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12% of Black men vote Republican?

What the fuck is up with these fucking faggot cucks

Jesus thats low

We try to placate with literal Black Georgia heroes, and you only et 12%?

It's over man.

STOP trying to cater to the black vote. It aint gonna happen. Its over.

Collectively too low iq, too poor, too ignorant, and ALWAYS harvested.

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I do think our country has 3rd world elections

I do not think that it's a lost cause for Red States to fight back and maintain what semblance of America, what shreds of a constitutional republic is left

I do think it's a lost cause to 'retake America'. California, New York, Illinois, Colorado, etc?

Will NEVER go Republican within the next 2 decades.

I do think that largely speaking, Democrats will win ALL national elections until we have REAL elections.

I am not a doomer shill, but I am called one constantly.

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We've been saying this since July 2022.

Nobody fucking listened.

Even sent my family the ONS/NHS data set.


They all got boosted. But none got the bivalent 'upgrade'.

I think it's a situation where people refuse to admit they were wrong, but are making disparate actions (not getting 'upgraded') because anecdotally and spiritually they can tell we were right.

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white people are turning into such entitled cuck faggots

my brother got a vasectomy because his wife didnt want anymore kids

hes a cuck faggot

i rest my case

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You will:

Eat the bugs.

And you will:

Like it.


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I'm smarter than you. I'm strong than you.

I'll fuck you til you love me faggot.

You aint man enough to live in my world.


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I'm not a doomer.

I'm a man. Telling you about truth.

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james cameron is a faggot

but i'll still go see avatar in 3d if people say its good

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As someone who lives in Los Angeles, who sees violence, robbery, drug abuse, etc. all spilling over into the suburbs?

Who sees organized groupings of blacks and mexicans committing crimes in groups of 5 or more?

Who sees the criminals released, even when caught, within 48 hours?

Who pays nation leading taxes, yet has the dirties roads, the most dangerous streets, the worst public education system?


Think of this one little anecdote. Let's say you are Jose, born and raised in California. You open a restaurant Jose's Mexican Restaurant. You have to keep things clean, pay employees, pay rent, pass health inspection, pay liquor license, keep kitchen fire compliant, keep bathrooms clean, pay for credit card processing, pay for security system, pay accountant to help with taxes. You need to profit, maybe $20,000+ a month to 'break even'. But it's your dream. You open 'Jose Mexican Restaurant'.

Then an illegal -- drives a broken down van to your restaurant parking lot, starts grilling tacos with a propane tank and a stolen shopping cart, and a fold out table. Does NONE of the above. And serves tacos for $5.00 in your parking lot. You call the cops, they refuse to come. You call the health inspector, for illegal restaurant operating out of van in YOUR parking lot? They refuse to come. And they phone operator calls you racist.

You begin to wonder, why am I invested in this system, that seemingly solely exists to rape me of my tax dollars, so that the illegal can prosper?


This is the 3rd World.

This is the inevitable failure of the State which I live. The acceleration in the last 3-4 years is shocking.

No political leader or political will to fix it.

It's over folks.

Run to a red state, and pray that you get another 10 or 20 years of 'America' left? I guess.

The social credit scores are coming.

Klaus WILL win. You WILL eat bugs. You WILL pay carbon taxes.

You WILL own nothing, and enjoy it.

Slavery IS inclusive. Yay.

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so fucking disgusting

i will never understand how half of this country turned to mask nazis and 'show me your papers' overnight.

i wasn't able to sit down or go into most establishments for 9 months because i refused to take an ineffective, unsafe, and untested genetic therapeutic that offers negative prophylaxis and horrendous risk profile for me and my young profile?


Lifelong boycotts against so many establishments, lifelong distrust of the apparatus of 'public health agencies', etc.

Fauci literally KILLED millions.


RFK Jr. for prez?

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Of course! Where else would they be able to resettle the Moroccan refugees?!?

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hey ronna romney

cucking doesnt work

apologize for nothing

stand for something

backbone america first shit

trump better grow some balls and fast and start talking mad shit about biden admin

the world turns, america has fallen, irrevocably

oh well

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i just want to know one thing

how much fauci made in royalties

we wont even ever get THAT

fauci laughing all the way to the bank, untouchable

get your booster upgrade bivalent vaccine, SLAVE

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Guess what?





As far as I can tell, Putin is fighting for the future of his Nation

Something I wish America would do more of

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If the DNC does it? Legal

If the RNA does it? 10+ Years minimum sentence for everyone involved

Black pilled. We will lose 2024. Our Party sucks asshole. Voting is irrelevant, when ballots are all that matters.

Such is life.

American elections are below Benin, Rwanda, Brazil, Paraguay, Etc.

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Hahaha, I'm a proud gun owner, that has taken apart my SKS, AK-ish, and MP15ii many, many times -- and loves the smell of cosmoline in the morning -- not even sure what my original comment is -- but just a mental mistake. Thanks.

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Hah, some of my information might be a bit dated -- from when I was following him last pre-pandemic.


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its depressing that these commie faggots can have a larger clip than my californian peasant self : (

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the smart move, would be trump/desantis '24, and desantis/lake or something '28

the smart move, would be desantis going full out trump supporter

its the RNC... the smart move will never be chosen.

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They have since May 2022, which is why USA stopped reporting death by vaccination status -- as well as Scotland, Nederlands, Germany, etc. during the same period.

In ONS/NHS internal statistics for UK? 97%+ of Covid deaths were in vaccinated population by June 2022.

The news is ~6 months behind the reality. And it's being obfuscated at every step.

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