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Violence will be an eventuality in our children's lifetime as a result of institutional money moving into holding single family homes.

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He's incapable of a good faith discussion. Only sarcasm, condescension, straw man, and non sequitur.

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Covid is just cobra venom in the water supply and a chiropractor figured this out from a fortune cookie. Stew Peters nuked any credibility he could have had.

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He lost. Why make a martyr of him and potentially spark an actually violent backlash? Brazilians protested the election far more and for longer than Americans.

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"The world is a tragedy to those that feel, a comedy to those that think."

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I've only ever heard that phrasing "imaginary man in the sky" from children or those with a child equivalent capacity for thought.

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I used to be indifferent to DW. After seeing them snip the balls off JBP and silence Candace Owens, those heebs can fuck themselves. They're just the next evolution of zionist neocons.

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Comments are great. I like new Twitter.

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You could quote many echoing this message. Don't amplify the grifter thot...

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Trash that takes itself out is an evolutionary marvel.

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