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It wasn't a binding agreement on any sort of level. Ukraine should never have given up the nukes, even if it would take them 20 years to be able to launch them. They would not be in the same position right now if they hadn't. The reality is that Ukraine struggled a great deal immediately post-USSR. Those arms could have ended up in bad hands because the Eastern Block is super fucking corrupt and did not and would not have the money to maintain them. It's really a shame because Ukraine has no ambitions for expansion. Ukrainians just want to be fucking left alone for once.

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They can absolutely roll over the steppes with armor. It will get fun when they try going into the woods and mountains, western cities. We pestered them through 1955. If they want another Chechnya/Afghanistan, they can have it. It will be nasty.

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A good chunk of the country speaks Russian for (((reasons))) but geographically, yeah. It's like inventing a crisis because New Jersey decided to secede. Ukraine is massive, and the conflict is in a very small eastern border region.

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You don't sound like an "old school" anything. You sound retarded. Go fuck yourself and then kys, you vapid cunt.


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I really hope we don't have friends in common. ; )

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Not me & I'll NEVER stop going to shows.

Dude I'm so tired. Maybe I should try to get back to it. It would be a nice change of pace since the past few years have sucked massively.

User name noted--an old friend tours/plays with some greats and even he's "settling."

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LOL did he? I never heard that. What a cocksucker.

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You want my honest opinion? Pussy.

Punk used to be an outcast lifestyle and punk girls who were drawn to it would typically be on the same wavelength as the guys. It was always commercialized (Sex Pistols were manufactured like a boy-band, pretty much). In the '90s when "punk" became really mainstream with even more manufactured boy-bands (Green Day, Blink-182, etc.), more basic bitches decided that this was a "cool scene." What do basic bitches love? Groupthink.

Now you have a gaggle of Stacies with bedazzled jackets in the scene and the boys follow along with the basic bitch thinking to get pussy. Cool girls got pushed out of the scene, and the accepted values changed.

Those of us who grew up on The Queers are professionals with degrees now. We don't go to shows anymore. You're left with SOY.

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This is like one of those "remember what they took from you" collages for purple-haired dykes.

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Excuse ME. I believe the proper nomenclature is non-denominational gender-neutral deep dicking. Everyone has to take a gender-neutral deep dicking sometimes, dontchaknow?

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