, longevity, agricultural yield, etc. And lastly, it means more people with a chance of financial success. The whole 'debt slavery' re-telling of capitalism is incredibly short-sided, and more of a figment/apparition of millennial/zoomer culture of the last 20 years. Do I know about the Federal Reserve? Yes. Am I always a fan? No. Do I think the 'Fed' should be audited? Yes. Do I think the 'Fed' should exist? Yes. Per 'modern capitalism' being a Jewish invention -- practically all of finance for the last 1000 years has been a 'Jewish' invention. Banking, insurance, loans (yes, 'usury'), codified rules across local, State, or National borders allowing safe and trusted commerce? Yup.

Per "mRNA vaccines", I am not a fan personally. Per the "covid agenda" being "ran by the jews", I find this a pretty silly assertion. China doesn't have a lot of Jews...they seem pretty good at "covid agenda" narrative construction. Per the other rambling points, I agree that I am not a fan of political rhetoric guiding scientific 'consensus'. I find the rhetoric deplorable, in the subjects you mention as well. I find catastrophic anthropogenic global warming to be a evil construct, pushed by politicos, and rubber-stamped by colluded governmental scientific agencies. I agree.

I simply asked you to think about the PROS, not just the CONS. I think a fair and balanced assessment, would show that the Jewish people have contributed per-capita to the betterment of humanity more than any other grouping in history. But with great intellect and advancement, comes great capital. And sometimes, those with great capital and power, are corrupted absolutely to act in selfish or evil ways. I do not argue this.

I at no point was engaging in deceit. Just asking you to participate in a PRO v CON thought-experiment. To realize (and admit) the multitude of PROs.

I will leave you with this - I personally found your posts to be slightly unhinged, and most likely to originate from someone I would consider to be a less intelligent reactionary, who doesn't achieve perspective as he does not wholly consider all facets of an issue, people, or subject. This is my honest assessment. I am just an anonymous message board poster. Ignore my words, or ponder them. Makes no difference to me. Such is life. Be well.

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Not all the sudden. And people say all sorts of retarded things. I am a man of history, so let me explain.

Strictly sexually speaking:

Per Hitler: Frequented several prostitutes during the war. Possibly developed a few STD's (but post-war rumors of his dysfunction are definitely propaganda), but his early life was quite lonely -- with no 'real' girlfriends or loves. He struggled romantically and professionally after the WW1. It's inarguable that pre-WW2 he fell deeply in love with his young first cousin. He moved her into a penthouse, and repeatedly tried to marry her. They were sexual for years, but she was in love with another man. Rather than submit, and marry Hitler (or stay in this penthouse as a sexual servant), she either killed herself or Hitler had her killed for 'infidelity'. Hitler was very clear that she was the only woman he ever loved. Eva Braun ERA Hitler, was obviously not too concerned with getting pussy. And after his assassination attempt, he was basically a shell of a human being, kept somewhat alive through pharmaceuticals and stimulant cocktails alone. ie: In the end of his life, he likely couldn't even get it up. He suffered severe TBI.

Per Lincoln: He's the only President in history who spent more time sleeping outside of the White House. He is also the only President in history who spent more time sleeping with a man, than with his wife, during his Presidency. Pretty cut and dry. There was a year, where he slept with a man outside of the White House more nights, than he spent in White House bed period. His letters and habits to his 'Victorian Sleeping Buddy' are relatively explicit. It's not up for debate.

There are plenty of 'psy-op' claims about every historical figure. To discredit, or sully, or create a separate narrative. But if you do enough study, it's relatively easy to separate the wheat from the chaff,

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Hitler wasn't gay. He was in love with his cousin, and fucked her plenty. So I guess you could say he was a Muslim? Ehhhhh

Lincoln was definitively gay. It's not up for debate.

He was a faggot in spirit as well.

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Lincoln was a faggot.

I mean this literally. He was a homosexual man.

And more importantly figuratively. He was a very smart man. But a weak man. Who spent the majority of the civil war, not in the White House managing the Union -- but instead in the attic of a cabin, getting railed out by his gay buddy in a shared bed. While his woman, like many women who marry homosexuals, was driven slowly insane.

Thus, a faggot.

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Let’s just review some inarguable ‘facts’.

-All of mainstream media is claiming that “75%+ of the Adult population has been vaccinated”.

-The President is claiming that “99%+ of hospitalizations are in the unvaccinated”.

-JAMA published, that via studying 1.4m blood donations ending in August 2021 across America, around 83%-85% of populace had SARS-CoV-2 antibodies (from vaccination or natural exposure based immunity).

-For the last 50 years, Epidemiologists claim herd immunity typically beings at 60% antibody presence in population.

-Fauci claimed 60% to 70% antibody presence in population will lead to herd immunity.

-Now? He’s using polling data on compliance to dictate ‘herd immunity’ : “When polls said only about half of all Americans would take a vaccine, I was saying herd immunity would take 70 to 75 percent,” Dr. Fauci said. “Then, when newer surveys said 60 percent or more would take it, I thought, ‘I can nudge this up a bit,’ so I went to 80, 85”.

The point?

We had +3 million more cases and +600 more SARS-CoV-2 deaths in August 2021, than August 2020.

As we near 90% “immunity”, the math simply does not work.

No one will ever discuss this.

Remember when I said this wasn’t even a vaccine repeatedly for the last year?

Welp, as of yesterday, I am wrong.

The CDC can fix that too, as of 09/09/2021:

…Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for modifying its definition of the words “vaccine” and “vaccination” on its website.

Before the change, the definition for “vaccination” read, “the act of introducing a vaccine into the body to produce immunity to a specific disease.” Now, the word “immunity” has been switched to “protection.”

The term “vaccine” also got a makeover. The CDC’s definition changed from “a product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease” to the current “a preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases.”

Science has truly left the building.

Go get your booster ‘preparation’!


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Any vaccine works.

All are still EUA.

FDA approved Comirnaty will likely not be available for USA markets until about 2023. It was a political press release, and is being sold (as Comirnaty) for European markets currently.

It's a liability issue. Why would Pfizer expose themselves to liability while being able to use EUA? No reason to do so besides 'public trust', which they never have cared about. Make yo money big pharm!

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I simply refuse to play the game.

I do not entertain the idea of medical tyranny.

I'm a fucking American. I have rights, afforded to me at birth by the Lord, and the Constitution. I am a citizen. Fuck. You.

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Do I have to?

I've watched Alex Jones on and off for 20 years.

I know the guy pretty well. I know his work pretty well.

He is first, and foremost an entertainer. He took the 'Bill Cooper' grift, and mainstreamed it so to speak. I find him entertaining. I find (mostly) his ethos and pathos so to speak, his actual actions and words to mostly be hyperbolic/exaggerated versions of my own.

If Alex Jones speaks on 100 separate topics, I will probably agree with him on about 85 of the topics. In general construct.

He exaggerates and is a bit loose with the facts (per entertainment and per his own intellectual limitations) -- but ultimately 85% accuracy rate, is better than practically anyone in the mainstream media.

Ultimately, I am infinitely more a fan of No Agenda Show, or a WarRoom (which has it's separate issues), than InfoWars -- or even mainstream outlets (Tucker Carlson) are preferred -- but I find the cultural impact of InfoWars/PJW/AJ/OS, etc. to be very positive ultimately. For every Sandy Hook mishap, they are on the money on 20 other shams. To me the jewel in the rough at InfoWars are PJW 'Modernity' video series on Youtube. That shit hits me deep, when reflecting on the current state of my generation in the Western world.

Let the man make his vitamin money. Let him hustle.

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This seems likely to be a major contributing factor. +1050% is insanity.

I'd like some analysis on the +1050% stratified by cause.

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Holy Fuck.

Now this is concerning.

ADE? I'd like to see the excess death stratified in this age grouping.

I would suspect it's also related to fentanyl, but would need to separate out -- especially heart attack/myocarditis/pericarditis/strokes/etc. -- as well as lymphatic cancers, etc.

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The ballot box closes on September 14th.

Republicans will (likely) be up.

The mail-in ballots will be collected (read: created) up until ATLEAST September 21st.

There is 0% chance Larry Elder wins. 0%.

Newsom is on his way to the Presidency.

Such is life.

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